Good Hair Days Hair Pins – Plastic, U-shaped Magic Grip Hairpins, Strong Durable Pins For Fine, Thick & Long Hair, Hair Styling Accessories, Set of 10 (Tortoise Shell)

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  • EASY-TO-USE MAGIC GRIP HAIR PINS THAT HOLD HAIR IN PLACE ALL DAY. The open space at the top of these plastic hair pins holds the hair while the middle reinforced double leg section locks the hair securely in place. Works great on long, curly, thin, or thick hair for a reliable strong hold without any slipping.
  • SECURE, COMFORTABLE HOLD & PRACTICALLY INVISIBLE. Designed with smooth round tips, these 2.5” Magic-Grip plastic hair pins securely hold a classic French twist or sleek bun. Its tips are not sharp and they don’t poke through the hairstyle.
  • VERSATILE HAIR PINS FOR A VARIETY OF UPDO STYLES. Simple to use for everyday or special occasions, these metal-free plastic hair pins won’t set off airport security alarms. Just slide the curved plastic pins into the hair. Use more pins as needed with heavy or long hair.
  • STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION STYLING TIPS INCLUDED: With each 10 pin package, you will receive instructions in English, French, and Spanish to help those first-timers with hints for a successful French Bun. Experiment with numerous hairstyles conveniently at home using these plastic hair pins.
  • PATENTED HAIRPIN DESIGN MADE WITH FLEXIBLE AND STRONG PLASTIC. A winning combination made better by Good Hair Days, a woman-owned family-operated USA hair accessories manufacturer since 1996. With decades of product knowledge and practical experience, our high quality hair products appeal to all ages, all hair colors, and are made to last to fit your budget. With confidence, use our Magic-Grip plastic hair pins to create updos that reliably hold all day long.

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Good Hair Days

13 reviews for Good Hair Days Hair Pins – Plastic, U-shaped Magic Grip Hairpins, Strong Durable Pins For Fine, Thick & Long Hair, Hair Styling Accessories, Set of 10 (Tortoise Shell)

  1. Allison Burton

    I didn’t dislike anything. It was as good as the one I’d previously purchased for twice as,Uschyk money

  2. Kaya

    Lovely clips, they even hold my very fine hair in place. Good quality, very durable and look good. Highly recommend.

  3. Mary L. Caradine

    I use the product to keep my hair in place while I sleep and it keep my hair in place. My hair is always ready to comb the next morning. Plus they are very comfortable to sleep on.

  4. Alejandra R

    Sujetan fenomenal el pelo y son resistentes. Me parecen muy caros para lo que son, al final es un trocito de plástico que no es muy glamuroso, pero hacen la función bien. Espero que me duren mucho tiempo.

  5. Amazon Customer

    I have never written a review for any product, but this is totally review-worthy. These work so well, and are so easy to use. I’ve never found another product like it. Not only can I put my own hair up with ease, and my hair is long and coarse and curly, but I can put my 10-year-old daughters baby fine hair up in a competition style gymnastics bun within five minutes flat. It used to take me 45 minutes to get her baby fine hair into a competition bun that would last throughout a four hour gymnastics competition of her performing USAG Level 7 Junior Olympics floor, routines, beam routines, bars routines, and vault routines… but her buns stayed put with this product with no additional barrettes, bobby pins, hair, nets, or anything else. I would totally recommend these magic pins to anyone, whether you have long and coarse hair or shorter thinner hair, they will hold your bun. And they are flexible and do not break… they are not brittle, like the plastic clips that you buy in the store. If you read a review saying a certain purchaser had a bad experience or insisting that the product doesn’t work the way it should, with all due respect, the person writing the review did not use the product properly. When used properly, the product is exactly what it is supposed to do, and claims to do. It’s amazing!

  6. Michael

    My hair required fewer of these pins to make it stay in place. Cute top not took less than 30 seconds.

  7. Pat

    Prodotto sicuramente indovinato. Bastano tre forcine per bloccare uni chignon. Sono leggere e il loro colore ricorda vagamente la tartaruga…
    Il difetto riscontrato è che sono fragili. Se ne sono rotte già tre (posizionandole tra i capelli) da quando le ho acquistate. E non so se si tratta di mescol di plastic difettosa oppure se è il materiale non propriamente idoneo… visto il costo mi aspettavo una robustezza e durata maggiore. senza questo difetto darei le ci que stelle

  8. Tiffany

    Very easy to use!! They don’t pull your hair. I did my 1/2 up style in about 10 seconds. So easy a younger child could probably do it themselves with a bit of practice. Holds pretty secure, doesn’t fall out and I have kinda thin hair. I would highly recommend!!

  9. ln

    J’ai les cheveux fins mais ces épingles font le job pour un chignon ou juste pour attacher quelques mèches. Il faut cependant que j’en mette plusieurs à chaque fois. Mais j’apprécie cette nouvelle façon de me coiffer.

  10. Eliza

    My go-to are medium (small but not mini) sized “butterfly” or “claw” clips that have no butterfly but are circular. They seem to have a lot of different names. I have thick, long hair (ranging from my waist to my shoulder blades depending on the time of life, currently in between) and most pins/clips/ties will hurt at some point, even my go-to, but those have the most duration. Issue is I break them incessantly so I need a steady supply. Anyway, hoping to branch out and maybe look a little more chic, and even have something less prone to breakage, I tried these. They are easy to use – french twist was like: ta da! – but they hurt pretty quickly, on par with spin pins or bobby pins (from the gravity pulling my hair down I think). I haven’t broken one yet, so there’s that. They aren’t really tortoise, just brown, but you can’t see them in your hair anyway.

  11. Kindle Customer

    I can’t get these to stay in my hair. I don’t know if it’s because my hair is very thick, but they end up falling out so I don’t end up using them.

  12. Stardust3812

    I was so glad after I discovered how to throw my hair up with a single bobby pin to keep it out of my face when working. Then, a random ad on my phone showed me this product. It was for over $30 for two of them! Of course I went straight to Amazon to find an alternative. I came across then 10 pack for less than the price of shipping for the 2 pack on another site. I got them quickly and of course tried it out. They work FABULOUSLY. You can put your hair up without damaging with, I love how this option can be placed without any extra piece showing so it really is invisible. I’m still able to use just one pin to put up my long hair. And with 10 in the pack, I’m now tucking these in my vehicles and purse so I have them when I’m on the go.
    Hairstyle options are endless. For how affordable these are, I recommend you buy a pack and give them a try – you won’t be disappointed!

  13. Diane H.

    If you are like me and want to experiment to see if the higher end, branded version of these plastic hairpins will work for you, these are a good option. It’s helpful to see whether this style of pin will hold your hair or whether you actually like wearing your hair in the styles for which they are best suited. I’m reasonably happy with the success of my trial runs – although I can see how they won’t necessarily be the first thing I reach for every time I want to put up my hair. They certainly work as shown with the FF brand on social media – but it is important that you are willing to twist the pieces of hair that you are trying to hold back into “ropes” in order for the “head” of the pin to have a good chunk of hair to hold onto. I find that this has its limitations in hairstyles. As for the french twist style, I had good success using several pins as shown. I suspect that these plastic pins are a different type of plastic to the expensive ones. Whether this proves an advantage (more flexibility, less prone to breaking) or whether the higher end pins are stiffer and therefore hold smaller amounts of hair – I can’t say. But I could see how these could eventually stretch and lose hold altogther (and they would definitely be prone to break as well, if opened up too wide.) As for value for money, whilst 10 of these costs less than half the price of 3 FF pins, they are still costly enough after adding shipping – I imagine if you could get them in the U.S. they would be very inexpensive indeed. Still, they’re a relatively risk free buy if you want to see what styles you can achieve with this type of pin. Not as pretty as the social media ones but do the job most of the time.

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