JUSTTOP Universal Cleaning Gel for Car, Detailing Putty Gel Detail Tools Car Interior Cleaner Laptop Cleaner

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  • Safe and Eco-friendly: The car beauty keyboard cleaning gel is made of high quality biodegradable gel material, non-sticky and smells like a light lemon fragrance. It is non-irritating to the skin and is environmentally safe.Cleaning gel can be a stress-relieving toy that lets you release stress.
  • Reusable: This car cleaning gel can be used multiple times until the gel darkens. After use, store in a sealed box in a cool, dry place. ( Note: Do not wash all-purpose cleaning gel with water. )
  • Multiple uses: Car Dust Cleaning Gel not only cleans your car’s air vents, dashboard vents, gear shift lever, knobs, door handles, air vents and CD slot, also suitable for crevices in remote controls, landlines, calculators, fans, digital cameras, etc. The suitable surface must be waterproof or the cleaning putty will stick to it.
  • Easy to use: Compared to regular car cleaning tools, this car cleaning gel is softer and easier to clean dirt from crevices in your car. First, take a small piece of gel and knead it before use, then slowly press the cleaning gel into a sturdy surface such as the car’s air vents, and then slowly pull it out and the dust will be carried away by the gel.
  • Purchase with Confidence: Any issues or questions please feel free to contact us, we are always here to satisfy all of you.

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12 reviews for JUSTTOP Universal Cleaning Gel for Car, Detailing Putty Gel Detail Tools Car Interior Cleaner Laptop Cleaner

  1. Margaret Pennington

    product was so nasty slimy. Made a nasty mess and was difficult to clean up. Stuck to my hands and it was like a snotty mess that wouldn’t go away. Went to the trash cause thats all I could do. I gave 3 stars only because it was warm since i stored in my truck.

  2. sbgsbg

    A really engaging and fun way to remove dust. I wish it was washable because I can see how quickly it gets dirty and is not very environmentally friendly since it will create waste after a couple uses.

  3. Mehul Goswami

    If you are a perfectionist, like me… you might find this item unsatisfying. It picks up SOME dirt in the cracks and crannies of your car but you really have to be persistent in getting in there and ”absorbing” the dirt. In my opinion, you are better off purchasing a small brush and doing the work with car products instead.

  4. Zabrina R Horn

    This goo is exactly as advertised. As soon as I received it, I couldn’t wait to try it out. In fact, I tried ot out in the post office parking lot (LOL). Then, my niece & nephew played with it. So, it has dual usage. It kept them busy for quite some time.

  5. Dom

    Enlèvement des poussières

  6. Lydia

    I left it in my car for a day and it turned into a liquid. And would not go back. But it did work well before. Good price

  7. Loganathan M


  8. Andre Lerebours

    The pictures of the product being used it not the actual product you receive. This one feels like it will break apart and go everywhere if you used it the way it is pictured in your car. It’s a looser gel. Clearly the seller took the pictures from a different product.

  9. t-rob

    Cleaned keyboard and auto interior, worked well and grandkids thought it was cool.

  10. MelissaB

    This goop works very well to get the tiny crumbs and dust that get in the grooves of the car console but I would say keep it in your house when not in use. In Florida summer this stuff got very thin and slippery. It’s sticky but not in a way that is hard to remove but in a way that it wants to slip through your fingers and stay on them when hot. It’s much easier to use when it isn’t hot.

  11. Miguel Sanchez

    I tried this to clean up the interior dash of a very dusty truck after using a blower to remove the bulk. Reason being is this gel will struggle to pick up saturated dusty areas of an interior. So this review is more like 4.5 stars. It a good product, but more like another tool to use alongside the likes of a hand blower, microfiber rag, etc.

  12. Matthew

    This stuff works great and I’m buying a second jar. But, the warning about keeping out of sunlight should be changed to generally keep cool. I kept mine in my garage and when I went to use it again found it had turned to liquid and grown some nasty mold.

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