Chapter 1: USA

Objective of the journey

FREE HAIRCUT - Using art to connect and spread love

1000 Words of Love sent to cancer patients all over the WORLD

Collaborating with 100 nail salons across 50 states to organize 100 Liveshows.

Establishing the Guinness World Record
 for the car with the most signatures
in the world

Cultural exchange and enjoying Vietnamese coffee.

Letter of presentation

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Chapter 1 of Sky's World Tour will begin in the USA and cross 50 states within a year.

To create more value during the journey, Sky is looking for 100 nail salons across 50 states to collaborate and organize 100 Liveshows with free haircuts, and together sign the car on the journey to establish the Guinness World Record.

The car will be filled with 5000 signatures by 100 representatives of the 100 Nail Salons, along with customers and friends throughout 50 states. The image of the car is seen as evidence of presence and effort to strive for the "American Dream" together with 1000 words of love sent to cancer patients all over the world: "Please Never Give Up".

On this first leg of the journey, Sky hopes to receive the companionship and support of everyone. Sincerely thank you and we look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and develop together!


Sky proceeds to cut hair for the attendees.

3 pax/show



50 signatures/ show

During the time that Sky is providing free haircuts for everyone, individuals who register to participate will write their names on the Guinness certificate. After registration, customers will sign their names on the car and take commemorative photos.

Participating in signing the car to establish the Guinness World Record.


After signing their names, customers send messages of love to cancer patients around the world.

10 messages

Send love messages to cancer patients.


Customers who participate in the show can enjoy free Vietnamese coffee. At each liveshow, there is a corner displaying products from the Sky's World Tour project. Customers can view the products, take photos with the car, and support Skyle products through the Amazon platform.

unlimited pax

Experience Vietnamese coffee and SkyLe's products.



Sky introduces his project to everyone.
15 min

Introducing the program.

20 min/pax
2 min/pax
3 min/pax 
30 min

Register to join the journey together

If you are a nail salon owner and would like to collaborate with Sky, please leave your information for Sky to contact you and discuss further details.


Nail Brands Collaborate and Support

The location should allow for parking.
The location should be as close as possible to your nail salon or ideally, right in front of the salon to maximize the promotional effect for your business.

2.Duration of each liveshow:
3-4 hours, starting from 9am to 1pm.
Events will take place during the early weekdays (Monday to Thursday).

3.Announcement to participants through the following methods:
Nail salons proactively notify their customers of this show to invite them to attend.
Sky will announce to interested people near and far through its communication channels: Website, Fanpage, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Press Release...

4. Sky's volunteers for arranging the liveshow:
3 people: 2 witnesses (as requested by the Guinness World Records organization) and
1 assistant to support customers attending the liveshow.

Benefits for participating nail brands

- Your Nail brand will be reviewed in 01 episode of the series "100 Nail Salons in the USA" on website. The list of 100 salons will also be regularly introduced to Sky's customers through various media channels.

- Your Nail brand will continue to be featured in Sky's future media publications whenever they mention the location and place that supported Sky during the Guinness World Record establishment process.

- Collaborate with Sky to organize an art program that is rich in humanity and connects love among the customers of the Nail salon.

Benefits for customers attending the livestream

- Customers will receive a free haircut (randomly selected) for those who attend the show. Sky only cuts hair for 3 people per day. Priority will be given to those who arrive first.
- Customers who participate in the show will sign their names on the Guinness World Record car - your signature will be permanently stored on the car that will travel around the world with the Guinness certificate "You have accompanied Sky on this journey".
- Customers who participate in the live show will be recorded live in the motivational video for cancer patients. The video content will be posted on the Website, Youtube, Fanpage, Press, and other media outlets.
- Customers will enjoy a cultural exchange and experience Vietnamese Coffee completely for free.
- The event is free of charge, so anyone can participate and experience it.
Note: One customer can participate in all activities of the program depending on their own desire and the number of organizers.