CURLSMITH – Shine Cream, Leave-In Conditioner, Moisturising, Sensitive, Fragrance Free for All Curl and Hair Types, Vegan (8 fl oz)

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  • FRAGRANCE FREE – With a lightweight silky texture that makes it suitable for even the finest hair and those with sensitive scalps. For all curl and hair types and any thickness or porosity.
  • HOW THE MAGIC HAPPENS – Designed to absorb into the hair without leaving residues, making it the perfect base for your styling products. Enriched with moisturising ingredients including Castor Oil, Babassu and Jojoba.
  • WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT – Inspired by generations of homemade hair remedies, Curlsmith blends fresh curl-loving foods with kitchen cupboard staples and rare natural ingredients to make premium products that really work. Healthy ingredients, professional results, no compromise.
  • NO NASTIES – All our products have zero spoons of Sulphates, Silicones, Mineral Oils and Phtalates. Plus they’re Curly Girl Friendly, they’re 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.
  • REAL RESULTS – We believe the proof is in the pudding, and it looks like our customers believe that too: ‘It made my hair soft shiny & defined my curls so well’ ‘The texture of this cream is just like the Air Dry Cream!’ ‘I’m so happy to get some quality fragrance free hair products from Curlsmith!’

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10 reviews for CURLSMITH – Shine Cream, Leave-In Conditioner, Moisturising, Sensitive, Fragrance Free for All Curl and Hair Types, Vegan (8 fl oz)

  1. Rene B.

    This is a great product. I use everytime I wash my hair. Has helped prevent split ends. Keeps my curl managed. Highly recommend

  2. Blix

    Very good for my hair and kid

  3. Jake Ingram

    Works good and it perfect for curly hair

  4. elizabeth dubreville

    This is supposed to be fragrance free. It has a fairly strong smell that take hours to dissipate. I have course curly hair and this wasn’t as moisturizing as I hoped it would be. Prob a decent product for finer hair and someone who’s not allergic to fragrance.

  5. TJE

    I am really skeptical about hair products, but this one is for real amazing. It smells, feels, and makes my hair look great. I highly recommend for curly hair people!

  6. stoney carter

    This is a sticky gel that coats your hair, turning it into a wig-like substance. It doesn’t add shine at all. You can brush your hair after it dries—if you want to rip your hair out. I couldn’t wait to wash it down the drain.

  7. Akita Kai’

    When my hair dried it was as if i had oil still on my hair. It was horrible. I rinsed my hair in warm water and oil went away. my hair is still soft but very wayward. SO… first I shampoo my hair then added a normal conditioner. Rinsed it off and added a 2 pence size piece of curlsmith. I will try it next time put
    ting a smaller amount on without a normal conditioner and see what happens. I like the softness. I will update about the results next time. But 3 stars at the moment.

  8. C.J.S.

    Doesn’t weigh your hair down and feels great!

  9. Quinn Sajeski

    I needed a replacement for Neutrogena Triple Moisture Conditioner that I’ve been using for decades, which has been discontinued (why Neutrogena, WHY?!?). I’ve sampled dozens of different different leave-in conditioners at this point and most are completely ineffective, stink of various unwanted perfumes and/or coconut (yuck!), or harden your hair into a matty mess. I have to admit that I was so desperate at one point that I paid $50 for a bottle of Neutrogena from some price gougers. (They are even more expensive now!) This one is not cheap (more expensive than Neutrogena was before price gouging set in), but it works very well at making my hair soft and tangle-free. It is a bit thicker than Neutrogena was, and I need to use less of it, so it might end up close to the same price… It also is essentially scentless (even better than Neutrogena was!), which I really really enjoy! (Soooo tired of that gag-inducing coconut and bad perfumy crap!) I’ve been using this Cursmith leave-in conditioner for a couple months now and it is by far the best I’ve been able to find. Very happy I finally found this leave-in conditioner! Definitely worth the money.

  10. Quinn Sajeski

    I like this product a lot, but the most recent time I ordered it , the bottle showed up covered in dirt and stains

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