Black Hair Dye Shampoo for Gray Hair Coverage, 3 in 1 Hair Dye Shampoo Natural Herbal Hair Color Shampoo for Women, Champu Con Tinte Para Canas Hair Care Semi-Permanent chao…

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  • 100% Gray Hair Coverage:Achieve complete gray hair coverage with our hair coloring shampoo. It effectively covers every strand, leaving you free from the hassle of gray hair. Keep your hair naturally black for 3-4 weeks, thanks to this black hair dye. The formula not only stays on the hair’s surface but also nourishes hair fibers from within, delivering a natural, charming shine.
  • Natural & Gentle Formula:Our Black Hair Dye Shampoo Infused with natural plant extracts like Polygonum multiflorum and ginseng, our formula strengthens, softens, and shines hair without causing damage. It deeply penetrates hair, fortifies roots, and leaves hair strong and soft.
  • Salon-Quality Color, Effortlessly:Easily achieve salon-fresh color at home with our convenient 3 in 1 hair dye shampoo. No pre-mixing required. Just wear gloves, create a lather, apply evenly to damp hair, and leave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse for the desired hair color. Rejuvenate and refresh with ease.
  • Perfect Gift for Mom: Give the gift of shiny, healthy-looking hair to your mom and help her look younger and more vibrant
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:If you receive the wrong shampoo color, contact us for a prompt replacement within 12 hours. Hair porosity and shampoo dosage impact color longevity, with lighter hair resulting in more intense color. Perform a skin test before initial use for added safety.

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8 reviews for Black Hair Dye Shampoo for Gray Hair Coverage, 3 in 1 Hair Dye Shampoo Natural Herbal Hair Color Shampoo for Women, Champu Con Tinte Para Canas Hair Care Semi-Permanent chao…

  1. Sylvia

    I have sensitive skin and am always hesitant to use skin masks but these have been great so far! I love that you get 3 different kinds and I can use all of them without any irritating my skin. You also receive a spatula type tool to help spread the mask onto your face, great way to keep your fingers out of the product. The mask spreads easily, doesn’t flake, and doesn’t burn or irritate my skin. My skin looks great after as well. I would definitely get this product again.

  2. prettinailsBYtina

    This a pack of 3 nice trial size facial masks : Dead Sea minerals mud mask, green tea, and turmeric.
    Each one is labeled to let you know it’s best use. Great information!
    The turmeric is my favorite as it seems to brighten my skin and leave it feeling fresh and moisturized. The mud mask wasn’t as drying to my skin as I’d thought it would be. All of them left my skin feeling revitalized.
    I recommend this pack of masks. It’s a great way to find what suits you best without having to buy full sized products you may not end up using.

  3. prettinailsBYtina

    Im 41 years old, and ive used ALOT of face masks over the last 20 years. I absolutely LOVE these ones here- theyre very good quality products. I think one of the things i liked the most about them is that on each jar the label very specifically explains what kind of mask it is, and what it should be used for. Many masks out there have labels that are very vague and you dont quite know what type of mask your getting in the jar, let alone what it should properly be used for. Theres a million different kinds of masks out there, and they all do very widely different things with widely different results. The masks that come in this kit are very clear on whats in them, what kind of mask it is, and what it should be used for.

    The masks themselves are really great quality. The first one i tried was the mud mask, and it was AWESOME. It went on nice thick and even, and i could feel my skin tightening as it dried. It also dried GREAT- it got super rock hard like a mud mask should. The tumeric and green tea masks are really good too- its just my personal preference that i LOVE hard, thick, mud masks that you can feel working and tightening as they dry.

    The other important thing worth mentioning is the absolutely AWESOME spatula/brush tool that comes included in this kit. It is THE BEST “mask” tool that ive ever used, EVER. It is super precise and easy to use, and it works amazing at spreading a tiny bit of product PERFECTLY over wherever you place it. Using this spatula reduces the usual mask mess to ZERO mess. Usually when i use masks, i end up wasting quite a bit of product on each application- it gets all over my hands, it gets on the counter, etc etc. With this tool there is zero waste and zero mess, its the best ive ever used.

    I would definitely recommend this product to others, its 3 different excellent quality masks with an amazing applicator spatula. This item would be worth it just to get the awesome applicator spatula thing.

  4. Ava C

    I really like that the set comes with a variety of different masks that offer different benefits! It’s nice as a trial size for each one to decide which mask benefits your skin type the most. I also really like the added benefit of turmeric in one of the masks! These are very small pots of masks, so, if you were expecting full-size products, you might be surprised, so I included a photo of the box of three for size reference.

  5. Sandy

    There is a decent amount of product in these containers. A little goes a long way. The formulas are very creamy and spread as a thick opaque layer. The applicator is really satisfying to paint the masks onto the skin. I found that they rehydrate and take forever to wash off in the sink, so I recommend using them before a shower.

    I noticed my face felt more moisturized and my pores looked cleared out after use. None of the masks were a miracle cure for my combination skin, but I am impressed with the ingredients used. These are a solid value for the price.

  6. DaveandMickayla

    I was actually shocked how well the clay masks worked for me and my friend. My friend and I have two different skin types. One very dry and the other combination. Personally the turmeric mask was my favorite! Did a great job of evening out my skin tone while gently cleansing my skin.The charcoal mask for sure was better on my friend with combination skin ,but did a great job of tighten my pours. However, the green tea clay masks didn’t do much for our skin. Surprisingly neither one of us had a allergic reaction to any of the masks. The applicator made it easy to smooth out the clay masks over our skin. I just rinsed it off after each use.

  7. Sandy

    These are super small, I didn’t expect them to be literal pocket sized. So make sure you just pay attention to size because these are not standard medium type jars at all. Outside of that, you do get all three different types of masks. The applicator brush is good quality and the jars are all sealed, no leaks or busts. Dead Sea Masks are my favorite type and they don’t seem as trendy anymore so it’s always nice to see them included in these multi pack deals. These are all creamy so there’s no dried out patches in the cream at all and they seem to hold moisture well.

  8. Louise Douay

    I am pleased with this clay facial mask set (turmeric, Dead Sea, and green tea). The silicone brush is odd and doesn’t evenly spread the mask on my face, so I won’t be using that again. However, the masks have been great. I like the Dead Sea Minerals Mud Mask best. It has little to no scent and is smooth. It felt nice on my face and washed easily. I also like that it didn’t tighten and harden too quickly. After using the mask, I felt like my skin was refreshed. I am using these for myself, but think it would make a great gift or stocking stuffer. I recommend this clay facial mask mini set.

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