Essoy Professional Thinning Shears Hair Cutting Teeth Scissors(6.5-Inches),Stainless Steel Haircut Scissor with Fine Adjustment Screw for Home Salon,Barber Hairdressing Scissor…

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  • ★MATERIAL ★The hair thinning scissors are made of 4CR stainless steel,Corrosion resistant with excellent stability and durability.
  • ★SIZE★The hair scissors about 6.7inch/17cm and blades are about 2.4inch/6cm,The shorter thumb handle and the extended finger support make your hair cutting much easier.
  • ★MATERIAL ★The hair thinning scissors are made of 4CR stainless steel,Corrosion resistant with excellent stability and durability.
  • ★WIDE USE★ Our salon scissors are safe and easy to use, this hair cutting scissors shears are easy to use on men, women, adults and children.
  • ★What You Get★Hair Scissors*1,Cleaning Cloth * 1,hair comb*1,If you have any question about product quality and instruction, please contact us and we will solve it for you within 12 hours.

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13 reviews for Essoy Professional Thinning Shears Hair Cutting Teeth Scissors(6.5-Inches),Stainless Steel Haircut Scissor with Fine Adjustment Screw for Home Salon,Barber Hairdressing Scissor…

  1. G. Corder

    I am not a hairdresser. I just have thick hair and have watched my hairdresser use thinning shears on my hair for decades. Since the pandemic, I’ve been cutting my husband’s hair (not that I know what I’m doing – he just likes me to do it). So I thought I’d try these thinning shears.

    And I really like them. But you have to know what you’re doing, because you can really mess up your hair. I’ve done that, and had to go running to my hairdresser to beg her to fix it. (Ha ha) But I have used them successfully on my husband’s hair. His hair is tricky in the back, and these shears have been just the thing to get the look he wants. If you’re not a professional, I would suggest watching several YouTube videos before using them to get the basics down before using them. Or ask a professional.

    But these shears work great.

  2. Jennifer Smith

    Cut great, feel a little light to me , but that will settle, comfortable to use, do not catch on the dog. My old one were heavy and getting blunt.certainly worth the money. If I used them a lot, I might opt for longer heavier pair.

  3. AP

    I’ve been cutting my own bangs for years and I have no idea why I did not get a pair of these sooner. Amazing!

  4. kelli ivy

    These are very nice scissors. The carrying case that came with the scissors is a great idea, it’s very soft and nice I don’t have to search for my scissors now they’re kept where they should be! Durable case,opens and closes easily. I highly recommend these for anyone who is a stylist or not, they’re great. Excellent price too!!!

  5. Rebekah

    Cuts slightly bigger sections than I thought; there are tinier teeth out there for sure. Effective though, comes in a little plastic sheath.

  6. David Carranza Jr.

    These did the job! I have thick hair and it just felt heavy these days. I ordered these and they cut great. It felt like a good quality and did the job! very pleased with the results!

  7. Colin

    Well I’m no expert at all and like most I’ve took scissors to my hair more than once and instantly messed it up! Fed up of the hairdresser taking off so many inches I did some research into these thinning scissors, I watched a few YouTube videos which I’d highly recommend for the dos and the don’ts, I did doubt myself but I gave it a go. My hair is thick but I like my length so I did as I watched on the video and I’m shocked how great it looks and how much lighter it feels and I didn’t even go scissors happy, I didn’t press the scissors shut all the way I was to scared I’m unsure if your meant to but either way I achieved what I wanted, these are the way forward from now on with a small trim on the ends while I grow my hair, the only time I’d go back to the Salon now if for my hair to be styled. As long as you look at what to do and what not to do that’s so important if your not a professional then you can’t really go to wrong, I’m definitely glad I brought these.

  8. Amazon Customer


    Sharpness: 8/10
    ergonomics: 9/10
    Balance: 9/10
    Quality: 8/10
    value for money: 10/10

    number of haircuts performed with these scissors at the time of review:
    1 haircut (on thick shoulder length hair)

    This review is solely based on the 1 pair I bought and being that they’re so cheap, the quality of each pair of scissors you may buy after this review could vary, but I really hope not for the reason stated below.

    Ive been barbering for 5 years now and saw these ESSOY 6.5 inch scissors on sale for £6.75. So I thought they’d be worth trying, or at the very least giving a professional review. I have not been paid to do this review nor have I received these scissors for free, so this is a totally non-bias and honest opinion.

    If there are other barbers and hairdressers that have already reviewed this product, I apologise, I searched for other reviews from professionals but couldn’t find one. I personally, just like to know as much as I can about what I’m buying, before I make the purchase, regardless of what it is, so I thought I’d write this review to help people like myself.

    when I got them out of the box they arrived in, I was impressed with how well they have been sharpened. No chips and the sharp edge was pretty straight. There was however a small section closer to the hinge of the blade, where it looked like it hadn’t been ground flat enough but this didn’t affect the cutting ability.
    After finishing the first and only haircut I’ve used these on, I haven’t noticed any difference in sharpness and have kept their edge well.
    I used club/straight cutting techniques as well as point cutting to test how well they cut through a lot of hair and they held up as well as scissors that I have previously paid £100 for, so I am thoroughly impressed with the initial use of this item.

    They sit very well in the hand and don’t have any sharp edges on the handles that could become uncomfortable with repetitive use. The finger rings (rubber inserts to change the finger sizing) are good too, no seams around the inside from production either and are not brittle. The Tang (where you little finger sits behind the finger hole) is integral to the handle, usually they are a separate piece of metal and screw in on scissors this inexpensive.
    the only downside to the way they feel in the hand, is that the thumb hole is flat, so isn’t the best for techniques requiring you to rest your thumb on the edge of the thumb hole. This isn’t something that would affect them for home use, so still a very high standard of craftsmanship for the price paid.

    Balance (how much they move around in your hand when cutting):
    Thoroughly impressed with the balance too. These scissors are 6.5″ total length, so they err on the larger size for professional hairdressing scissors. They don’t wobble about when doing scissor over comb and respond well to point cutting and club cutting, so I feel the weight is evenly distributed across the blades and handles.
    This sort of length is usually chosen for cutting a lot of hair at once like scissor over comb but personally as a barber, prefer this length for all techniques.

    I touched on this in the ergonomics, but they’re made really well. They say on the description they’re made of 4CR stainless steel, which is what pro scissors in the £100-£150 can be often made of. I have no way to test this personally, but they certainly feel like they’re as good as the scissors I’ve used and owned, in the previously stated price range.
    The only downsides I can see with the quality are; there isn’t a ratchet on the tension adjuster screw, so they may loosen more easily that scissors that do. But that is yet for me to discover with my own pair. If you’re unsure how to adjust your scissors, go on Youtube and search “how to tension hair scissors”.
    The rubber bumper between the thumb and finger hole at the handle, isn’t adjustable so if I needed to sharpen them down the line that may affect the way they cut. The tips of the scissors are also not that well finished but this doesn’t affect the cutting ability.
    having said all of this the downsides are only really an issue, if you’re using them at a professional capacity. otherwise they aren’t really issues at all for home use, just things to bear in mind.

    Value for money:
    when I purchased them in March 2021, they were £6.75. From what I’ve experienced of them so far and how well they’ve performed on the cut I did, they are more than worth their value. Even if I use them for a couple of haircuts in the barbershop and they go blunt, they will have more than exceeded expectations.

    To pass these scissors by would be a mistake if you are looking to perform a lockdown trim or use in a professional setting. Value for money is incredible for what you receive, at least in my personal experience and I will be purchasing more of this item in the future.

    I will hopefully leave a second review after I return to the shop in April, to give an opinion on their longevity and how they’ve performed since writing this one.

    I hope this unnecessarily in-depth review helps your decision, as to whether you buy these ESSOY 6.5″ scissors too.

  9. Emigrace Avilez

    This was so easy to use, I managed to thin out mine and my daughter’s hair in the comfort of my own bathroom. It really came in handy when I let my intrusive thoughts win and decided to cut my own hair. The fact that I didn’t manage to ruin my hair gave me the confidence to do my daughter’s own.

  10. Claudia Pfeiffer

    Ich benutze die Schere zum schneiden für meine Familie. Sie funktioniert einwandfrei, ist sehr scharf und besser als die Scheren aus diversen Drogeriemärkten.

  11. Kendall McFarland

    These work great. Teeth are a little larger than wanted so make sure you read the size. I have very thick hair and these would be too much for any thinner hair.

  12. AD

    Je les utilise pour retoucher ma frange, font le travail et sont faciles à utiliser

  13. Verca

    Ayant les cheveux épais dans la famille, cela évite d’aller chez le coiffeur trop souvent ! Il fait bien son boulot.

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