HME Better Camera Holder – Durable Study Dependable Extendable 360-Degree Rotation Mount for Compact Video Camera

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  • HIGH-QUALITY CAMERA HOLDER – The HME Better Camera Holder offers the hunter an economical, yet dependable and sturdy means for supporting their compact video camera; It is designed to elevate your outdoor photography and videography experience
  • 360-DEGREE SWIVEL HEAD – The camera holder features a 360-degree swivel head with both horizontal and vertical adjustment capabilities; This allows you to capture shots from various angles and perspectives, enhancing the versatility of your photography or videography
  • QUICK AND EASY SETUP – Setting up the Better Camera Holder is a straightforward process; It includes 3 mounting screws that securely hold your camera in place; This ensures that your equipment is stable and ready to capture the perfect shot within moments
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE – Despite its versatility and functionality, this camera holder is designed to be compact and portable; It’s easy to carry in your gear bag or backpack, making it a convenient addition to your outdoor photography equipment
  • VERSATILE USE – Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, wildlife photographer, or hunter looking to capture your adventures, this camera holder offers adaptability, convenience, and stability needed for crisp and clear imagery

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1 x 1 x 1 inches

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1 pounds

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July 29, 2011




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8 reviews for HME Better Camera Holder – Durable Study Dependable Extendable 360-Degree Rotation Mount for Compact Video Camera

  1. Austin Bagge

    Worked okay for what I used it for. Was a little loose on the tree and difficult to screw it into the tree all the way. I would love it if it had a swivel at the end or a third bar to be able to move my camera around better but for the value and a non professional video taping of my hunts it got the job done. One thing I liked is they send 3 screw ins so I can leave the holder in 3 different trees and just take the arm with me when I go so next time I go hunting the screw is still in the tree, this helped me on multiple occasions.

  2. TIG J

    Works as expected. Great little arm for the weekend/or pro Hunter. Many mounting Options, great price point i use one on a go pro close to ground for 2nd camera angle & 2nd one on my camera in tree next to me. Most important!! I’m able to move it “ quietly!” As needed. Cause of great price I’m not nervous to leave it in the tree all season long with no worries. Then with a little cleaning/oil unscented ready for next year. Great lil arm.

  3. Chris232

    Mounting system
    Hardware (locknuts / bushings)
    Accessory hooks
    Folds flat

    Shorter length / reach = less camera coverage

    I needed a small, lightweight camera arm that packed well since I pack in all my gear (stand, etc.) each and every trip when hunting public land. I use a gopro hero+ with a tripod mount and it works perfectly. This camera arm is just the right size to attach to my treestand for the hike in and doesn’t weigh much. I have tried the regular screw-in accessory hanger + muddy micro camera mount and while that setup does work, it’s bulkier and doesn’t pack flat like this arm does. Also, this arm comes from the factory with nylon lock nuts and bushings for smooth squeak-free operation.

    The mounting system using the lag screw and wing nut is ingenious and super easy to use. I’ll leave one or two of the lag screws in place for my regular trees and keep one as a spare. Very easy to attach the arm and it is very solid if you follow the mounting directions (wiggle the arm while tightening the wing nut). Added accessory hooks are perfect for a pair of binoculars or water bottle.

    Only con is the length of the arm and only being a two piece model. You are limited to about 270 degrees of coverage where an arm with three pieces could probably be maneuvered to get you closer to 300. That said however, this is still a great product and perfect for my needs.

  4. Aj

    I like that the product is cheaper then most and it’s good quality metal and is very solid, the only things I don’t like is that it only folds in 1 spot makes it easy to video one side of a tree but not 2 sides a little to short to get a full 360 out of it, and a little tough to get pilot hole started, but for the money and a fast buy it’s a good and well made product.

  5. Kasen

    I got this to try as an alternative to the $100-$275 camera arms from other companies like fourth arrow or LWCG. The joints are pretty stiff which isn’t great for filming, but the real issue is you need to screw into the tree to use this which makes it a non-starter for most public land hunters.

    Hope this helps!

  6. cplcrazy

    This item works great while hunting and using a camera.
    Highly recommended!!!

  7. Outdoor Moose

    The only thing that is wrong is that it’s very stiff when first using it.

  8. Ken Boone

    I don’t leave too many Amazon reviews, but when a company does something that I think is just stupid I have to say something.

    First off, the camera holder does work and I am happy with it from the point of view that it will do what I want at about the lowest cost I could find. Is it a great camera holder – no. It does mount solidly to the tree with the screw attachment provided. Basically this camera comes with 3 specialty screw mounts (meaning you can’t just replace these if you lose them). These screw mounts are used to screw into the tree you are hunting from and then you hang the camera holder on to the speciality screw mount that is in the tree. It does create a solid mount. I was concerned if it would hold my Canon Vixia HF G50 and it holds it just fine.

    So the pros are as follows:
    – Cheap
    – Comes with articulating head
    – Supports cameras such as the Canon Vixia
    – Comes with 3 screw mounts so you can put these in multiple locations

    The cons:
    – Really need a 3rd piece to the arm. I am going to fabricate something so I have a 3rd extension.
    – It’s not convenient to put your camera on the head. You have to basically spin your camera or spin the whole mount to get the camera threaded on the head. May not seem like a big deal if you are simply putting a gopro on, but if you are putting a Canon Vixia with an external mic and have to thread that on each time it is kind of a pain. But that is part of why this is cheap.
    – You can’t tighten the camera to the head easily. Probably need tools. I make sure my camera has enough threads screwed in to it when attaching but you can’t really tighten it up because its too small of a space to turn their nut to tighten it once your camera is mounted.
    – The head is too tight in all directions. You want to be able to move your camera with a steady pan. It is way too tight so instead of smooth, you get jerky. I loosened up all the screws and it did better, but I need to loosen some more, however, I am concerned that if I loosen them more, it will become too loose. This is true for horizontal and vertical movements. I am still fine tuning this aspect.
    – Poor customer support from GSM owning company of HME. I contacted them through their website asking if I can purchase some additional screw mounts. You get a 3 pack, with the camera holder, but I am going out of state and want to have extras. After a week, I got no reply so I called in this morning and spoke to someone who told me, they do not sell the screw mounts period. I asked well what if I lose these, I mean you are screwing them into a tree 20 ft high and if you drop one by accident you might not find it, so surely you have replacement screw mounts available. She told me no. So basically if you lose the screws or want more, you have to buy the whole thing again. I mean I would have gladly paid for extra screws but they don’t sell them. I would have thought that someone might have said, well we don’t sell them but I’ll send a few extras since you asked. But they just said there is no way for me to get extra screw mounts. I am guessing they made this as a use until you throw away product. I guess that comes with this price point.

    Overall it does the job, but if I decide that I really enjoy the filming the hunt aspect I will most likely upgrade to something better.

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