Ogilvie Salon Styles Home Perm for Normal Hair with Extra Body

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12,97 $

  • For Normal Hair with Extra Body
  • One Time Use/Application
  • Before & After Conditioners with Drip Guard
  • Professional Conditioning Perm
  • Long Lasting Smooth Curls & Waves
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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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2.5 x 3.7 x 5.85 inches, 10.72 Ounces

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Idelle Labs Ltd

12 reviews for Ogilvie Salon Styles Home Perm for Normal Hair with Extra Body

  1. Lake Dweller

    This is my second perm with this product. I have fine thin hair. I used to get perms years ago for body but only 1 stylist gave me a perfect perm without friz. Even with short hair it took me such a long time to create a “full hair look”. I used ‘Biz’ spike it for staying which looked great but still needed to tease and add a little here and there. I stopped getting hair cuts from stylists too as colics and direction of hair growth were neglected. I started cutting my own hair about 35 years ago. I figured if I goofed at least I hadn’t paid for $35.00. When other stylists gave me a perm I’d tell them not to cut my hair except maybe in back where it takes me a long time to cut my own. Yet, they always seem to cut all over my head instead of my back ONLY. When I was browsing amazon one day I saw this perm. I decided to try it very very carefully. I thought last case desperation I could use the solution to take out the curls and re-straighten. I could not do this alone I found out after several attempts so my husband offered his hand. The rods would frequently slip loose. Ugh, time consuming: but this second perm should be much easier as I found ‘picks’ that should hold the rods in place. My permanent turned out great! Even though every strand was caught in the rod I had body. The first Sunday to church everyone noted how nice my hair looked. You could not see my pink scalp. I didn’t have to spend a huge amount of minutes covering up thin areas to conceal my scalp. I woke up in the morning and could slightly dampen my hair and blow dry and my hair looked full. The picture I included shows that there was no friz and my scalp is not visible. This pic was taken at thanksgiving time with perm about a month old. I checked this price with WalMart and it was $3.00 more. Ogilvie is the only reasonably priced perm on the market & I don’t know for how long. I think I’m going to order several. Finally, I highly recommend. Last night (Sunday) we were ready to do the perm Incase its too curly, etc. I have six days to loosen. 1 pkg. contents were missing-the step-by-step instructions. I checked each bottle hoping for guidance. None! i called amazon thinking they could email instructions. The chat was no help; Nichi told me instructions were on the box. Well there aren’t any on box. After waiting awhile I went back and pressed ‘call me’. The lady was very sweet but she couldn’t find any directions to email me. I already knew that the mfg. was closed on the week-end. This morning I called and the instructions were emailed me in less than a minute. Of course, having a business, I
    I will have to wait another day this week. 🙁
    I’m sure this rarely happens. The robot probably missed the box. LOL IF this should happen to another customer, when you call don’t be surprised when the operator answers “Helen of Troy”. If this is your first time ordering, the description is not entirely clear. I looked every where for contents. This perm comes with Cotton (drip guard) & salon end-papers; both of which I ordered separately and didn’t need. I ordered ‘for normal hair with extra body! Truthfully, for a novice I was so amazed what a great perm product with exactly promised results. If you have short hair buying the ‘picks’ will be a time saver. WalMart had these rollers and included the picks. IF your hair is too curly the big rollers will help until the perm loosens. Hope this helps.

  2. Charlotte

    I would recommend this product, it works very well.

  3. Letian Ma

    It took a while for the perm to form the S wave, but I have silver/gray hair and I understand that kind of hair is pretty resistant. Kept checking like the instructions said and the perm turned out fantastic. AAA+

  4. Sherry T

    I’ve bought this perm many times and this was the first time I’m not happy. The box was torn but I kept it anyway. Today I did my perm and the final step had a leak in the container so when I went to put it on there was nothing in the container. I’m just hoping it doesn’t stop my perm from working so I did order the treatment 23 that you suggested

  5. Lynn

    Still perming my hair after all these years and this one with all of the conditioners isy favorite.

  6. Katy

    Unfortunately this product didn’t work for me. I followed the steps carefully as I know the solution can cause a lot of damage if left on the hair to long. But as I was in the middle of the process I could tell by the smell that it is super toxic and damaging but I still went through with it. It smells like the eyelash curling solution and is basically the same stuff. So after completing each step carefully my hair was not only Not permanently waved, the condition of my hair is now dull and lifeless. I have natural red brown hair not coloured with no high lights. So all the natural oils have been stripped. I knew this was the risk with this product I just ‘ hoped from seeing other people’s reviews and photos that it would actually work. So now I need to wait a good few years as I have slow growing hair until new fresh hair replaces the dull lifeless hair. I have medium to long hair so this is just depressing and will take a long time to improve.

  7. asf

    Always have liked the Olivier brand perm. Used these, the aroma was super strong, but the body I wanted worked.


    It produces less curls than other products.

  9. mia

    very good

  10. Lake Dweller

    I have always found home perms to be difficult at best. But they are so much less expensive than the salon. Sometimes they turn out great and sometimes not so much. This one was not so great. I can’t blame the perm for that. However one box had been one item inside that leaked. I’ve never had that before.

  11. Donna

    they were hard to find at a decent price

  12. Amy

    can not find in the stores glad to find on Amazon

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