To me, there is a story behind every haircut and every story carries a meaningful message.

Many years of traveling and working in different cultures around the world has helped me to understand the value of life and of being an artist.
And, on this journey, I have been fortunate to find my way through my own craft. This journey is about sharing and connecting love through haircuts.

"My destiny” in the world of hair

Since childhood, I have been familiar with all kinds of experiences, from the countryside to the crowded urban spaces.
I was born in Quy Nhon, Vietnam
My childhood memories were filled with many visits with my mom to her best friend’s salon. I was introduced there to the environment of the hair salon and the smells of the chemicals used.
Growing up, I found beauty in the hair styles of the actors in the Hong Kong movies I watched. There were many unique hair styles in the different roles on screen. This was a moment when I contemplated to myself about how great it would be if I could create hair like this, so...
At the age of 16, I came to the USA.

Following my Passion

I was greatly inspired during my five years of apprenticeship under my mentor, Donnal Chung, a famous Hong Kong hairdresser in the early 90s - I realized that, “hairdressing is not just a job.”...yet
I spent the next 7 years working in many parts of the world such as London, New York, Dallas, Korea, Puerto Rico, Vietnam... These times were a great opportunity for me to learn from many different hair experts, as well as from my own clients.
In 2020, came the Covid-19 pandemic, a stressful period of time. This sprang the idea personalizing for each guest and of creating a private space for them to experience and enjoy quality hairdressing services. I opened SKY'S STUDIO in Saint Louis, Missouri.
From there, I had the opportunity to listen to customers' stories, feel their emotions, and get to find the unique beauty in each customer. I believe that “when you look good, you will feel good!”
Each hair style is a balance between color and cut, combined with personal taste and lifestyle of each guest, to create a certain unique style
" Art is life. Art comes from everything around us and touches our hearts.
As long as everything we do in life is done to bring more value and meaning, this is Art" 

There is a salon called
“Street Salon”

I like simplicity and the lovely things in life. Such as...Streets air conditioning, uncomfortable leather seats, where you don't know who you will meet or cut hair for: a student, a driver, an art lover, or even someone on the verge of death from a serious illness.
Each guest carries with them a story that gives me different emotions
From their stories, I have learned to accept compliments and criticisms of people. To see, to hear, to feel, everything around me sincerely. Perhaps, because of that, I realized that “the Street” is the place where my creativity is most explosive.
I often goes to many different places, giving people hair cuts as a way to exchange cultures and experience life.
The series "Free Haircuts" was created to pay tribute to the wandering days that brought me these many profound experiences. Therefore, I realized that I can do more than I previously thought.
 "Lộc Bồi Vô Tận,” means “Happiness and Wealth to you Forever.” This was sewn on an art tapestry by a blind woman as a gift to me.
The "volunteer.” She shows the beauty of kindness to dozens of cancer children through her volunteer work. She gives them the love of a mother. She cherishes her hair as a way to comfort the children.
The first time and possibly the last time for this stranger to experience a haircut in the middle of Saigon at night. He was in a late stage of cancer.

-This story is of a bus driver with cancer -

His warm smile and hand wave as he was leaving, left me full of emotions and concern.
“What is most important to a person near death?”
I am really grateful for the days of "wandering" that have brought me a lot of love and invaluable experiences. 

Hopefully, in the upcoming journey, I will still have your support and love as a way to motivate and help me to conquer my own artistic path as well as spread love messages to all.


0963500592 (Vietnam) or 3146838624 (USA)

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