Kasa 4MP 2K Security Camera Outdoor Wired, IP65, Starlight Sensor & 98 Ft Night Vision, Motion/Person Detection, 2-Way Audio w/Siren, Cloud/SD Card Storage, Alexa &Google…

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  • IP65 & 2K HD: Deploy your outdoor security camera with a true to its name weatherproof IP65. Pristine 4MP 2K video will capture every detail of what goes on outside your home, see every object someone is holding, recognize every face that passes by, no important details will be missed.Controller Type:Google Assistant;Amazon Alexa.Connectivity protocol:Wi-Fi.Power source type:Corded Electric.Operating Temperature : : -20 ºC-43 ºC (-4°F-109°F)
  • Starlight Sensor & Night Vision: With Starlight Sensor, images in low-light conditions will still appear crisp and high resolution. Determine if it’s just an animal rustling behind a bush or who that shady figure is across the street. Dual-integrated spotlights for colored night vision, to 98 ft.
  • Detection & Notification: Receive notifications that matter instantly thanks to the AI-powered algorithms. If there is motion or a person detected in the security camera’s field of view, you’ll but notified as soon as it happens. No more wondering when or if the package was delivered.
  • 2-Way Audio w/ Built In Siren With high-quality microphone and speakers, 2-way talk quality is better than ever before. Activate push-to-talk anytime via the Kasa app. Additionally, ward off intruders with the built-in siren to protect your home from unwanted visitors.

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Item Weight

‎14 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎4.97 x 2.77 x 2.77 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎1 Count (Pack of 1)





Part Number



‎6 watts

Power Source

‎Corded Electric

Item Package Quantity


Mounting Type

‎Wall Mount

Special Features

‎Local Recording, HD Resolution, Night Vision, Image Sensor



Included Components

‎Power Adapter, Mounting Screws, Camera Body, Mounting Template, Quick Start Guide

Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Ion

Warranty Description

‎2 year manufacturer

9 reviews for Kasa 4MP 2K Security Camera Outdoor Wired, IP65, Starlight Sensor & 98 Ft Night Vision, Motion/Person Detection, 2-Way Audio w/Siren, Cloud/SD Card Storage, Alexa &Google…

  1. MickM

    Love this camera easy to install plug n play link to wifi with code picture quality class even at night plus peace of mind Would highly recommend this seller

  2. PR

    Ace camera, very disappointing after 6 months. Amazon gave a full refund.

  3. Sparkymfg

    I bought a pair of these to put up outside and monitor our alley. After spending an hour getting the first one working and seeing how it performed, I sent both back.

    The good:

    The packaging is sturdy and well designed. Despite one of the boxes getting a little crinkled before it came to me the contents were in great shape.

    The cameras are visually appealing and not as ugly as some I have seen.

    The wiring and installation hardware are all well set up for an easy mount to get you going quickly.

    Setup runs through an app, which is easier to fix and update than printed instructions. So maybe future purchasers will get a better experience if/when some of the app deficiencies are addressed.

    The bad:

    The app software setup is kind of junky. For example, I typoed the network password on my first try and there was no way to fix that short of resetting the camera, (not that the app identified that) which involved removing a couple of screws and accessing the SD card slot, which has the reset button, poorly labeled, beside it.

    Connectivity is horrible. While the camera boots pretty quickly it takes a fair bit of time for it to connect to the network and when it transmits video, it’s plainly laggy and the camera responds to things like motion very fast but transmits the video only after a long lag. This test was performed on a network with no other burdens on it and I tested other cameras both before and after this on the same day without those cameras having connectivity or lag issues. Several times when I sent commands to the camera via the Kasa app I received timeout errors, etc – while the camera and my phone were about 15 feet from the wireless router and my phone was showing full bars of WIFI strength.

    The SD card slot is not labeled to indicate which way the card should be turned when inserted. That would be a simple 50/50 elimination IF the camera didn’t consistently fail to read the card over and over. After following the pictures and tech support article on the subject I did get the card to read twice, but after cycling power on the camera it subsequently failed to read the card with no other changes being made. So to recap – the SD card slot is directionally unlabeled and seldom works even when you have the card in. Oh yeah, better format the card on your PC first (even though my laptop said mine was formatted already, reformatting was the only way I ever got it to be recognized by the camera) to even get that much recognition. Not that the app tells you that either.

    SD card slot again – the card slot does not lock the card in. The camera depends on the screw on cover to retain the card, and presumably hold it in the right position to maintain a connection. I found this to be cheap and annoying, and above all – I couldn’t tell WHY the card wasn’t being consistently read – was it the connection components, the software, or alignment from the cover at fault? A simple spring lock would have at least removed one complexity from this equation of “what’s the cause?”

    The USB cord has a type A plug which increases the hole size needed for the cable to pass through significantly. While It could be argued that a single piece cord is part of the IP rating and I concede that single piece is great for solid connections, a design that doesn’t make the user drill a hole 10x larger than the cable for the cable access is more important.

    Overall, I compared this camera to some that I have been running for over a decade and it seemed like a downgrade in almost every way. The lack of a solid connection and the inability to consistently read/write the SD card eliminated this as a possible camera for the me to use to monitor the security of our alley. I never got far enough to even assess and rate the night vision capabilities because the basic functionality of the unit was so lacking as to make it unusable for any purpose at all.

    I gave it a couple of stars because it had no odor and good packaging and it didn’t make stupid noises at me. Also because Amazon has a smooth return process which shouldn’t really be worth stars on a product but so totally is when I no longer have to look at a failure like this.

  4. Serious Buyer

    This is meant as a security camera and logical to protect the power source. The power source is from a USB A, USB A has a bigger form factor that other USB types. In order to hide the power source, drilling through walls may be required and then involves a half and inch hole for this cable to go through.

    The requirement for a micro SD card with a GB capacity is not stated in the description–it IS needed for the user to review any activity caught by the camera. Without the micro SD card one cannot review and detected any activity.

    Installation procedure needs to be clearer in connecting to the Wi-Fi. i.e. the camera needs to be chosen first in the available Wi-Fi network.

    The other disadvantage is not being able to use a desktop PC to view any camera activity, only a mobile app is provided.

    Mounting screws are short when camera is mounted to a stucco wall. No gaskets are provided to prevent possible water intrusion due to camera mounting holes in any surface.

    The motion and person detection is currently being observed and fine tuned.

    Picture obtained is clear. Camera position adjustment is flexible enough to customize.

  5. Michael Aitken

    I like the idea of this. I have used it outdoors but does drop out every so often and shows offline. I’m not that far away from my router.
    Also would be nice if they did a black or brown version

  6. Sparkymfg

    I refuse to pay monthly fees to store my personal video (I am a techie and know how stuff gets hacked) and selected this camera. The camera overall is a great value. The app is intuitive and easy to setup. I purchased the Eufy camera and returned it for this one, and for my use it is superior. There are many reviews that give in depth pro/con of the app and user interface, but I saw none with the two pet peeves I have with this camera. First, the plug which is not waterproof- what were they thinking? This is an exterior camera and I went to plug it into my exterior ‘in use’ outlet (it has a cover that allows you to have a plug plugged in all the time and has a spot the electrical cord to be protected). Well, this plug is to ‘deep’ in order for the cover to protect it. So what are you suppose to use? I ended up having to return 2 of the 3 cameras because I couldn’t install them because the plugs would be exposed to the elements. Second, I updated my router. Though the wifi name didn’t change, I still had to take the camera down to reset it – no ability to update the wifi in the app. Besides those two issues, this is a solid camera and I would recommend it especially for those of us out there who refuse to pay monthly subscription services for stuff that we already own.

  7. Thomas E. Stephens

    I’ve been using a variety of Kasa cameras around my property for several years. Most others are cloud based storage but as I don’t have a subscription, I’m limited to 24 hours storage before it gets deleted. This camera however, has onboard recording to an SD card. The cloud cameras often miss or cut off video even when there’s activity, whereas this camera never misses a minute, recording 24/7 to the card. Also note that you can still access the footage remotely via the app on your phone and activity, identified between generic motion and human motion, is highlighted on the timeline so you know where to find the action. As expected, the 2k image is somewhat clearer than the 1080/720 cameras it replaced. The downside is that the app can be a little janky. Two things that stand out is the timeline navigation of the 24/7 footage where zooming and traversing the timeline doesn’t always do what you think you’re telling it to do, making for some frustration. Secondly, the camera time is off by 1 hour even though the time zone is correct. All my other cameras are correct with the same settings. When I look at camera details, it shows the time but won’t let me change it. Apart from that, the camera suits my needs. It covers my driveway and parking area with good resolution and the night lights (white and IR) do a great job at night.


    This camera was really easy to install & setup
    Great images & plenty of options

  9. Kerry

    Fácil de instalar, cumple su función. Fácil manejar desde la app

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