JoyTutus Rear View Mirror, Universal 11.81 Inch Panoramic Convex Interior Clip-on Wide Angle Mirror to Reduce Blind Spot Effectively for Car SUV Trucks -Clear

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  • 【WIDER VIEW, MORE SAFE】This convex rearview mirror provides you wider-angle view and perfect vision. 1.eliminating blind spots effectively for safe driving and Makes you reversing safer. 2.Let you know the condition of the child in the back seat more clearly so that you can drive more at ease . 3. Allows you to see the vehicles behind you more clearly, and reversing is safer.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】Interior rearview mirror is made of high quality and high definition glass providing you perfect visibility and clear & real images, No more overlapped or distorted images anymore.
  • 【ANTI-FALL】We use a packaging carton to protect the mirror. Foam paper can prevent scratches on the surface of the mirror. There is a shelf inside the packaging box to fix the mirror. Even if it falls from a height of 2 meters, the mirror is still intact.
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL】You only need the 8s to complete the installation, just buckle the adjustable clip on the back of the mirror to the bottom of the original mirror and adjust the angle, note does not press too hard on the mirror.
  • 【UNIVERSAL】The size of the rearview mirror is 11.81 x3.1 inch, longer than most of the rearview mirror, which means can offer you a wider field of view than others, and car clip-on design fits universal vehicles, like a car, SUV, CRV, Vans, and Truck.

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‎Clear 1 PCS

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‎Roof Mount

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‎1 PCS





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‎9.9 ounces

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‎13.35 x 3.98 x 1.89 inches

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12 reviews for JoyTutus Rear View Mirror, Universal 11.81 Inch Panoramic Convex Interior Clip-on Wide Angle Mirror to Reduce Blind Spot Effectively for Car SUV Trucks -Clear

  1. E. J. Gnandt

    I was trying to decide on whether it would be worth it to install a backup camera when I stumbled upon this inexpensive solution and decided to try it out. The panoramic view makes a big difference while backing up and while driving. I can see the passenger side of the car very clearly. The driver’s side is partially blocked due to the rear pillar of my car and my own head being a little in the way. Still, well worth the price. The only downside is that, depending on the car, the window visors may not be able to flip up & down without hitting the wide mirror. You may have to move tilt the mirror one side as you rotate the visor down and then reposition the mirror and then reverse the process to put the visor back up. A small hassle, but I still really like the product and would buy it again.

  2. Jissel

    So in love! i can see literally everything and it’s so aesthetically pleasing. 10/10 recommend

  3. Imogen

    See above.

  4. Imogen

    This is what I really needed you can see every angle

  5. Amanda

    Man , what can I say you literally see both sides of the highway , street etc … it’s huge but practical and better then the standard mirror. I can see my whole back seat as well .. oh it is easy to install just take your time , less then 5 mins

  6. Jason

    I have a full size pick up truck. The original rear view mirror covered exactly the rear window and not an inch more, so rear visibility was a bit limited and I was checking side mirrors constantly. This mirror gives me a wider view and I am more comfortable and confident about what is or isn’t behind me. Well worth it.

    Two things to mention. First, this mirror seems to have to longest height (3.14 inches) among similar products on Amazon, but it still doesn’t completely cover the mirror in my truck. It does not cover the bottom edge of the original frame. It does, however, cover the mirror part completely, so I am fine with it.

    Second, I usually don’t like having glare from cars behind me at night, so I considered buying the blue version. I am glad I didn’t. My truck has tinted rear windows and the blue one might have made it too dark at night.

  7. DIY Country Girl

    I had one of these yrs ago in my old camaro. I must have let it go with the car when I sold it, and i kept meaning to replace it for my truck, then while looking at dash cams ran across this, and i grabbed it. with the discount it was the best under $20 purchase I’ve ever made. I live in Truck country and each truck seems to have brighter lights then the next., Even with my truck running 38’s, black tinted windows, I still got glare from trucks as high as mine. Not anymore after installing this mirror. NO MORE GLARE!!!! Just buy it, you won’t regret it.

  8. xofjohn

    This wide-view, rear view mirror is so easy to attach over your current mirror–there are two plastic hooks which fit over the top of your current mirror, and two spring-adjustable hooks which fit over the bottom of the mirror and provide a secure fit.
    The view this mirror provides is quite wide, both vertical and horizontal. You can easily see the entire back seat so you will be able to see your kids feet as well as their faces. The width of the view easily replaces a fish-eye mirror for one (and possibly both) sides of the car. I installed it in a hatchback and I find I can only adjust it to see as far forward on one side as I’d like to be able to see on both sides. I’ve set it so it provides more of a view on the left side (both because I find it more difficult to look over my left shoulder, and because I’m more concerned about someone coming from behind on the left). I think it could provide a more panoramic view if it were more convex, but it works well and was a good value.

  9. Hemen

    I fit to caddy i the look side windows

  10. Susie Loxton-Bell

    Slight tint to it but that is clearly for night driving as the lever on your standard mirror no longer does anything.

  11. Daniel Ogbonna

    ✅ Clear visibility
    ✅ Easy set up
    ✅ Convenient price
    ✅ Wide /panoramic view of blindspots & traffic in the rear…

    This product checked all the boxes!

    Would recommend to others, but I would also air this caution: you will see a lot more than you’re used to, don’t let that distract you.

    Loaned my car to a friend who wasn’t used to the wide view. They kept looking back at traffic and almost got into a car accident because they were focusing on the cars that were much further behind them.

    I recommend doing a test drive with the new mirror in a parking lot to acclimate. Hope this helps!

  12. Amanda

    The mirror is actually pretty big probably bigger than it should be. Sure you can see the passenger windows in the back so it’s convenient in that aspect. However you can’t see on the drivers side because your head. So you basically see the whole back side where the passengers are and the right side of the street. Thing are also definitely closer on the mirror than they actually are. Probably recommend this for a bigger car like suv or truck

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