Zaekary Professional Hair Clippers for Men, Professional Barber Clippers and Trimmer Set, Cordless Beard Trimmer Haircut Grooming Kit Gift for Men Women Kids (Black) (B2)

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  • Professional Hair Clipper Set: The professional hair clipper set is developed by Zaekary, a brand dedicated to the development of high-quality hair clippers, which integrates haircutting and styling. The large size is a professional hair clipper with adjustable blades that handle all hair types and lengths with ease. The micro trimmer is a zero-gap trimmer, perfect for precise beard and sideburn trimming.
  • Professional Mate Clipper Trimmer: The hair clipper and trimmer is specially designed for haircutting. The cutter head is made of alloy. The edge is hard and sharp, not easy to break, and it can be automatically ground. Suitale for thick, wet, rough, and complicated hair style shaping, and can also be used for baby hair care. When running the volume is less than 45 decibels, which can give the baby a haircut in sleep.
  • Large Capacity Battery: Professional hair clipper with a rechargeable 3000mAh strong battery, 3 hours of charging can provide up to 240 minutes of running time. The beard trimmer is built in a 2000mAh battery that can run for at least 240 minutes after 2 hours of full charge. The built-in high-definition LED display allows the hairdresser to quickly check the remaining power, it can solve the situation of sudden power failure during your work.
  • Super Many Professional Accessories: The IDERREST hair clipper kit is equipped with all the accessories you need. The large clipper is equipped with (1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 10, 13, and16mm) 6 limit combs, and the small sideburn trimmer is equipped with (1, 2, 3mm) 3 limit combs, 1 special cloth for hair cutting, 2 soft cleaning brushes, 2 dedicated USB charging cables and 1 hair comb. The complete configuration makes the set ideal for professional hairdressers and home haircuts.
  • Beauty Salon Set: You only need a set of professional hair clippers, which can perfectly solve everything you need for haircutting. Selected functionally, this suit is suitable for men, women and children. Choose from gifts, the second set is packaged in a new special gift box, you can give it to your family, lover, and friends as a birthday gift.

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10.98 x 8.5 x 2.2 inches, 2.07 Pounds

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June 13, 2023



8 reviews for Zaekary Professional Hair Clippers for Men, Professional Barber Clippers and Trimmer Set, Cordless Beard Trimmer Haircut Grooming Kit Gift for Men Women Kids (Black) (B2)

  1. My. T

    I rarely make reviews in Amazon but this hair trimmer is so smooth and efficient that I thought it would be beneficial for customers like me who always checks reviews before buying. I had multiple electric hair trimmers in past. But this one is best of them in terms of lightness ( specially the beard or small trimmer ) and smooth. Other best part was that the hair guides align on blade proportionally (which on my previous razors 2 tooth used to stick together at some place). I did cut my 2 kids and husbands hair (2 whole trim and 1 style cut ) and the battery remaining was 95%. I am really impressed with this. I just got this trimmer few hrs ago today and used right away because with hair trimmers I did not have good experience in past . I am glad I found this. I don’t know how long it gonna last in terms of that smooth cut and battery life time which would be my only concern . I will update in few months again because everyone deserves transparency.

  2. Clifton M. Duncan

    This set is not bad AT ALL. The only reason that I’m giving it a 4 star, instead of 5, is because of how the head of the clippers are made. It has a slight tilt in it to where it causes you to have to hold your hand a little awkward. You have to have your wrist bend a little more than usual, which will cause wear and tear on your wrist at some point. It’s just not what I’m used to and I’m a professional stylist so I’ve used MANY different types of clippers. Another thing is that the clippers and trimmers don’t match in quality. The clippers have nice weight to them, while the trimmers feel like air. They do cut pretty good, it just doesn’t feel like a complete pair with how different they feel.

  3. Yared A.

    They are top of the line clippers now the liners are perfect for kids but will get the job done for adults not as sharp as you want for adults but they definitely will have the kids on point and the clippers are phenomenal

  4. Public profile

    For these not being a name brand clipper I really like them!
    Good quality and holds a good battery charge. They also don’t get too over heated.
    The trimmers have 2 power modes with is also really nice

    Came with a barber comb and cape underneath which I didn’t know for weeks so when I found it I was super surprised! Totally worth the buy!

  5. Public profile

    I have learned to cut my own hair with those clippers. Super easy to clean and the battery last a very long time!
    Sometimes I go weeks with out charging and best of all they are wireless

  6. Clifton M. Duncan

    My ex-wife used to buy me Whal Conair wired hair trimmers, when it was time for new ones.
    This go-around, like most things in my life these days, we are doing my life, on my terms.

    So I spent a little more but I read the reviews and these devices were so well received and so cool looking. You can imagine my pleasure to find that these are two top notch professional grade trimmers.
    They are a joy to work with and can do things that my old ones just couldn’t.
    Please let me wax a bit of geek for you here too. I like, many Star Trek fans have taken to actor Anson Mount’s haircut as the character Captain Christopher Pike.
    I have thought about going to get my hair done like his, but really have had designs on getting a new hair trimmer that could do a bit more demanding style than I usually have done and give it a try myself. These trimmers are just what I needed to do exactly that.
    You might say that my hair cut is inspired by Anson Mount’s & Maybe the mid 1980’s look of Don Johnson’s character, Sonny Crocket from Miami Vice.

    I was a bit concerned that the set didn’t have attachments in size 5,6 & 7 …but when doing my do, I didn’t use anything longer than the number four, so there you go.
    I would have liked to seen a pair of reasonable quality hair cutting scissors included.
    I brought my “over the ear” “left” & “right” attachments from my previous set to the session. Thank goodness I didn’t throw anything but the old clippers away. I really think they should have had some included.
    I notice that there is no oil included and kinda’ wonder what type I am supposed to use or if these need to be oiled.

    Anyway… I love these trimmers. So well weighted and do what clippers are supposed to really well.

    Like I said above. A real joy to use.


    I bought these clippers a couple of weeks ago and already used them multiple times. Very nice set! I like how they feel in weight. The battery holds charge for a while. Overall totally worth the buy.


    Had a cheaper corded Whal before this and I lost it so I got these.

    Though don’t be fooled by the price when you get a hold of these clippers they do feel premium in weight. Heavy towards the blade side which for me is a plus because I have greater control/scoop out for tapers/fades. It’s not that their heavy but that it feels premium.

    The trimmer doesn’t seem so great, tried cutting my arm hairs as close as possible but it’s doesn’t get too close like others BUT then again for 50$ the clippers alone are worth it.

    It’s also really nice that they disinfect the blades for you. At least mine smelled like a disinfectant spray was sprayed on them which to me is actually a very good gesture.

    You do have to buy blade oil but I wouldn’t complain. You’d need to anyways, my whal set and most sets that come with those little bottles included but are for good ~8 cuts in before you run out so you’d need to order later on. Just buy one separate and you’ll probably have the bottle forever.

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