100 Pcs Thick Seamless Brown Hair Ties, Ponytail Holders Hair Accessories No Damage for Thick Hair (Natural Colors)

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  • 【DURABLE AND STRETCHY】Made of high elastic thick material, the hair bands are soft and stretchy which can hold your hair without damage. These women hair ties can also keep your hair firmly and not easy to loose up.
  • 【NATURAL COLOR】5 neutral colors can easily match different hair colors, also can match all your dressing and hairstyles. 100 pcs 5 colors hair ties are economical to use for a long time. Suitable for ponytail holder for daily use and workout.
  • 【NO HAIR DAMAGE】With seamless design and soft material, the women hair bands are gentle enough to use and remove, will not snag or pull your hair. These hair ties can be stretched up to 9.8 inches but will not be stretched out easily, which is great elasticity and good for thick hair.
  • 【WIDELY USED】The 100pcs brown hair ties with 1.5 inch diameter make it great for thin hair, thick hair, straight hair, heavy hair and curly hair, easy to form beautiful low or high ponytails, elegant and stylish to perfectly match all kinds of outfits or hairstyles.
  • 【Great for Kids and Women】The brown hair ties are simple but practical, they can hold your ponytail well for your daily use. They can be applied in various occasions such as school, home, office or using them when you are working out.

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13 reviews for 100 Pcs Thick Seamless Brown Hair Ties, Ponytail Holders Hair Accessories No Damage for Thick Hair (Natural Colors)

  1. turnip

    Overall, these are really good value. This hair tie shape is my favourite and works the best for my hair. However, after a few uses they start to stretch which is really annoying. I have to keep chucking them out and picking out a new one – which is no problem with the large pack and low price. But it feels really wasteful having to replace my hair ties so often.

  2. Sandee Holland

    Pony tail holders that actually work for very thick hair! They DON’T pull or break your hair; they NEVER snap in two! and they literally slide off when you take down your pony tails but otherwise stay in place!
    And what a value! So much less expensive, more effective, and more attractive than the covered elastic holders I used to use!

  3. Kathrin M

    Preis-Leistung top. Bis jetzt ist keins der Haargummis gerissen. Allerdings leiern sie nach mehrmaliger Benutzung dann doch ein wenig aus.

  4. BKsensiurway

    I have really thick super curly hair, and have always struggled to find hair ties that were reasonably priced, comfortable/don’t rip out too much hair, AND are durable/have a strong enough elastic to contain my ferocious mane. I used to get 2 or 3 days max out of the cheap hair ties from the store. These are flat elastic only, not a square thick rubber band with string woven around it. I have been getting a week or more out of each hair tie and don’t feel like there is much loosening/wearing out. I just like a fresh one and stash the lightly worn one somewhere that I anticipate needing a hair tie. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  5. Tara Perry

    I don’t write many reviews. But I gotta say I absolutely love these hair ties. I have a ridiculous amount of hair and never feel comfortable putting my hair up for long with hair ties. These are soooo comfortable and they hold the cutest ponytail! I use them on my clients age 86 and can hold her hair in so many neat styles. She gets a ton of compliments from family. Especially French braids and what I call mickey ears

  6. Joyous Dolphin

    Bought these from an influencer’s post and I am so glad I did! They have held up so well, even with my longer and heavier hair. They easily hold up my hair with just one, when I would need two of the traditional hair ties. So far, they have kept their stretch and hold, without stretching out of shape. They are nice and soft and don’t get easily tangled in my hair. My daughter hates to pull the ties out of her hair and she is obsessed with these ones. No more fights about pulling her hair back in a pony tail. She much prefers these to the regular ones we have had.

  7. Elle Tee

    My hair is like baby hair… very thin and fine and breaks so easily. Regular hair ties grip too tightly and break my hair. These are soft and stretchy and so far hold my ponytail very well; usually soft hair ties slide right off. These seem to hold well and are very soft! They also come neatly packaged in a zipper pouch. Would definitely recommend!

    Edit- I’ve used the same hair tie since the day I bought these, about 3 weeks ago now, for 10-12 hours each day, and I’m happy to report that they hold their shape VERY well, and also stay put pretty snug all day, even in my straight baby fine hair.

    Would definitely recommend!

  8. Pamela S

    These are my new favorite hair ties. They are super soft and slide out of my hair at the end of use without getting any little hairs wrapped around them. They are stretchy AND tight enough that I can choose to double- or triple-wrap my hair and either will hold well. They don’t seem to cause any tearing or any headaches so far, and I’ve been using them for a few weeks now. I went with the neutral shades, like brown, gray, and black, and they are super cute and barely noticeable – just what I wanted.

    The only teeny issue I have is that they are very fitted and therefore just a smidge too tight for me to comfortably wear on my wrist when not in use.

  9. Caroline P.

    These hair toes are the absolute best! No seams means the elastic won’t break! They are stretchy but don’t stretch out. The price is fantastic, gave some to family members & they love them too! Highly recommend!

  10. Kenya

    I love these. They work great on my hair. I’m a black girl and I’ve used them while wearing braids or with my natural hair. Doesn’t snag. And they’re soft and durable. Takes time to stretch out and even then I feel like it doesn’t lose its elasticity. I love the colors I got. Black, brown, tan and gray. The stretch is perfect!

  11. Caroline P.

    Ces élastiques sont vraiment de qualité, doux pour les cheveux. Un magnifique brun naturel. Tient bien en place sans abîmer les cheveux. Je recommande fortement! J’aurais apprécié pouvoir en acheter moins à moindre coût mais bon… J’en donnerai à mes amies !

  12. Baeth

    Finally, a good deal that is not cheaply made.
    I love these style of ponytails. I thought 100 for this price was too good and expected them to stretch out quickly (like my others). I have to discard them once they do that. It’s why I wanted a 100 pack.
    I use them for a very tight pony when I do cardio and I’ve been using the same 2-4 for over a week. They have not stretched out at all. This pack is going to last me.
    Pleasantly surprised.

  13. Amazon Customer

    I purchased these after seeing on an influencer page and was so pleasantly surprised. These hair ties are stretchy, come in a bunch of different colors, easy to use putting in your hair and keep your hair in a tight pony. No pulling of hair when removing. They are just great and are such a great value since it comes with so many. These will be the only hair ties I use from now on.

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