CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer | Bring Plastic, Rubber, and Vinyl Back to Life! | User Friendly Trim Restorer | Safe Auto Detailing Supplies | 8 Oz Kit with Foam Applicator

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CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer | Bring Plastic, Rubber, and Vinyl Back to Life! | User Friendly Trim Restorer | Safe Auto Detailing Supplies | 8 Oz Kit with Foam Applicator

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13 reviews for CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer | Bring Plastic, Rubber, and Vinyl Back to Life! | User Friendly Trim Restorer | Safe Auto Detailing Supplies | 8 Oz Kit with Foam Applicator

  1. Fred Tagudan

    Product is good easy to apply.

  2. AfroCubanJazz

    Super bien mais super trop cher.

  3. Gene L

    It worked well, but is a little pricey and a bit messy, but does make your trim look good

  4. Vivian J.

    I bought this for the trim on my ’78 Corvette. It was easy to use but didn’t have the desired effect. I believe the plastic trim on my car is simply too sun-baked to restore. The Customer Service Dept was SUPER responsive, caring, professional and attentive. They did their best to make it right, and I am very grateful. I’m sure it’s a great product, but mine was just too old to save. It’s a great company!

  5. Ron L. V.

    After procrastinating for too long, Jennifer encouraged me to try it. WOW! I’ve got to say it goes on easy and does an incredible job making the black vinyl trim on my wife’s 2016 Honda CRV look brand new again. It was faded and spotted even though the car is garaged. Too much outside UV during the day, I guess. THE CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer did the job Inside and out with one application! The only part that was tough was the hard plastic down low by the fenders. It didn’t absorb so easily down there so I applied it again and it improved a little. I’ll work on it some more tomorrow but I’m very pleased with the quality of the vinyl restoration after one try. Now we’ll see how it holds up after washes…

  6. Secret Angel

    The CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer has proven to be a reliable and effective solution for rejuvenating my car’s plastic surfaces. While it falls just short of perfection, it delivers satisfying results that make it worthy of a 4-star rating.

    One of the standout features of the CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer is its ability to restore faded and worn-out plastic surfaces. Whether it’s the exterior trim, bumpers, or interior components, this product brings back the rich, deep black color, giving my car a refreshed and polished appearance. It effectively covers up small scratches and imperfections, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

    The application process is straightforward and hassle-free. The restorer comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle, allowing for precise and controlled application. I found that a little product goes a long way, and it spreads evenly without leaving streaks or residue. However, it is important to follow the instructions and apply the product evenly for optimal results.

    The CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer also provides a protective layer that helps guard against future fading and damage caused by UV rays and other environmental factors. This added protection prolongs the lifespan of the restored plastic surfaces, keeping them looking vibrant and glossy for longer periods.

    While the overall performance of the CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer is commendable, it falls slightly short in terms of durability. The restored appearance tends to fade over time, requiring more frequent reapplication to maintain the desired effect. Additionally, the restorer may not be as effective on severely faded or damaged plastic surfaces, requiring more intensive restoration methods.

  7. craig skelton

    works great on black plastic the best not so good on grey plastic but still good a bit expensive but i would buy it again am really pleased with it

  8. kerry

    Really does work makes everything look like it’s Just been brought new from the factory the car interior dash, leather steering wheel and door panels 5****

  9. kerry

    So easy to use and gives amazing results. The left side is treated with this stuff and the right side has nothing on. Brought to bring some life back in to my tired looking plastics! Does not rub off or fade in a couple days! Amazing stuff that gives a true black appearance to the dull sun damaged plastics!

  10. Amazon Customer

    The trim on my 2003 Crown Victoria had really faded. I used rubber gloves and applied Restorer as directed. It probably took 1 and a half hours since there is a lot of small trim, and I even applied it to the keypad entry area. I let it sit for about 2 hours and buffed really well. I was concerned about getting it on the paint and chrome so started by taping off the areas. Way too much work for a 79-year-old senior lady, and totally not needed! I just applied the product carefully and wiped off the extra as I went. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but my car looks great! My car is not garaged so I’m hoping the Restorer will protect it through the winter. I plan to apply the product again in the spring.

  11. Wildschwein

    Fantastic product. My dash in the RAV4 is black vinyl and was all scratched from the previous owner. One application of this and it was restored and none of the scratches were visible. I’ve also used it to restore plastic items prior to resale to improve their appearance. A little goes a long way. Fantastic product.

  12. J. Miller

    Fairly easy to use and leaves a nice satin finish, but not as good at returning plastic trim to a deep black OEM type color as some other products. If you want something to protect your trim and give a nice non greasy look then this is a good product, but if you want something to return faded trim to OEM black then you probably wouldn’t want this.

  13. Hussein

    The product seems to be good but thought to be used to remove scratches and it’s made for that

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