Chapter 1: USA

Mission of the journey

FREE HAIRCUT - Using art to connect and spread love

1000 Words of Love sent to cancer patients all over the WORLD

Accompanying establishes in 50 states to organize art liveshow to spread love.


Fundraising for humanitarian for St. Jude Children Research Hospital ( USA) and other humanitarian organizations.

Letter of presentation

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I am Sky Le, a hair stylist who will embark on a journey around the world is called Sky’s World Tours - Heart Turns Head. I will be giving “Free Haircut “ to local people over 5 Continents with the purpose of using the art of hair cutting to spread love and positive energy.

I will start in Missouri, then travel through all 50 States of the USA, continue toward Southern crossing through the Panama Canal to South America, next to explore Africa, Europe, Oceania, cross the Silk Road into Asia, and conclude the journey in Vietnam by my pickup truck.

During stage 1 in the USA, I will be cutting hair at various locations where parking is allowed. These could be university, parks, malls shopping center or any public spaces. My mission is being collected signatures from the participants of the program and display them on my vehicle, aiming to achieve the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ATTEMPT - MOST SIGNATURES ON THE CAR . This Car will represent for the spirit of “ never give up on your dream “. Additionally, I will create 1,000 video messages, allowing participants to send messages of encouragement, sharing positive energy and optimism with cancer patients worldwide.

This program will help me fundraising for St. Jude Children Research Hospital ( USA) and others humanitarian organization as well . As we come together we will become stronger to help others who are still in difficulty and less fortunate than us. 

In order to embark on a journey of creating significant more value,  I sincerely hope that your establishment in can participate and accompany me in organizing free artistic hairstyling livestream shows.

The program content

I proceed to cut hair for the attendees.

maximum 10 pax/show



maximum 200 signatures/ show

During the time that I am providing free haircuts for everyone, individuals who register to participate will write their names on the Guinness certificate. After registration, customers will sign their names on the car and take commemorative photos.

Participating in signing the car to establish the Guinness World Record.


After signing their names, customers send messages of love to cancer patients around the world.

maximum 100 messages

Send love messages to cancer patients.


Customers who participate in the show can enjoy free Vietnamese coffee and donate. At each liveshow, there is a corner displaying products from the Sky's World Tour project. Customers can view the products, take photos with the car, and support Skyle products to make memories.

unlimited pax

People can support me by Fundraising for St. Jude Children Research Hospital ( USA) and other humanitarian organizations or purchasing Sky's products.



I introduce my project to everyone.
15 min

Introducing the program.

20 min/pax
2 min/pax
3 min/pax 
30 min

Your establishment as campanions and supportes

- Parking is allowed.
- Location should be situated the university for the convenience of students, teacher, and attendees participate. 

2.The duration of each live show: 
A duration of 3-4 hours starting at 9:00 am- 1pm

3. Notify attendees by:
I sincerely hope that you can notify your customers, partners, and everyone so that they can attend the event.

4. Volunteers are organizing the live show with Sky  
3 peoples
- 02 witnesses (as requested by the Guinness World Records organization)
- 01 customer support assistant for attendees at the live show.

Good memories for your establishment

- This is a highly humanitarian art activity. This event will bring great spiritual value to the participants. It is a meaningful activity for everyone.

- I use my films to promote the culture, lifestyle or activities of your establishment to everyone through social media. It's so good for your brand or your business.

- Especially,  the event venues are recorded in the journey to establish the Guinness World Record forever. 

Benefits for attendees participating in the liveshow.

- Free haircuts (random selection) for those who attend the live show. I will offer 10 haircuts per day and priority will be given to those who arrive first. 

- The signatures of individuals and organizations participating in the event are permanently stored on the car. This means that you are also a part of a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS . Individuals and organizations who participate receive a GWS certificate: You have accompanied Sky on this journey of spreading love.

- The attendees of the live show are captured in motivational videos for cancer patients. The video content is uploaded on the website, YouTube, fan page, press releases, and other media platforms.

- Enjoy a free cultural exchange, as well as a Vietnamese coffee experience.

- The event does not sell tickets, so anyone can participate and experience it.

Note: A participant can join all activities of the program depending on their own desire.