Wireless Cameras for Home/Outdoor Security, Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor 355°PTZ, 3MP 2K FHD WiFi Camera with Spotlight, Motion Detection, Siren, Color Night Vision,…

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  • Solar Powered & Auto Power-on – Our cameras for home security is equipped with 25% high conversion rate monocrystalline silicon solar panel and built-in 9000mAh large capacity rechargeable battery. 100% Wireless! Just place it in direct sunlight to charge. When the security cameras is powered off, after the solar panel is charged to a certain amount of power, it will auto turn on and connect. No need to manual charging and restart!
  • 3MP FHD Color Night Vision – With 2048 * 1536 high resolutions, outdoor camera wireless provide more delicate images and videos than 2 K cameras. The security cameras wireless outdoor has a bright spotlight and built-in 2 IR light to provide you with clearer colorful night vision, the monitor distance is up to 30 ft. Home security cameras can 355° pan rotation, 90° tilt rotation & 120° ultra-wide viewing angle, all-round and blind areas to monitor any corner to let you sleep peacefully.
  • Ward off Intruders & Enhanced Wi-Fi Antenna – The security camera outdoor will send an instant alert notification to you once detects an intruders. At the same time, the strobe light, integrated spotlight and built-in siren will be activated to warn suspicious strangers away. Surveillance & security cameras outdoor is equipped with a high-gain 4dbi WiFi antenna and 2.4G Wi-Fi transmission, good wall penetration, and strong anti-interference ability, which can receive your data in a wider range.
  • AI Motion Detection & Two-Way Audio – Advanced AI recognition technology support customize the monitoring area and target in the “VicoHome” APP to distinguish between people, pets, vehicles, or receiving packages, providing higher accuracy. This outdoor camera built in the speaker and mic-phone, you could talk to delivery man when he aright your home, ask kids for lunch, volume adjustable.
  • All Weather Available & Secure Storage – IP66 waterproof grade, no more worries about rain, snow and hot weather, outdoor security cameras can stay in outdoor well and handle a good amount of extreme weather. Support 8-128 GB micro SD card (not included) and free 3-day trial cloud storage without hidden fees. All the videos by Poyasilon wifi camera are encrypted, nobody will get it without your permission.

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7.2 x 5.3 x 7.6 inches

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2.31 pounds

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2 AA batteries required. (included)

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September 21, 2022



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4 reviews for Wireless Cameras for Home/Outdoor Security, Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor 355°PTZ, 3MP 2K FHD WiFi Camera with Spotlight, Motion Detection, Siren, Color Night Vision,…

  1. alicia

    We had some issues with unwanted visitors in our backyard and needed some security cameras. Looked at different products and saw this for a great price. Worst case, we would just returned them if it didn’t fit our needs. Well, we were very happy with this product. Not only are they easy to install and load them on our phones for viewing, but no extra wires to hardwire to the house. They come with solar panels to charge them up and they are WiFi connected. We did have some issues with one of our cameras, but the app has a report issues and they responded with in 2 days of sending the report. The instructions they gave me were exactly what to do and what to expect when doing it. LOVE this and it is great for home security. I deleted any of the footage I don’t want and turn on the alarm at night to tell our unwanted visitors that they are being recorded and “Poof” they go away.

  2. Charles Olcott

    First, it’s very hard to beat the price of a Pan and Tilt camera, wireless with solar, that has a pretty good picture, as these do. I purchased two of these for a renovation property I’m working on as I’m expecting deliveries soon and want to oversee them. If you are looking for a solar camera to record to a card so you can play back and see things, great. If you have unlimited data on your Wi-Fi, great. But if you’re like me and bought solar cameras because you don’t have Wi-Fi or power available, and want to use a mobile hotspot, look elsewhere.

    First, the good.

    The picture quality isn’t pretty clear especially given the price point. While I lose the clarity to read a license plate about 30-40 feet out, it is still a very recognizable image for everything on screen. The cameras are generally responsive in the controls, though sometimes it feels like the pan and tilt could use a touch more finer tuning to really dial in a location but it’s still ok.

    The solar option to charge is great and seems to work just fine in regards to keeping them up, even in less than direct sunlight. I almost wish the cords were maybe 2′ longer, but still should work for more people, and they are just a micro USB connection so I’m sure an extension cable would work easy enough.

    MicroSD recording, yay! It’s always great to have the option to record directly to a MicroSD card for redundancy or even as a primary recording method if Wi-Fi isn’t available. More on that in a bit…

    The app control is basically the same as most of the “no name” brand cameras that you can find on here. I have three different cameras that all use their own “app” but they’re all the same thing. Great that you know how to navigate them all since they all look the same, but really annoying that each company has to use their own version of the same thing and you have to load a new app for each different camera. It’s not the most intuitive app, but enough fumbling around will get you where you want to go.

    The cons:

    First and foremost, the cloud storage. Plus side, you get three days of free cloud storage. The down side, you cannot disable cloud storage AT ALL. Here’s the issue with this: I don’t have Wi-Fi at the location, so I bought a mobile hotspot so that I could remotely view the cameras. A pair of these cameras blew through 2GB of data in less than 24 hours, all due to uploading to cloud storage. Yes, I have a 128 GB card in each camera, but now I have no data left on my hotspot, so that means no notifications, no live viewing, and no way to know until the next time I get there if I had any issues, and THEN having to go back through and search through all the card footage.

    The zones are ONLY for notifications, not for recording. This means that if you have your alert zone set to say, your front door, and a fly is doing laps in the other corner of the camera screen, it’s still going to be recording the motion trigger. You will have a file recorded for ANY motion caught in the camera’s entire field of view. And every recording gets uploaded to the cloud. I have hundreds of saved files (until the data ran out so I can’t access more from home), that had zero interest in the zones I actually would care about just because a tree was blowing in the other corner that I had specifically wanted to ignore with a zone. Nope, that just means I don’t get an alert every time a leaf quakes, but we’re still going to record it and waste space.

    When it comes to the subscription, yes it’s inexpensive, and yes you lose a bunch of features if you don’t pay your $32 a year or whatever the basic comes out to. That’s the same standard as many of these more inexpensive cameras. However, even the “free” subscription includes 3 days of cloud storage. You know, that’s great, for most people. 3 free days of cloud storage without a fee. Except again, you can’t disable that, no matter what. If these videos are using gigabytes of data per day in upload bandwidth, it completely eliminates the option to use these under any mobile hotspot options. It would cost me $50 in hotspot data in just a weekend away. Absolutely useless for me.

    So while I was hoping for a camera that I could use to record locally onto it’s SD card, maybe alert me to motion, and then live-view in when I need – what I got was a pair of cameras that absolutely blew through data by constantly uploading to the cloud for every little motion of anything, even on Low sensitivity, and is now only good as a review camera after the fact.

    I’ll keep the cameras and use them somewhere else, like as a trail camera or something. I do like the picture they give. But functionality, they’re pointless for me to use with a mobile hotspot. The option to toggle or even disable the cloud storage altogether would make these an easy 5-star camera.

  3. Pat King

    The manufacturer doesn’t put their name, address, or contact info anywhere on the box, in the box or on the product! When I opened the box there is a QR code there to scan for a lifetime warranty. The QR code doesn’t work, no website found! They also list a website to register for the warranty….same thing happened…no website found! The only way I know who the manufacturer is is because it’s listed here on Amazon in the description. I googled the manufacturers name and found a website. So I clicked on the contact us button. They only give you space for maybe 2 short sentences and I couldn’t even send the message. It asks for a “varify code”. I have no idea what that could be! You must fill it in to send the message. So I can’t even contact them!
    I like the camera, and the images but it is very odd to me that they don’t put their name on their product!

  4. alicia

    So we bought 2 of these cameras after 40 people in my rural subdivision had their cars broke in to one night. I was looking for affordable solar powered and took a chance on this camera, was the cheapest or the most expensive but on the middle. It was delivered same day… YAY.

    So I waited a couple of weeks to write my review so I could have actually been using it for a while and know whether it was worth my money. These cameras exceeded all my expectations and I’m very happy with my purchase.

    The app set-up was a breeze, out the box was able to start seeing love video of my property.
    From the app it is very easy to move the camera left right up down , zoom . ..I can even change it to point straight down if some one tried to be clever and get right under it I can still see that. I can clearly make out a face and plates in day time further than said in discription and 20 feet at night maybe more if I had outside, but with cameras light alone 15 to 20 feet. . It has a alarm and two way talk feature as well all controllable through the app.

    I saw complaints of delay when it went to record movement etc. I did have this for about a day, adjusted setting in app and now it records movement from start to end. Other issue maybe it’s to far from wifi source and you need a wifi extenders to make it work where you are trying to locate it. We did that for the camera over our shop away from the house where signal was weaker. No issues since.

    It doesn’t record if your watching live, you have to. Manually record at that time otherwise it auto records your preference like cars, people,animals. I had to adjust it so I didn’t get a notification everytime some one drove down my street or my dog took off across the yard after a squirrel.

    The only thing I would like to see is with the app. If my husband signs in on his phone and the I also went to sign in on my own phone it kicks him off. We cannot both be signed it on 2 different devices and viewing or looking through library of saved recording from the night while we were sleeping. I would like for both of us to be able to sign in without one of getting booted out. It’s not often we both login at same time, but when we do one of us gets the boot.

    All in all this a great camera, great picture,features, day night in the rain. App is easy to use and make adjustments,manually record or snap a picture, night vision or night color picture is clear. Definitely better pictures than what you see on the news when they are showing surveillance picture of a suspect they are looking for, this camera actually shows a non grainy clear picture and would make identifying a person easy.

    I would recommend this camera to anyone looking to monitor their home…or it could even work as a game camera if you had a SD memory card for viewing later or hot spot for live to use where it’s at. .

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