glaze Super Color Conditioning Gloss, Copper Crush 6.4 fl oz (2-3 Hair Treatments) Award Winning Hair Gloss Treatment & Semi Permanent Hair Dye. No Mix Hair Mask Colorant with…

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  • LIKE A TINTED MOISTURIZER FOR HAIR – Super Gloss boosts hair color vibrancy, repairs the look of dry damaged hair and adds showstopping shine to give you salon-worthy results, minus the salon price tag
  • SUPER COLOR – Copper Crush adds bright copper tones to strawberry blonde, red or light brunette hair with kindCOLOR technology to condition as it colors. Will not lighten hair or cover gray​
  • SUPER SHINE – powered by GlaziPlex intensive conditioners and glossifying hair treatment for mirror glaze shine. Infused with naturally derived Babassu Oil, ultra lightweight Super Gloss repairs the look of damage for irresistibly soft, glossy locks​
  • SUPER SAFE – Super Gloss is sulphate free, silicone free, ammonia free, paraben free, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Apply to clean, damp hair, wait 10 minutes and rinse. Use as often you like for a kick of color and shine that lasts up to 10 washes
  • GLAZE GUARANTEE – LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK – 95% of women in an independent study said Glaze Super Gloss gave them smoother, glossier hair with vibrant color, but If you don’t love your results, just return via Amazon within 30 days for a full refund

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13 reviews for glaze Super Color Conditioning Gloss, Copper Crush 6.4 fl oz (2-3 Hair Treatments) Award Winning Hair Gloss Treatment & Semi Permanent Hair Dye. No Mix Hair Mask Colorant with…

  1. Dickens

    this is super cute and i enjoy using it

  2. Just being HONEST

    I would probably describe my hair as mousey and fancied a dash of extra autumnal colour, so thought this cooper glaze may do the trick. I did a patch test prior to using, which showed no adverse reactions.
    It is very easy to apply, just work it through dry or damp hair and rinse off after 10 minutes.
    I applied it after washing my hair. The bottle says there is sufficient product for 2 to 3 applications so I wasn’t entirely sure how much to use. I opted for about two and a half handfuls (note that it is recommended that you use gloves. Having none available I used my bare hands, which did get extremely orange. However the colour completely washed away on giving my hands a good wash afterwards). This felt like it gave my hair decent coverage; you need to judge based on how much hair you have.
    The product washed out easily and I was pleased with the subtle red/copper effect that it left on my hair. I think I would probably use a little more next time to try and get a stronger effect – I was conciously being quite restrained on my first application, with the thought that it’s easier to add colour quickly than take it away!
    The bottle looks stylish but I would question whether it’s the best choice for the product. I would, personally, prefer a squeezy tube style as it’s easier to get the product out and judge how much of the bottle you’ve used.
    A good choice though for an easy splash of colour/warmth. The bottle says it should last for about 10 washes.

  3. Rebecca Adkins

    Great quality conditioning hair mask , with colour!
    If you’re blonde and want to try some new colour what will fade after time , this is great option for you!
    The hair doesn’t feel damaged after it , it will feel very soft and shiny!

  4. Dickens

    Definitely works! I have used box dye in the past and also done professional hair color, so I know that my hair takes very well to any kind of dye or coloring. This was no exception to that! I did this in the shower. Got my hair wet, wrung out all of the excess water, and then covered my hair thoroughly in the dye. I would recommend for someone who hasn’t dyed their own hair before or with long hair to possibly have someone help you if you aren’t confident that you will get it everywhere. I left this in for about 8 minutes. Turned the color I expected, maybe a tiny bit more orange than I would like but in the future I would just leave it in for less time. Left my hair feeling soft and didn’t smell bad like normal hair dyes tend to. Definitely recommend!

  5. Savannah

    The reason this product is so amazing for hair and hair ends is because so much of the product is not dye, but nourishing hair oil. This is made abundantly clear when you use it and then you have to wash the excess off your hands/gloves (do use gloves, it dyes skin) and the tiny bits are nothing like creamy conditioners that easily dissolve in water. I don’t think I ever managed to use these and afterwards didn’t have to clean the bathtub/shower area. And it does stain porcelain, but bleach or CIF do remove the stains. There is a good reason this product exploded and immediately gained reputation – because it’s awesome. It does exactly what it promises to do, it nourishes, it dyes hair, amazing all around. The worst feature is the bottle. God it’s hard to get product out of this bottle and super easy to stain the bottle itself while using it.

  6. Julie

    This item is not returnable! Beware the color in the ads is not the color that you will receive. It is a very “red” copper. Not the golden copper in their ads. This is an artificial looking color and NOT for those natural redheads that would like to add shine and richness to their golden copper hair tone.

  7. Lauren

    I selected this hair gloss for my daughter who is a redhead…actually it’s a true copper color. As she’s become an adult, it’s still a copper color, but dulled and not quite as vibrant as it was. She doesn’t want a color change, she just wants to brighten it up. This Glaze conditioning gloss promises to add shine and color vibrancy back without being a permanent hair color. So we will give it a try and post before and after photos later. Should be fun!

  8. Kaye

    I have curly/wavy thick mid-brown hair that has been coloured and is in a dry condition. I put on gloves and applied the Glaze onto dry hair and left it for a good 10 minutes, then shampooed and conditioned as usual. I can’t say my hair was any more shiny or conditioned than usual, but it did seem calmed down with less fly-aways. The copper tint is quite strong (and it doesn’t cover grey hair), and it’s a nice shade although I think next time though I would go with a brown shade. It says it will last up to 10 washes.

  9. Lauren

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     I was pretty impressed with this semi-permanent conditioning glaze. My hair has never been colored before it’s a natural dirty blonde, light brown color. I was expecting more of a burnt orange copper color, but it turned out more red than I was hoping.

    I saturated my damp hair pretty thoroughly I thought but it didn’t quite stick on the ends as much as it did the roots and top of my head, so it did turn out a bit uneven. I definitely could go in a second time with dry hair to kind of get more color on the ends.

    It does smell really good and it did make my hair super soft for a couple days after using this, I would definitely use this again I’d probably just go with a different color, but this would make natural redheads color pop I think!

    Definitely wear gloves while applying this, it does stain a little if you don’t wash it off quickly!

  10. K

    I always have wanted to a color conditioning product to create a subtle change or go between washes. This product definitely can provide that, but the color was not for me. The product itself applies easily and smells surprisingly nice. It’s a quick and easy process. My hair lightens in the sun so I have a light brown hair with natural golden highlights. Keep in mind if you have bleached or highlighted hair it is not recommended to use this product. The copper color was a little too vibrant for me. I would suggest doing a test on a hair strand before committing even though it washes out after 10 washes. I will say I am eager to try their gloss in a more natural looking color. I did like how this product left my hair feeling soft.

  11. Savannah

    This is a really nice quality conditioner/colourant that leaves my hair feeling soft and with a healthy-looking shine. The only slight negative, and it really isn’t that negative is that I was expecting a copper tint but instead, I got ginger highlights. But I soon became used to it and really I kind of like it.

    Overall I am very happy with it. Good quality, and easy to apply, just be sure of the colour you want as the end result.

  12. Julie

    Quick easy color update.

  13. Just being HONEST

    I love! It works, great color.

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