KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer – KSM3316X – Empire Red

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  • #1 MIXER BRAND IN THE WORLD* *Source: Euromonitor International Ltd. for retail sales revenue, USD, all retail channels. More information, including date ranges available at:
  • Built to take it all on with the durable and built-to-last metal construction, and 67 touchpoints around the mixer bowl for great mixing results.
  • 3.5 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl for smaller batches, to mix up 5 dozen cookies* in a single batch. Dishwasher safe. *Using the flat beater; 28g dough each.
  • Easily add ingredients with the tilt-head design, because you’ll have better access to the bowl. Lock the head in place while mixing.
  • Lighter. Smaller. Just as Powerful. With the same power as the KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer, the Artisan Mini weighs less so it’s easier to move around and is smaller, taking up less counter space.
  • 10 Speeds for Nearly any Task or Recipe. From mixing ingredients together on the stir speed, to whipping cream at speed 8, you’ll get thorough ingredient incorporation every time.
  • 10+ Attachments* to make more with your mixer to make everything from fresh pasta to burgers, veggie noodles, salads and more. *sold separately.
  • Model KSM3316X includes (1) 3.5 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl, (1) Flex Edge Beater, (1) Coated Dough Hook, (1) 6-Wire Whip

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Empire Red

Product Dimensions

7.8"D x 12.3"W x 12.3"H

Blade Material

Stainless Steel

Special Feature

Tilt Head


3.5 Quarts

Controls Type


Item Weight

14.3 pounds

Model Name


Is Dishwasher Safe




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Item model number


Date First Available

October 1, 2013

13 reviews for KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer – KSM3316X – Empire Red


    Excellent produit d’une robustesse inégalée.

    Pas de fla fla , pas d ‘électronique inutile.

    Une facilité d’utilisation déconcertante, un équipement pour la vie!

  2. Laura Martin

    Love this little guy! I have had KitchenAids for 30+ years and they are amazing. As someone who makes wedding cakes I use a 6 qt machine. At this point I don’t do as many large orders and since the machine is really too big for my counter I wanted something smaller that could fit comfortably to leave out. It is perfect for standard size recipes, box mixes etc. Just as well made, strong and easy to use. Well worth the investment.

  3. Luis

    Works very well as advertised. I like to do cookies in batches that are usually around 24 to 36 and it seems to be around the perfect size for that. I also made a massive cake – three layers end with this mixer. That nearly took it to the limit, but it worked. The look as attractive, build quality is excellent, and functionality a welcome addition addition to my kitchen.

  4. R B

    Even as a “mini” this really isn’t that small. You get a “mini” food processor and it might have a capacity of 3.5 cups, which really isn’t much–but 3.5 quarts is not nothing, that’s big enough for multiple loafs of bread dough, or dozens of cookies or muffins.

    Lately I’ve been using it to make a ball of pizza dough big enough for one ~13 inch pizza, and it just makes it so incredibly fast and easy. Best part is that it just slides right off the dough hook attachment after its done kneading, there’s barely anything to clean up.

  5. Elizabeth Davis

    Very well made machine. Decent size if you are looking to buy a not industrial machine but with the ability to mix effectively. Wife loves it as it makes it easier to stir and bake .

  6. Dibbledog1

    This Kitchenaid is light weight and sized right for me and my kitchen. I like that it is strong enough to make bread and making cookies is a breeze compared to a hand mixer.

  7. EGG

    …because it isn’t what I thought I ordered. My hand mixer finally laid down after almost 20 years so I needed another mixer. I have gifted a couple of the lift bowl Kitchenaids and they got rave reviews. I figured I’d get a stand mixer myself and I did. But not the one I wanted. I wasn’t paying the attention I should have and this 3.5 Artisan showed up. I opened it up, liked the way I could tilt the head without scooting it from beneath the cabinets. It looked kinda small, but I thought to give it a chance. I gave it the kill or cure treatment. Those of you that make toffee bars know what a stiff mix that is. I set it up. 2 cups of flour, packed, 1 cup of brown sugar, packed, 1 cup of softened butter and assorted small ingredients. I whisked the dry ingredients, easy enough, but the blend was almost perfect. No missed globs of anything. I added the wet stuff and used the strangely hollow mixer with a rubber blade on speed number 1. Slow, but good. The mixer blade was doing okay, but the wiper blade was missing some spots. Speed 2,3 and 4. The mixer blade was mixing and the wiper blade was wiping. The motor sounded a little burdened on 1 and 2, but 3 and 4 it settled into a smooth sound. Toffee dough does not even faze this little motor. I am duly impressed, Not a speck of dough got out of the bowl, everything went into the dishwasher, and my toffee bars are on the counter. This little stand mixer is a keeper.

  8. Will B.

    Práctica, compacta y super útil, llegó bien empacada y a tiempo

  9. qajaqr

    KitchenAid used to be synonymous with top-quality kitchen equipment and was worth every (over-priced) penny. That’s gone down the drain. This is a decent little mixer, but it just looks and feels cheap. My biggest quality complaints:

    * The silver strip with the brand name going around the tilt-head portion isn’t actually attached. It’s just tacked on somewhere on the back, clacks and moves around if you tap it, and good luck getting flour out of it if you get a puff of dry ingredients from the bowl.
    * They are apparently too cheap to include a spring on the beater head attachment anymore, but this model at least feels like they fit more securely than my other larger bowl-lift model.
    * The power switch knob thing is basically unusable if you’re a lefty. Don’t ask me how the heck they managed this, but it glides perfectly fine with almost no effort if I use my right hand and not at all (without difficulty and changing the angle my hand moves) with my left.

    * Unlike my 5-quart bowl lift (KV25G0X), this one does *not* sound like an airplane taking off with a rock stuck in the engine. It’s much quieter, like my old classic tilt-head model that finally died a few years ago.
    * Unlike the bowl lift model, this one can perfectly handle creaming a single stick of butter to start a recipe, and the flex-edge beater is AWESOME at getting ingredients fully mixed. I just have to stop and scrape the sides (mostly the bottom) once or twice instead of multiple times. (Can you tell I’m not impressed with the bowl-lift one?)
    * It’s just the right size for a single batch of cookie dough, casserole for a 9×9 pan, or 1-2 loaf bread recipe; perfect for an individual, smaller kitchen, or if you’re like me, for smaller batches that your bigger mixer can’t handle. (I don’t typically do yeast dough so that’s 1-2 loaves of pumpkin or banana bread.)

    In addition to the quality issues above, my biggest pet peeve is the design of the flex head beater in regards to being able to clean it thoroughly. There are defined, poorly-smoothed seams where the rubber portion is sealed over the metal (?) beater. They’re a pain to clean and require taking a scrubbing brush to them to ensure all the batter is gone. I’m kind of okay with that in tradeoff for how well they mix, though, and they’re still easier to clean than any of the blades in my food processor. 🙂

    I almost gave up on KitchenAid after my poor experience with the bowl-lift mixer, but I’m glad I gave this one a try. I certainly wouldn’t buy it except on sale, though. There’s no way I would pay the $330-$380 it’s currently listing for.

  10. Jenny N.

    Perfect for my small home. Super high quality, yet seemingly still a little overpriced. Nonetheless, I love it and am glad my 25 year wait to buy one is over.

  11. Laura Martin

    This smaller version of the famous Kitchen Aid mixer is ideal for preparing a multitude of food items. Its more compact size means it will be much easier to use in a smaller kitchen area, whilst losing none of its capabilities or functionality. A great piece of equipment.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Súper bonita… me encanto!

  13. Amazon Customer

    This has been the perfect size for a family of 4. It has easily accommodate recipes for 8 and mixes batches of 12+ muffins with ease. I love the finish of the matte black too!

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