AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS Action Camera Ultra HD Underwater Camera 170 Degree Wide Angle 98FT Waterproof Camera Blue

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  • 4K Ultra HD action camera. Professional 4K 30Fps & 2.7K 30Fps video with 20MP photos at up to 30 frames per second for incredible photos, which is 4 times the resolution of traditional HD cameras.
  • Wireless wrist remote control sports camera. With a wrist 2.4G remote, you can capture the world in an all-new way. Controlling the camera, framing shots or recording video is convenient. (THE REMOTE IS NOT WATERPROOF)
  • Longer Battery Life. AKASO EK7000 action camera comes with 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries. Each 1050mAh battery can record up to 90 minutes. You will no more worry about the recording time for this action camera.
  • Built-In WIFI & HDMI, edit & share your action in minutes. Just download App(AKASO GO) on your phone or tablet and connect with this action camera. Then operate or review the images or videos via Android or iOS devices. WiFi signal ranges up to 10 meters.
  • 98 Feet(30m) waterproof camera. AKASO EK7000 is designed to withstand extreme environments. Equipped with IP68 waterproof case,durable waterproof to 98 Feet (30m). Ideal for water sports like swimming, drifting, surfing etc. Come along with tons of free accessories, you can transform it to fit various indoor and outdoor extreme activities.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

2.3 x 1.6 x 0.95 inches

Item Weight

1.76 ounces

Item model number



2 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 6, 2016



8 reviews for AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS Action Camera Ultra HD Underwater Camera 170 Degree Wide Angle 98FT Waterproof Camera Blue

  1. Siu

    For the price, you can’t get better than this. An excellent action camera with good stabilization, picture quality and color, for much cheaper than the alternatives. Although not superb in low-light settings, doubt people using action cameras will be doing much in the dark, and the problem can just be alleviated by giving it more light.

    A bonus feature is that it can even perform as a webcam for you if you need one in a pinch, just mount it with a standard mount and plug it directly into your computer, making sure you set your EK7000 to PCCAM mode and BAM you have a pretty excellent webcam.

    Although I haven’t tested the microphone much, it seems to be pretty decent at picking it up, and if you really do need good audio, you can purchase a windscreen to help with that.
    The EK7000 also comes with an incredibly generous accessories package, and you can basically mount it on 80% of most surfaces and places you would probably want to mount it on.

    For the price, the EK7000 is unbeatable in this category, and without breaking the bank, you have a very nice option, and even if you do not need to use for your extreme stunts, there are not too many webcams on the market that compete with the price and quality for the price.

  2. Richard

    Compré esta cámara en enero y hasta hoy había funcionado bien, sin embargo, al encenderla queda la pantalla atascada en la página del logotipo, me comuniqué con la empresa quienes amablemente me dieron opciones para destrabarla, pero ninguna funcionó, cuando iniciamos el procedimiento de validación de garantía se dieron cuenta que fue gestionada por un vendedor externo, con quién me sugirieron contactar y realizar el proceso de la garantía, tengo días en el laberinto de la página de amazon tratando de contactar al vendedor, pero al no tener la opción de una venta después de los 30 días para proceder una devolución o cambio no hay forma de resolverlo…

  3. Siu

    Used it on 4 dives and it did the trick! Divemaster helped me make a leash out of rope so I could swim freely, and not worry about losing it or having to reach in and out of my pocket for it.

    Since it was hard to point and shoot and swim at the same time, I took video and then FF or Rewinded during playback to get the right shot, and then Ctrl Command Shift 4 for screen shot on Mac, and then paste on to Photoshop for editing.

    A little cloth bag to protect the case from scratching during storage in addition to all the other accessories they provide for using it as a sports camera would have gone a long way!

    Image quality is not perfect but I just increased the image size on photoshop, then did screen shot and paste so that the file size wouldn’t be too crazy. That way I was able to upload the photos for reviews on Trip Advisor and Social Media no problem.

    Doesn’t come with SD card!!! Would love a carrying case that could neatly store the basics: Batteries, Charger, Cord, SD Cards, and Camera in Scratch Proof Storage.

    The battery door is really difficult to open without some kind of tool. Ended up breaking the battery cover but it still works. Great little camera for the price!

  4. TECHBORED! Himanshu Chatra

    – Video quality for the price.
    – Control on your phone via Wifi direct.
    – Portable remote
    – Fits standard GoPro accessories.
    – Build quality is not very durable.
    – Heats up after 15mins of use
    – The metal parts rust after exposing to water.
    – The plastic parts are brittle and crumble to pieces after exposing to some heat (leaving it in my car).
    – Software is somewhat unstable. Random restarts
    – Need to buy a case to carry all the accessories around.

  5. Mr. Dresden

    Esta cámara viene muy completa, incluye varios montajes diversos y 2 baterías.
    Considero es un producto equilibrado ya que a un precio competitivo se ofrece una calidad de grabación adecuada (4k a 25fps o 1080 a 60fps). Mi recomendación es usar la calidad de 1080 para no perder frames por segundo, como sea se ve bien así para la mayoría de propósitos.
    El tamaño de la cámara es muy conveniente al ser el mismo que otras de mayor prestigio, por lo tanto no batallarás en encontrar accesorios.

  6. Eric Lo

    So, I am going to say right off the bat, I paid $83 for an action camera, I was expecting an $83 action camera. Short handed, that’s not what I got.

    Shortly after getting this camera I immediately set to taking it through its paces. Between dash mounted footage, motorcycle helmet footage, and eventual PodCams (podcast video accompaniment), I needed to get a strong feel for how well this camera handled it. I took it around my yard on the two modes I will record video (1080p60 and 4K24). Then I strapped it to my motorcycle helmet and went for a ride. I picked up a decent amount of footage.

    Now, I am going to briefly cover the reason I took half a star from my actual rating. I used the iSmart DV app (as the product description says to use, since the original one has been depreciated) to activate the recording for the ride, because it’s mounted to my helmet, that was being worn. I expected that it would record until I brought my phone back out and stopped it from the app as well. Turns out, after my half an hour ride, it only recorded about 3 minutes of it, because at some point it decided to stop recording. This was annoying, but I can live with that, I don’t really have faith in App controls, so I will just use the included remote control to do it from now on.

    Moving on! Once I took the footage from the various modes off the camera and transferred them to my PC, I previewed it all. Mind you my expectations were pretty low, since it’s an $83 action camera, but what I watched was astonishing. The 1080p60 was the best of the two modes I used, because the framerate made it seem much more lifelike than the 24fps 4K. Either way, I definitely did not expect such video quality with this. Now that we know I like the video quality, I am going to break down the keypoints I look for in cameras, and various devices as a whole.

    Build Quality: Now, it’s not a solid block of metal that you are confident would sustain being pitched against a concrete wall, but it’s not a flimsy piece of hollow plastic either. It’s lightweight without feeling super cheap. I’d say the one thing that will most certainly become an issue later in it’s life is the battery door. It’s just difficult to get off that you lose finesse, and must utilize focused brute force. One day that motion will break the tabs. Hopefully Akaso has some sort of minor parts store one can purchase a new battery door from, for when that time does come. Quick note, the mounts, remote, and various accessories this comes with are all well built as well.

    Video Quality: Crisp, clean, and pleasurable, as long as you have sufficient light. There aren’t many cameras like this that do all that well in super low light, but this wasn’t awful. However, note that your frame rate will drop a bit if you are in a noticeably darker room.

    Audio Quality: Junk. As expected. They all are. Mind you, it is there, but like every action camera I’ve ever used, the audio is not clear and far reaching, but muffled, because I am fairly certain they all drop them under the solid plastic casing, not exposed to the air. So the sound is muffled. That’s true of all action cameras of this size, if you are looking for audio quality over video, you want the Zoom Q8, it has nowhere near the video quality of this camera, but it records studio grade audio with many interchangeable mic modules you can buy.

    Battery Life: Lacking. You can get a little over an hour recording 1080p60 on one charge. There are two redeeming factors here that saved it from losing more of a star. 1) The camera comes with two batteries, doubling the life. 2) The camera still records when you have the camera plugged into a charger or external battery, so if long life matters, you have options. Plus getting more batteries isn’t crazy expensive anyway.

    User Interface and Controls: Simple, easy to understand, and feature rich. The included remote is pretty killer too. It does have the “wifi” option, and for basic operation that is cool, but my experience with it, as stated above, was not great. 5 different video modes (720p120, 1080p30, 1080p60, 2.7k30, 4K24), and 2 still image modes (single and burst), as well as a time lapse option, it’s hard to ask for more really.
    Additional features: MicroSD card slot, up to 64GB, use class 10 or higher. A 64gb calss 10 card gets you over 6 hours of 1080p60 footage without switching cards.

    Included accessories: Well, the fact that it comes with ANY gives it an edge, but it comes with a solid starting base of accessories for mounting, charging and controlling. Way more than the big brand GoPro.

    Now that I’ve said that magic word (GoPro) let me end on this:

    I’ve rented a GoPro Hero5 to use on a road trip. I pulled that footage up today and compared it to the footage taken with this Akaso, two clips nearly identical light, identical settings, and this Akaso kicks it’s butt with video quality. Hands down. So, for less than a quarter of the price, you get this camera that out classes the Hero5 and comes with well, a lot, whereas that Hero5 $400 pricetag just gets you the camera. No deal GoPro, Akaso, you’re winning. I look forward to getting the three more I need, and pumping out great video content, care of Akaso’s great camera.


    The biggest plan behind this camera was to get one per microphone for my podcasts. That’s when I quickly learned something irreversibly bad about the cameras as a series. I’ll start off with a note that everything else I said is true, of the first camera I received. However, upon receipt of two more to round off my mic came, I realized that one of the two I received was different. Sure, the model number was the same, but there’s a laundry list of things different. The “features” remain the same, but one sensor needs to be back about 6″ from the other to capture the same image. It’s as if one is zoomed in a bit further than the other. The software itself reacts just slightly different as well. For example, when it’s plugged into power the cameras all turn on automatically, however when you long press the power, the different one doesn’t shut back off, but instead goes into something of a sleep mode.

    But in the end, I returned all of these cameras today because of the primary flaws:

    They record at a mere fraction of a fraction variance of speed, add in that occasionally when the file switches to a new, it loses a frame or more. This leads right up to the complete inability to sync recordings together into one cohesive project. I can’t record the same event, in 3 different angles, and make a single video out of it without losing sync with all of them by the end.

    So, if you are planning to use more than one of these, prepare to run into a lot of issues. Consistency in equipment is a must for production equipment. Unfortunately these just don’t have it. So, if app you need is one single high quality action camera, go ahead and grab this. Me? I’ll be getting a round of Zoom Q2Ns, because they make consistent equipment for professionals.

  7. Eric Lo

    This review of Akaso EK7000 will be based on Pros and Cons.
    1. Manual
    2. 20 types of Accessories
    3. Action Camera
    1. Great Build quality.
    2. Compact in size.
    3. Includes 2 1050mAh battery that gives a great battery backup.
    4. Can record videos up to 4K at 25fps.
    5. It can also record slow 720p motion videos at 120fps.
    6. The best thing about it is that it is capable of recording 1080p videos qt 60fps that most of the cameras at this price point cannot do.
    7. One of the best thing about this camera is that it comes with the waterproof case and bunch of accessories that are more than enough and you don’t have to buy extra accessories.
    8. It supports microSD carf up to 32 gigs and it is more than enough.
    9. It can also be used while charging.
    The only thing that I did not liked about this is the display. If it is directly in front of you than it is good and also good visibility under sunlight and if it is you look at it in different angles than it is not at all good.

  8. TECHBORED! Himanshu Chatra

    Me parece que en relación calidad precio está muy bien la camara. Llegó antes de lo esperado. Una vez que se aprende como funcionan los botones y menús, es muy fácil manejarla. Por el precio, tiene un buen desempeño a plena luz del día.

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