Cuddeback Genius Pan Tilt Lock Mount includes Universal Adapter and Mounting Screws

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  • Mounts most brands of trail cameras to a tree or post easily by using screws or a strap (screws included, strap not included)
  • Allows the trail camera to be mounted higher up, and aimed as required. Left or right and up or down adjustments are quick and easy.
  • Cameras slide on and off and can be padlocked (padlock not included)
  • With the Pan Tilt mount you slide the camera off of the mount, check the camera, then slide it back on while retaining the original aim
  • All metal rugged construction

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‎9.61 x 7.32 x 1.61 inches

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‎0.35 Kilograms

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‎8 x 10 x 2 inches

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‎0.77 Pounds

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‎Manufacturer warranty

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‎Hunting, Airsoft and Paintball;Hunting Electronics;hunting-game-cameras


‎Compatible with: All trail camera brands

13 reviews for Cuddeback Genius Pan Tilt Lock Mount includes Universal Adapter and Mounting Screws

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  2. 63deuce-n-a-quarter

    Mine came with locking clips. A torx #20
    Bit is required to set up. Take 2 as you will drop the first one when it sticks in the head of one of the adjustment screws and falls to the ground into the weeds. Take extra torx screws to screw to the tree just in case you drop those too. Cuddly cameras are heavy so you really have to tighten down the adjustment screws when aiming. When it is tight and you go to move the camera to fine tune the angle, the bolts loosen enough that your camera will move and you must tighten again. Very frustrating when you are trying to hang your camera high enough on a ladder so the thieves can’t get to them. Buy a 4-5 inch long #20 torx bit so it is all one piece. That will help prevent you losing a small bit when you are out in the woods will little options. I would like to substitute the torx screws with small knobs I can tighten by hand so I don’t have to screw with the torx bits. Perhaps after this season is over. Also, the torx screws that go into the tree are really sloppy and your bit will want to spin inside it once it gets a little to much resistance. Supply your own deeper recessed torx screws so you get a better fit. The China man doesn’t care if the screws they supplied are only good for screwing into trees made of bubble gum.

  3. Ross1

    this is a good mount for the cuddeback cameras, but you have to do a few things first. First the hole on the bottom of the mount for attaching it too a tree is just a little small for a long tool with a 1/4 inch adapter. second the screws are t-25 torque screws so find one in the tool kit and keep it and the long tool in your backpack when setting up your cameras. hope this helps .

  4. Dan O.

    I was wondering why this mount was significantly cheaper than other genius mounts we have. The part you screw to the tree is plastic. Not an issue after a year in the woods, just be gentle sending the mounting screws in!

  5. P. Souza

    I have these on all my cameras and solar panels.
    Very adjustable and easy to install.
    Also allows the use of a cable lock.

  6. Thomas G Selby

    Have used previous version of this – great concept – works fine. Two things: metal spring release rust out less than two years. New version (this one) seems improved – better have the right fitting to tighten the left/right swing of the camera when setting up (torx/security bit – the right size) the camera if you want to tighten it down. I don’t usually carry them on my ATV but had some in my truck tool kit mile or so away. Would be nice if they included a cheap bit in the package like a lot of manufacturers do will Allen wrenches that fit. Pain in the butt if you’re in the woods and figuring a couple screwdrivers and a wrench will set it up….

  7. Luis Alberto Soto Garcia

    This a very nice setup and is a must have.

  8. M. Nauman

    After trying several brands we settled on these. Easy to modify for other game Cams, easy to set up and adjust, and they stay put. They were also the most rugged… had to be… we were going after the worst animal of them all… Human thieves. You can mount with screws or belt straps. We normally add a security cable from the camera to the tree for added security.

  9. Ross1

    The concept is good but the material could be a little heavier and made of a material that doesn’t RUST. In my opinion the Genius mount is a little flimsy so if it is walked or sat on by a squirrel or raccoon it could change the camera’s direction for taking pictures and video. I used one of these Cuddeback Genius mounts in my backyard and after about 10 days it started to rust. The original mounts that come with the Cuddeback cameras do not rust. Additionally, you cannot use a regular or phillips screwdriver to make the adjustments on the Genius mount because the adjustment screws are designed for a T25 Torx and nothing else so be prepared if you buy one of these mounts. Also, the Genius mounts are designed in the USA but made in China. I have four Cuddeback cameras and two Genius mounts and probably will not purchase another Genius mounts until the rust problem is fixed. I ended up buying a set of Amartisan Torx screwdrivers from Amazon and I’m glad that I did because Amartisan makes high quality tools.

  10. crossbow

    This tilt mount allowed me to really drill down on the angle and area of a wallow I was monitoring.

  11. John Walsh

    it’s a good thing for installing the wildcams, probably the secondbest i know till now. Delivery and everything very good, absolutely no problems. (I like more the one from secacam).

  12. Conrad G

    I’ve purchased two of these. The first one was fine and worked beautifully. Definitely a good product. Unfortunately, the second one arrived defective and so I had to send it back. When I reordered a replacement the price had almost doubled. Still, I’m very pleased with the product overall.

  13. Rafael F.

    Es un buen producto pero hay que considerar que se necesita una llave tipo TORX para apretar los tornillos. Con el peso de la carcasa + la cámara, se tiene que apretar bastante fuerte para que quede firme.

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