Pre-stretched Braids Hair Professional Itch Free Hot Water Setting Synthetic Fiber Ombre Yaki Texture Braid Hair Extensions 26 Inch 8 Packs Beyond Beauty Braiding Hair 1B-30-27…

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I know that you are preparing for the new year’s new hairstyle. Come here, look at this easy braiding hair. You do not need to wash hair before braiding but you can dip the hair in hot water to set, and it is easy to work with, doesn’t cut into your fingers while braiding. When you install the h…

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10.16 x 9.29 x 2.56 inches, 1.45 Ounces


Beyond Beauty

8 reviews for Pre-stretched Braids Hair Professional Itch Free Hot Water Setting Synthetic Fiber Ombre Yaki Texture Braid Hair Extensions 26 Inch 8 Packs Beyond Beauty Braiding Hair 1B-30-27…

  1. No username

    The hair arrived quickly! Once I received the package I opened the hair and looked at it I was skeptical at first, I thought it wasn’t going to be enough hair and the quality looked suspect until I actually used it it was nice and soft and I used less hair than I thought. I got small knotless the hair is definitely worth buying!!!

  2. Staci

    Not a bad quality but this hair isn’t Kanekalon. Very disappointed! My Braider hands were sore. It’s synthetic fiber. I could on use this hair for French braids, not good for knotless or box braids.

  3. Nicole Williams

    I usually pay much more when buying my braiding hair from a hair store. I purchased two of the 8 pack 26 inch bags, as I wasn’t sure what to expect. I only needed one (with almost 3 of the packs inside left over), so I got my full head of braiding hair with my big head for less than $20. Definitely a steal!
    I’m loving the quality so far.

    My stylist mentioned the ends didn’t straighten at the end as well as other brands when she dipped it in hot water, but it looks great to me, so I didn’t take any stars off for that.

    I’ve had them in just a day, but so far not experiencing any itchiness or irritation, which I always worry about.

    Color blend was just what I wanted! I wanted a touch of color, but not drastic. This blend has a very natural ombré effect that I love.

    Overall, I would definitely purchase again!

  4. Devonie Nelson

    For the price it’s a “convenience purchase.”

    1. The hair arrived on time and left at our door.
    2. The Chemical smell is minimum and was easily removed with a gentle ACV soak.
    3. This hair is quite soft, but still has a nice texture to it.

    1. Loose hair everywhere! As soon as I opened the bag the packs were enclosed in hair stands were all over me.
    2. I only received 7/8 packs listed.
    3. I received 1/3 “free gifts” that are advertised and pictured. (The hook alone. No lashes, no hair jewelry, nada.)
    4. The packs are sparse. Let’s call them mini-packs.

    Recommendation: For the price it’s fine in a pinch. If you don’t want another crochet hook (you do want them because these are cheaply made and will break after extended use) or the other “gifts” then this is an option. Just know you might not get what you ordered.

    I had started the process of cleaning the hair so it was too late for me to seek a return/replacement. That part makes this purchase frustrating.

    Good luck!

  5. Mama_of_2

    No complaints! Virtually tangle free and easy to manage. Braids are beautiful!

  6. Devonie Nelson

    Tbh my boho brairds had survived a whole week for hair quality even my bestie loved it I have given her the rest of bundles to use
    Really soft n tangel free

  7. Amazon Customer

    It is very natural feeling

  8. Nicole Williams

    Soft, light manageable hair. Used waaay less than what I buy in the hair store. I will be using this moving forward.

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