Hair Gems Stamper with 240 Shimmering Rhinestones, Gem Hair Stamper Deluxe Kit, Perfect for Girls & Trendsetters, Cute Pink Design, Outshine the Rest!

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  • Superior Longevity & Versatility: Stand out effortlessly with our Hair Gem Stamper! Boasting 240 radiant hair gems rhinestones, our kit offers twice the longevity compared to most competitors. Enjoy multiple uses and the freedom to decorate as you please, without worrying about running out anytime soon!
  • One-Click Dazzling Design: No fuss, no mess! Our handheld hair stamper makes it a breeze to apply each gem. With a single press, effortlessly decorate your hair, bags, shoes, and more.
  • Adorable Pink Stamper: Beyond functionality, our hair stamper is a statement piece itself. Its delightful pink hue paired with a super cute design is every girl’s dream accessory.
  • Versatile Styling Companion: While it’s a perfect hair adornment tool, its uses don’t stop there. Stamp on gems to clothes, accessories, phone cases, and other items. Let your creativity run wild and redefine your style!
  • Perfect Gift for Fashionistas: Encased in a pretty packaging, this Hair Gems Stamper Kit is the ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, or simply to celebrate someone’s unique style. For little girls to young teens, it’s a sparkle they would love to flaunt!

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8 reviews for Hair Gems Stamper with 240 Shimmering Rhinestones, Gem Hair Stamper Deluxe Kit, Perfect for Girls & Trendsetters, Cute Pink Design, Outshine the Rest!

  1. Sad Eyes

    Fun hair stamper. The girls enjoy doing this to their hair. Need adult help but fun to use. Great price.

  2. MGH

    Kids will absolutely love this. You can bejewel anything, not just hair. The little jewels are just stickers, so they can be stuck onto anything by hand that will not fit in the little slot on the applicator machine. It took a bit of work but I was able to find refills for this, which was originally a concern that it would be a one and done type disposable toy.
    Overall I think your little ones will enjoy sparkling up everything!

  3. Nicole

    Definitely a little on the cheap side as far as how it’s made, but my granddaughter loves it.

  4. buyerZ

    If youre an adult you can probably just buy adhesive rhinestones, but overall as a toy this is adorable. It worked to put rhinestones in my hair and it was cute looking

  5. Doxie7576

    My girls have used this hair stamper to gem both their hair and some of their doll clothes. The product is easy to load and my 12 year old has no problem using the product herself. My 6 year old needs some help pressing the button at times but was able to use it fairly independently. The gems stayed in their hair for a few hours and lasted about an hour on their doll clothes before they started falling off. This product is great for decorating hair but our gems did not last long on other surfaces. Still a fun product for adding some fun hairstyles for my girls.

  6. Doxie7576

    The gems just have a sticky back so a person could easily just peel the gems off the backing and stick it to something, but this is a fun way of applying the gems. It is easy enough to use: Just line the product up with the place where you want the gem and press the button. A 5-year-old had a little hard time pressing it hard enough while holding it in place because of it’s rounded shape but it was really easy for an adult, of course. It didn’t work against softer surfaces very well. Some gems weren’t lined up perfectly so they got stuck in the machine, but it was very easy to grab out. At first we replaced the plastic piece with the gems on the wrong side, then we figured out we were putting it in incorrectly. It doesn’t work unless you put the gems in the correct way, so super easy to figure out it’s wrong. Overall, very easy to use. I think we will run out of gems really quickly, but it seemed pretty well priced for the amount it came with.

  7. LoveUSA

    My daughter was super excited to open this. She went through the installed blue gems quickly putting them in her hair and the hair of her styling head. The button is a bit hard for her little 5 year old hands to push completely, so I had to help her press it. Installing a new strip is simple, just insert the end of the strip into the slot on the other side of the strip (gem side in) then put it on the white insert of the stamper lining the notches up with the ones on the white insert. So after putting in the pink heart gems, she wanted to decorate her tablet case. unfortunately when we folded out the handle or whatever it is and pushed straight down onto her tablet case, the gems didn’t come out of the stamper, so she was only able to do the edges of her case using it the same way as she does with hair. The gems stick for a while, but they don’t last long.

  8. Marcy B

    This is not just for hair
    It can bejewel anything
    Basically, these are little stickers
    Clear back adhesive

    You fill the dispenser with the stickers and its ready to go

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