5K Digital Camera, WiFi Vlogging Camera with 32G SD Card, 48MP Autofocus Compact Camera 6-Axis Stabilization Travel Camera with UV Filter 16x Digital Zoom and 2 Batteries for…

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  • 【5K Digital Camera with 32G SD Card】Compared to traditional 1080p and 4K, the ultra-high resolution of 5K brings out image details more clearly and colors more vividly, greatly enhancing the quality of the image. 48 MP of ultra-high pixel count makes this digital camera even better at capturing details. The included UV filter not only blocks harmful UV rays, but also enhances the contrast and saturation of the image, making the photo more colorful.
  • 【Digital Camera with WiFi】In addition to high-quality image output, this vlogging camera is also equipped with WiFi function, allowing you to easily transfer photos to smart devices for sharing and editing. No need for cumbersome data cable transfer, just simple operation, you can share the beauty of your trip with your friends and family, or show your photography on social media. It makes shooting simpler and more efficient, enabling you to easily record the beautiful moments in your life.
  • 【Autofoucs & 6-Axis Stabilization】This camera is equipped with a precise autofocus system that quickly locks onto the target, keeping it in sharp focus whether you’re shooting sports scenes or portraits. At the same time, whether you’re shooting high-resolution stills or motion pictures, the 6-axis stabilization function effectively reduces the blurring problems associated with handheld shooting. Even when shooting in low-light conditions or long exposures, the image remains stable and clear.
  • 【Icon Hiding & Three Flash Modes】The digital camera can also hide the screen icon, which allows you to better observe the framing screen, reduce excess distractions on the screen, and focus more on composing and shooting. Meanwhile, in order to meet the shooting needs of different scenes, the camera also provides three flash modes. Whether shooting outdoors or indoors, you can flexibly choose the flash mode to make the image light more natural and the characters more three-dimensional.
  • 【Shooting Mode Switching & After-sales Guarantee】The rotary buttons on this digital camera are designed to make it easy and convenient to switch between different shooting modes – photo, photo burst, timer photo, delay photo; video, loop recording, slow-motion video, delay recording. This 5K camera includes a 32G SD card, 2 rechargeable batteries, and we offer up to 1 year warranty, so if you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

8 reviews for 5K Digital Camera, WiFi Vlogging Camera with 32G SD Card, 48MP Autofocus Compact Camera 6-Axis Stabilization Travel Camera with UV Filter 16x Digital Zoom and 2 Batteries for…

  1. KD

    I just took the picture on standard mode and came out great. I am very impressed by the quality of the details, especially when you zoom into the picture.

    I have an online channel so this vlogging camera works perfectly for me. And I really like that it comes with all accessories included.

    Great price for the quality and functionality. Completely recommend it!

  2. David Flanigan

    Perfect, i have wanted to test its limits before submitting my review. It arrived on time, with all the promised equipment. It is easy to transport and has taken both wonderful photos and videos. I have no need to attach a mic, as the camera captures my voice beautifully. It works extremely well up close, and at a distance, and then the design camera is amazing, so far i love this!

  3. KD

    Very clear, high contrast, easy to use, cheap convenient device. Wi-Fi helps us to transfer data very quickly without spending time on other devices. I enjoyed it, my teen daughter also likes it.

  4. Meir

    This digital camera works good, as a photo shooting lover but beginner, when I use it the best thing is it never out of focus when I take pictures. It looks like it is the latest version and the pics it takes are more clear than the 4k digital camera. Anyways, if you are a camera lover and tired of phone shooting, this digital camera can give you different feelings.

  5. Yanyu Yang

    i’m not aspiring to be a professional photograph (or even a serious hobbyist), so this camera is great for taking pictures instead of my phone.

    it came with a uv filter which makes everything blurry for some reason, now i just use it as a lens protector alongside the actual clip on lens cover. the little carrying bag is pretty nice too. the 32 gb sd card made it pretty easy to import photos to my laptop (assuming your laptop has an sd reader too)

    overall, this is more than enough for personal use

  6. Aneta Konopko

    This is a great camera for beginners, it’s very easy to use and the quality is good too.
    It also has a wifi feature which is very helpful. For the price your paying it’s a great camera.

  7. QZ

    I purchased this digital camera for my daughter as she enjoys walking around the neighborhood taking pictures of nature and animals. This is a perfect gift for a child who is into photography. It is easy to use and the picture quality is great. Wish it came in different colors.

  8. Yanyu Yang

    This camera takes amazing pictures for the price. The SD card it comes with is good and holds good pictures. I am very surprised and for this price I would definitely recommend it. I can now take pictures without having to worry about my camera getting damaged as it was on the lower end price.

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