invisibobble Original Traceless Spiral Hair Ties With Strong Grip, Non-Soaking, Hair Accessories for Women- Pretzel Brown (Pack of 3)

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  • The Traceless Hair Ring: The ORIGINAL invisibobble holds all strands of hair together thanks to its spiral shape. It distributes pressure evenly around your ponytail, so you get a strong and comfortable hold without any marks. Includes 3 Pretzel Brown invisibobbles
  • Feel The Difference: Thanks to its smooth surface, this hair spiral doesn’t tangle with wet or dry hair. Invisibobble is a non-soaking, hygienic water-lover, so you’ll never be annoyed by wet hair ties again.
  • Featuring HAIRLOVETECH: The invisibobble ORIGINAL is scientifically proven to result in 31% less damage, leave 68% less marks and 100% less pain than an ordinary elastic hair tie.
  • Ultimate Fashion Accessory: Turned into a fashionable bracelet, the invisibobble ORIGINAL hair spiral accessorizes every outfit. Too good to be true? No, because invisibobble is simply hair loving.
  • Simply Hair Loving: We believe in creating revolutionary hair accessories for everyone, regardless of hair type and texture. We offer products for thin hair, thick hair, curly hair, and everything in between. We embrace and celebrate each of our differences, and we are committed to providing stylish, traceless hair accessories for every individual, regardless of the kind of hair they have.

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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1.38 x 1.38 x 1.38 inches, 0.32 Ounces

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invisibobble GmbH

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United Kingdom

13 reviews for invisibobble Original Traceless Spiral Hair Ties With Strong Grip, Non-Soaking, Hair Accessories for Women- Pretzel Brown (Pack of 3)

  1. Jess

    I first became familiar with Invisibobble a few years ago through a beauty subscription box and I loved them immediately. I use them exclusively for pulling my hair back into a ponytail for workouts (5-6 days a week). My hair is thick and these hold well. The super bonus is when taking it out, it doesn’t pull/hurt and you don’t get that weird ponytail ring you do from regular hair ties. These do stretch out after a bit, but I find if you run them under hot water and leave them for a day or so, they go back to their original shape. I have never had one of these break or get so out of shape they don’t go back to the original size. These last. In fact one of the only reasons i needed to order new ones is that I lost a few of mine along the way and I wanted some different colors. I have heard that they may slip if your hair is thin, but since that is not my experience I really can’t speak for that. Overall I Highly recommend.

  2. Alexe

    J’avais lu que ces élastiques tenaient mieux que les classiques sans abîmer les cheveux et c’est vrai ! 1 à 2 tours suffisent pour que je me fasse un chignon et mes cheveux n’en gardent pas la marque après c’est génial !

  3. Tigran

    These are very good, not damaging hair

  4. Roberta

    Comodissimo, si nasconde tra i capelli quindi ci si possono fare dei messy bun molto carini senza quel brutto effetto di capelli “strozzati” nella fascetta. Ho i capelli ondulati e lo tolgo senza troppe difficoltà. Quando si slarga basta metterlo in acqua calda e riprende subito la forma. Purtroppo uno mi si è spezzato, ma va detto che ne ho fatto un uso intenso per tutta l’estate.

  5. Cliente de Amazon

    Están muy bien sólo que son chicas, pero sirven perfecto

  6. Ellen Sue

    I have hair with a mind of it’s own. It’s thick and wavy, or frizzy, or curly. Sometimes I blow it out, then it’s straight and flat. I love it and hate it.
    This is the first hair elastic that can handle all of my hair’s various incarnations. I wrap the band twice on it’s puffy days, and three times if it’s wet. (And it doesn’t get soggy like scrunchies or fabric elastics. ).
    It doesn’t pull out hair when I remove it, and returns to it’s shape. I know I’ll eventually have to apply a little hair dryer heat when it stretches out, but that’s easy enough.
    The brown color blends in, which I really like since I’m beyond the age of hair fashion accessories.
    Whether you have thin or thick hair, these will hold your tresses in place plus no pain when you remove them.

  7. Tina

    I did like them but they get way to stretched out to quick

  8. I. Daily

    I have tried multiple brands, including Goody and Kitsch, but these ones are the best. My issue with the other brands is that where the ends are joined together, it’s not perfectly aligned, leaving sharp parts that snag in my hair. These are really smooth. I’ve been using them daily for months with no issue, and they’re the perfect size for my hair (I have fine hair, but I have a lot of it, and it’s long).

  9. Amazon Customer

    I love these!

    -They are so much more gentle on my hair. I’ve used them exclusively since I bought them months ago, and a few days ago, I tried using one of the “regular” elastic kind. Let me tell you…I couldn’t believe how much it ripped my hair! I am noticing way less broke hairs around my hairline, which is either attributed to these, the silk pillowcase I bought, or both.
    – They hold my hair snug without having to be pulled super tight, so I don’t end up with a sore scalp after a long day.
    -They can be restored to their original shape once they stretch out by blasting them with a hair dryer on hot or dropping them in very hot water, so I’m not constantly tossing stretched out ponytails.
    -They’re more forgiving when they ARE stretched out.
    -They make my ponytail appear thicker.

    -They’re not particularly aesthetically pleasing. They’re coil-shaped, so naturally, you see the coil around the base of your ponytail. If you’re going for sleek/fashionable, these might not be a 5-star option for you. I’m more function over form when using these.
    -They do stretch out, and fairly quickly. That said, they still work well while stretched out and when I get sick of one being super stretched out, I drop it in hot water or blast it with the hairdryer and it’s shape is restored within seconds.
    -They’re high priced. I’ve been using the same 3-piece set I bought many months ago and they’re still holding up, but I do get paranoid about losing them and having to replace them.
    -Once in awhile, my hair will catch in one of the little coil sections such that it creates a funky bump or isolates a small strand of hair from the rest. This is usually remedies by re-doing the ponytail.

    Overall, I’m very pleased with the purchase. In fact, I have since purchased a black set (I originally bought clear). I haven’t used them yet, but I certainly will! I plan to get a brown set to match my hair as well. I’m curious whether the coil will still be equally as noticeable when using the brown set.

  10. Tony Starks

    I ordered these because they are clinically proven to reduce hair damage and are touted to hold hair without creating creases. They are excellent hair ties. I’m having a bit of a learning curve with taking them out. I have very long hair that is on the finer side. I use them to hold my hair in a bun and when I go to take them out I’m having to learn to stretch them while removing them so they release my hair. I like them but I wish I’d ordered the satin hair tie that has an invisibobble inside instead of this invisibobble pack.

  11. Marcus

    Dieses Haargummi hat sich als ein unverzichtbares Accessoire in meinem Alltag erwiesen. Die hohe Elastizität ermöglicht es, meine Haare sicher und bequem zu fixieren, ohne zu ziepen. Es hält den ganzen Tag über, ohne zu verrutschen. Das schlichte Design passt zu jeder Frisur und ist diskret. Die Haltbarkeit des Haargummis hat mich überzeugt, da es selbst bei häufigem Gebrauch seine Form beibehält. Insgesamt ein praktisches und zuverlässiges Haaraccessoire, das ich gerne verwende.

  12. BlueEyedAmazon1980

    I gave these four stars instead of five because of the price. Three tiny little spiral hair ties for like $8. I’m sure they’ve got the market cornered on this and there will be more less expensive versions to come in the future. But, I wore these 7 hours yesterday and that was to the dog park to get the dog groomed run some errands and back home and my hair was still being held up even though it’s thick and curly and when I pulled it out it did pinch a little bit and there was some hairs on it but with curly hair you’re always shedding hair because your hair is dry. I do not regret my purchase. I do not see myself sending these back. I was going through those Scunci black hair ties every 2 months I would have to buy a whole new pack because about the third or fourth time I would wear one I would be putting it in and it would just snap and fly across the room. or it would get so thin at the point where it was glued together that I was afraid that it was going to break during the day so I was the curly girl who hair ties and her purse one on wrist a couple in a console of a car by the bed in the bathroom by my recliner because I never knew when I was going to need one. Now all those are in a drawer for my sister who doesn’t have hair like mine and V3 are all I’m going to head out. Yes I haven’t even had them a week but today they won me over. They had to have been invented by somebody with some thick and curly hair. Thank you thank you thank you

  13. Anni

    For everyday use, for sports etc

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