Clairol Professional Beautiful Advanced Gray Solutions, Semi-Permanent Hair Color for Gray Coverage

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Clairol Professional Beautiful Advanced Gray Solutions, Semi-Permanent Hair Color for Gray Coverage

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13 reviews for Clairol Professional Beautiful Advanced Gray Solutions, Semi-Permanent Hair Color for Gray Coverage

  1. Takiah

    I bought this because I was about 5 months in to growing out my grey hair. I was going on a once in a lifetime trip to Norway, and didn’t want to have drastic demarcation lines where I was growing my hair out, but I didn’t want to give up the 5 months I’ve spent growing it out, and resort to permanent hair color. I chose this option because it is supposed to completely wash out after awhile. It’s been over 3 months since I used it and it’s still not washed out. I’m not sure if it ever will! It worked great for my trip, but hasn’t washed out like I hoped. Most people probably want it to last forever, which is why I haven’t docked it any stars, but keep it in mind if you don’t want it in your hair long term.

  2. Nancy

    I liked how easy this product was to use. It covered gray hair good. Doesn’t seem to last that long between coloring, but since there is no mixing it is easy to just re-apply and do touch ups.

  3. sushi

    a bit drab but does cover grey for 2 or 3 washes. it’s getting an extra star for the grey thing haha. wouldn’t buy again unless the price dropped.

  4. Maria

    I recently decided to grow out my natural hair color, but at about 6 weeks of growth from a shaved head (left pic), it became apparent that I had a giant patch of gray hair in the front (front left in the pic). I wanted a color as close to my natural as I could find, and with such short hair it’s pretty much impossible to dye just the grays without touching the rest. I used this dye in 6N Toasted Hazelnut over my entire head of virgin light ash brown hair, and I think the results in the right pic speak for themselves. My hair is definitely more reddish now, but I think that’s to be expected when you put a neutral tone over an ash tone. The pic on the right is 2 weeks (4 washes) after coloring it.

    I washed my hair (did not condition), used a Turbie Twist to soak up the excess moisture, and then applied the dye to my damp hair. I let it process for 30 minutes under a shower cap held close to my head by a Turbie Twist before rinsing it out, and then used shampoo and conditioner as normal (I use Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner).

    Here are a couple tips I’ve found from using this color:
    1. Apply conditioner around your hairline before coloring or the dye will stain your skin (this particular color made my skin look red like I was having an allergic reaction). I’ve tried vaseline instead of conditioner in the past with purple Arctic Fox hair dye, but then my hair felt super greasy until after a few washes.
    2. While it’s totally safe to leave a semipermanent dye like this in your hair for hours (or even overnight) if you want because it doesn’t use developer, I found that this color ended up significantly darker if I left it in for hours compared to just 30 minutes.

  5. Sandy

    I wanted a semi-permanent dye to clean-up the sun bleaching that my hair had accumulated over the summer, opting for semi-permanent as I hoped it wouldn’t be as damaging as permanent had been in previous years.

    This stuff is unlike any other semi-permanents I’ve used in the past — it smells like regular dye (terrible), and dries your hair out just as bad (maybe worse). I had to check the bottle thrice after dying as I couldn’t believe this was ‘semi permanent’, I even used also used a fairly strong dandruff shampoo to test how bad the colour would run and it actually runs a bit less regular dye.

    I have a feeling this colour will last just as long as a permanent dye, the colour is nice and natural — not as intense as a permanent dye — but nothing like what you would expect from something labeled semi-permanent.

    Pros: Nice natural colour, seems like it will last long
    Cons: Fries your hair just like permanent dye

  6. Takiah

    I just reordered again as the product is so long lasting, 4 months for me. It’s great to not have to mix developer, etc. The color is pretty and is not brassy. I have totally silver hair that is very resistant to coloring, but I get a nice lighter shade of the bottle that has natural highlights or lowlights, whatever you want to call them. The problem is that 2 out of 3 have arrived leaked, leaving not enough in the bottle. I was able to get a refund for it, but it’s really inconvenient when I need to color for an upcoming event. I ordered 2 weeks in advance the last time and it was leaked. The last two orders had “non leak” seals, but the last one had leaked anyway through the seal. They need to pad it more or box it. It’s manufactured in Mexico, but it’s probably from a warehouse distributor in the US. They just need to box it. Hope they get enough complaints and returns that they’ll take it seriously. I’m an online shopper, and I like Clairol products, been relying on them for decades, along with a few others, my gray is so resistant, and this particular product does it very well for me, so I’ll keep buying it even though I’m taking a chance every time on getting a usable bottle

  7. AmazoCustome

    I bought this for my daughter who is trying to grow out her hair to a natural color. She’s starting to get a few gray hairs so we decided to try this on her roots. It worked great! I know we’ll have to apply it again in another month or so but that’s not a concern since it is so gentle.

  8. Stephanie

    This product was a “lifesaver” to me, in the sense that it covered all of my grey hair without the fuss of complicated stuff.

    I’m 40 y/o and I’d think I’ve like 25% grey hair. My hair wasn’t colored when I applied it. My hair length is just below my neck over my shoulders. I thought that one container wasn’t going to be sufficient for my hair length, but to my surprise, I had to use only 75% of one container.

    The product made my hair soft, and the grey hairs that were colored looked exactly dark brown (the one I purchased), and when I’m under a light, they look like highlights.

    Use a brown or dark colored towel, please, after washing your hair. Otherwise, it will damage your light-colored towel. I would not go into a swimming pool if you’ve this applied to your hair.

  9. Ari

    J’ai un cheveux colorés brun moyen. J’ai fait deux essais avec ce produit sur quelques mèches de cheveux. J’ai laissé le produit 30 min la 1re fois et 45 min la 2e fois. Un très léger reflet comme résultat. Les cheveux gris ont été couvert à 50% aux endroits en question. Par contre les mèches étaient douces et moins rebelles. Il faut bien rincer et essorer pour retirer le maximum de solution des cheveux. J’ai appliqué ce produit hier donc il n’y a pas eu de shampoing à ce jour. J’ai commandé la teinte plus pâle pour un autre essai. Mon objectif est d’avoir des reflets plus clairs à quelques endroits sur mes cheveux.

  10. 80220r

    95 percent of my gray hair is gone I had about 10-15 strands in the front, and now I think I only saw one in my widows peak. I left it in for an hour because my head was red prior to this.

  11. Kiara Parrish

    Please read the instructions, this semi permanent dye is meant to be applied to wet hair. You shampoo first, towel dry and then apply this product. I opted to cover my entire head and then covered it in tin foil. Let the product sit on my head for about 20-25 minutes. It does take a long time for the water to run clear when you rinse it off, do not shampoo again! I then applied a deep conditioner since my hair felt quite dry from this.

    It will not cover 100% of your white hairs, but it will make them less prominent and less silver looking so that they don’t stand out as much.

    My only complaint is that it took about ten minutes of me rinsing my hair for the water to finally turn clear.

  12. Kiara Parrish

    I’m very allergic/sensitive to harsh chemicals and thought I’d try this as it doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide. The patch test went well, so I went ahead, and am very pleased with the result. It was very easy to use, the dye is thick and doesn’t drip at all. The little bit that got on my skin was easily washed off. Despite the thickness of the dye, it was easy to rinse off after the required 25 minutes. The dye takes a while to fade (it’s been 5 shampoos since and hardly any fading). However, as my hair grows fast, the white roots appear after 2 weeks. I reapply the dye to just the roots, not a problem. Overall, I’m very happy to have found this product and I hope it never goes out of production.

  13. Maria

    I have been using this gray cover-up for years. It doesn’t last as long as it says, but it definitely does the job of covering up my grays for a few weeks. Regardless, if I wash my hair more or less the color last the same around 4-6 weeks. Love that it doesn’t change the texture of my 4C hair, and leaves my hair soft and undamaged. I always use the same colors, the darkest black available or darkest/brown black. Took a star off since color fades quicker than I would like. If I could find something just as good, and not harsh on my hair, but last longer I would change. Until then I’m going to continue using his brand. This is a brand that’s hard to find in stores, so for the price and quick shipping will continue using and purchasing through Amazon.

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