Haircut at Klondike Park – Nature’s Hidden Oasis

October 26, 2023 | FreeHaircut, GWR, Missouri

In this video, I am taking a haircut journey to share some love at an incredibly beautiful location: on a rocky outcrop with a view overlooking a serene, emerald-green lake in a picturesque forest. Trong video này, Sky sẽ thực hiện hành trình cắt tóc trao đổi lời yêu thương tại một địa điểm vô […]

Visiting Ted Drewes _ The world’s best ice cream shop

September 18, 2023 | GWR, Missouri

In this episode, Sky will take us on a journey to visit “the world’s best ice cream shop” as voted by SoolNua Magazine in 2016. This marks a special encounter with the founder himself – the individual who will sign Sky’s Guinness World Record-setting vehicle and give a message to cancer patients for Sky’s World […]