Christmas Lighted Snow Globe Lantern, Battery Operated Santa Snow Globes with Timer & Swirling Snow Effect | Glittering Spinning Candles for Holiday Home Decor, Festival Gift,…

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  • 🎄Candle-Shape Snow Globe must be a great addition to your Christmas decor, when turned on, this pretty candle lantern flickers a warm yellow light and brings a festive ambiance to any room. No mess needs to clean, no danger of fire, safe for kids and pets
  • 🎄Lifelike Built-in Scene: The central landscape of this glitter snow globe is composed of a Santa carrying a tree standing in the snow, and an elk on the side. When electric snow globe turns on, each snowflake sparkles with a kaleidoscope of iridescent colors, which makes you smile and warms your heart
  • 🎄Decorative glitter snowglobe has well-depicted Santa Claus figurines, placed in home kitchens, fireplaces, windows, dining tables, centerpieces, and bedrooms during holidays and seasons to add your house more festive atmosphere
  • 🎄🎁Perfect Christmas Gift: The candle snowglobe lantern is heavy-duty and durable in sturdy construction, the whole product has an antique feel. Give it to kids, parents, colleagues, friends, and lovers, and every recipient will be overjoyed with it
  • 🎄⏰Energy-Saving Timer: Choose the timer mode and the lighted snow globe will turn on for 6 hours then turn off for 18 hours automatically, and cycle every day. Timer mode allows Christmas glitter lanterns to light up during the night and save power during the day
  • 🎄 Battery Operated snow globe is powered by 3 AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED). Equipped with a 3-way switch, ON-OFF-Timer.
  • 🎄Details of How Timer Works: if you turn the Christmas lantern on at 17:00, it will turn off at 23:00, then turn on again at 17:00 the next day

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Product Dimensions

10.6 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches

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2.05 pounds



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Item model number

Santa Flameless Candle

Date First Available

August 23, 2023

8 reviews for Christmas Lighted Snow Globe Lantern, Battery Operated Santa Snow Globes with Timer & Swirling Snow Effect | Glittering Spinning Candles for Holiday Home Decor, Festival Gift,…

  1. A. Powell

    This glitter globe candle is magical. The shape resembles a candle, with Father Christmas, a small tree, and a reindeer standing in the swirling snow. When activated, the faux snow and glitter flakes swirl and throw light. Beautiful!

    The base is plastic that is made to look like bronze. The center portion is clear acrylic and the top looks like a melted candle with a flickering flame. This unit runs on 3 AA batteries and has a timer function so that you can turn it on and it will stay on for 6 hours, then turn off for 18 hours and come back on again. This is a great feature as it allows the user to place it on a mantel or other out of reach place where it is protected from pets and kids without having to take it down to turn it on and off daily.

    This glitter scene would be a great addition to compliment any holiday decor such as a table sccape, book shelf arrangement or mantel display. It is well made and comes in a box with foam inserts to protect it for seasonal storage. Recommended.

  2. VJ

    I was not sure what my Christmas Lighted Globe Lantern would look like when I ordered it; but, when it arrived I as well as everyone in my house at the time (and their ages ranged from 9 to 80) thought it was very beautiful.
    The circular base is very sturdy in that it is made of what appears to be some type of wood and is approximately 4 to 4.5 inches tall. On the bottom of the circular wooden base/stand you will find the area where the 3 AA batteries are inserted as well as the switch labeled “On-Off-Timer”
    The Globe itself is in the shape of a Lantern or a Candle and is some type of glass material. When you insert the 3 AA batteries in the bottom area of the stand and turn it on, the pointed object on the very top of what appears to be snow with turn on, light up and the flakes representing snow begin to move. And, I could just imagine that the lighted pointed top of the Globe was either the “flame from a lantern” or a “wick of a burning candle.”
    The Globe is filled with “some type of liquid,” “tiny round pieces of silver which reflect the lights,” “a reindeer,” and “Santa Clause carrying a Christmas tree.”
    The Globe itself is topped and sealed with something that to me is constructed so that it both seals the liquid in the glass globe and yet also represents something that is actually snow covered.
    When you turn the Christmas Lighted Snow Globe Lantern on and the lights come on, the little silver flakes begin to swirl in a continuous circle movement around the reindeer and Santa Clause.
    My immediate reaction was that of a quiet peace and I just sat there and looked at it and smile. It made me think of all the Christmas Holidays I’ve celebrated during the long span of my life time.
    I turned the Globe on in its “on mode” and everything worked perfectly. When I switched it to “timer mode,” I did leave it on for a while but then I switched it off because by that time I had already decided I loved this so much I didn’t even care if the timer mode did or did not work. There was no way I was letting it go. When it was running, the many memories it brought back to me made me feel so happy just looking at it.
    This is really such a beautiful, beautiful item and I wish I could rate it higher than 5; and if I could, I would absolutely do so. I Love It.

  3. Jacey

    I was worried that it may be cheaper looking in person; however, it’s the opposite. It is very well made – the wooden base is very sturdy – you won’t have to worry about it tipping over. The base has an antique look to it. The top is snow covered with a candle tip in addition to the inside Santa and Reindeer – it’s all very beautiful, especially when turned on and the snowflakes spin and sparkle. You will need to have 3 AA batteries that go in the bottom of the base. It has a 3-way switch – ON/OFF/TIMER – 6 hours on/18 hours off. I have a few different places I plan to put it so I can watch it when it’s turned on. Snow globes always bring a smile to my face. I could watch them for hours – I find them soothing.

  4. D. Ashley Cohen, Ph.D.

    I love these things—I now have two of Halloween themes, and two for Christmas. I agree with all the good things said about them and have written much the same in my own past reviews. BUT, I’m growing very dissatisfied with the unusually short working life of the three AA batteries used to power them—which for me is approximately days. That’s 90-100 batteries for daily use throughout a season, which I find absurd. I have two projector “candles” that also have motors to create a swirling array of stars projected on the ceiling. They have a similar short battery life, but at least they come with a corded connection as an option.

    So why do I still give them 4 stars despite this serious problem? Simply because they are so darn cute, even when not operating. It’s a shame they are not configured with a means to power them that would allow for more extended use.

  5. Nancy A13

    This candle is lovely to watch because it has that magical swirling snow that makes us love snowglobes so much. It has no music but is a large size with nicely painted characters. The faux flame pulses as real flames do.

  6. Jessica Broomhead

    This exceeded my expectations. I love it and so does my family. We are so excited to decorate for Christmas and put it out

  7. C Michael Cody

    This is really a beautiful candle snow globe. It will be replacing my usual wax candle this year in my centerpiece. It runs on batteries, so there is no cord to mess with. The power button turns on the light and also the water pump, which causes a continuous, glittery snowfall that is further showcased by the light provided. It also has a timer function. It is festive and beautiful and a welcome piece to our holiday decor.

  8. Cindi

    This is a beautiful snow globe, and will be a great addition to anybody’s holiday decor. It’s battery operated – batteries are NOT included – and it has a timer so you can set it to come on and off at certain times. This is good because it saves battery. Unlike some other similar snow globes, this one does not play music, but that’s okay. The colors are bright and beautiful, and I can’t wait to put this on my fireplace mantel during the holidays.

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