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13 reviews for Matrix Brass Off Blue Shampoo | Refreshes & Neutralizes Brassy Tones | Color Depositing Shampoo | For Brassy Hair | For Color Treated Hair | Salon Shampoo | Packaging May Vary

  1. Victoria Perez

    I couldn’t wait to write this review!!! I did my own hair at home for the very first time and needless to say…IT CAME OUT AS A COMPLETE DISASTER!!!! I had to wear my hair in a ponytail to work for a week because I was so embarrassed!!! I picked a nice color but I screwed it up!! I was so sad and depressed. Hopeless to honest. On a budget so couldn’t exactly go spend the money to fix it. I started searching online for help!!! I came across this product, read the reviews and said to myself well what the hell, it can’t any worse…but of the possibility of that was there. But it looked awful, and I was desperate. Followed all instructions and did it!!! My hair was an awful brassy red..I looked like Chewbacca!!! When I was done…..WOW! WOW! WOW!!! FRICKEN AWESOME!!!! The color was toned down alot and looked like what I wanted to begin with!!! The softness, the manageability, the shine, no frizzz!!!!! All in one!!!! I will use this product forever!!! So if you need help with a bade hair dye job or if you want to just highlight your own natural color and want amazingly soft, shiny, smooth and beautiful hair…..BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!

  2. Vanessa Galvez

    I’ve been bleaching my (originally dark brown) mop for many years now. The only time I have achieved an apparently visually uniform effect is when I have bleached short, virgin hair all over. The longer it gets, the more variable the results appear.
    Each hair isn’t ‘yellow’ or ‘orange’, it lies on a colour spectrum with infinite tiny divisions, between white through yellow to orange. Even after toning it to achieve a white/silver, there are still parts that cling to this spectrum. Probably not in the same position as before toning, but still visibly not white or silver.
    There are horizontal sections of each individual hair which are on a different part of this spectrum to others parts of the same hair. And may or may not be on the same part of that spectrum as the hair next to it.
    It is the same story for porosity, variations in which will determine how quickly or thoroughly each tiny bit of each hair soaks up a given pigment.
    The number of possible variables is already mind-boggling. There are more, but if I try to enumerate them here my head will explode! Don’t even get me started on the variations in natural grey/silver/white regrowth now that I am getting old. I am also leaving ‘beige’ and ‘pink’ out of this discourse altogether for sanity’s sake. And to top it all off my hair has the audacity to appear a different colour when wet than when dry.
    It is also the same story for blue/purple shampoos. They aren’t really ‘blue’ or ‘purple’, they are on a spectrum with infinite tiny divisions between the two (purple itself contains some blue!).
    This one perches on the blue-purple spectrum in a position which to my eyes tends a little more towards the purple end. But bluer than some. You want the blue to cancel out the orange and the purple to kill the yellow, so I guess they have settled on a compromise position to hopefully deal with a wider chunk of the spectrum.
    These infinite variations will explain why the same shampoo will get both five-star and one-star reviews from different people. It always seems to be the same. The only way you will know for sure if this particular one works for you personally is through the primary experimental method known as ‘suck it and see’.
    Given these variations in colour and porosity I decided that prewashing with a purifying shampoo, leaving to semi-dry, and then using this compromise between blue and purple pigmented shampoo, painted onto the more orange/darker yellow sections of hair, left on for an hour, then lathered through the rest of the head and left for a further 5 minutes, might iron out some of the infinite divisions in colour and produce a more uniform silver-white.
    With every repetition of this process, a small gain occurs. There are inevitably parts that soak up the pigment more than they should and appear a little blue or a little purple for a week or so. But for me, the mile-high view is … improved. Not perfect, but definitely a little better each week. If you can relate to the above, then maybe trying the same will work for you!

  3. Laura Mason

    It was smaller then expected but it works great

  4. Eleanor Cortez

    My stylist said purple is to counteract yellow undertones and blue is for orange. This is blue and after using it a few times my balayage look just like it did the day I had it done 6 months ago. It’s truly extended the time between visits which saves me a ton of money. My highlights went from dull to bright and I’m even getting compliments on how great my color is. The price value is jaw dropping considering I’ve tried all the expensive options and this is the only one that actually works. The color is so saturated, sometimes I will mix it with my regular shampoo once I get it to the tone I like. This isn’t a gimmick like spray hair lightener, It actually works.

  5. Holly

    This is the first time I’ve ever written a review for anything in my life, but this deserves it. Lengthy review but I’m excited, ha!

    I’m a naturally dark brunette who has gone blonde or had blonde highlights/bayalage on and off for years. Like most, I struggle with orange/brassiness. I’ve been doing the ombré-to-bayalage for awhile and this week decided to bring the lightness up higher. I knew I’d be facing the orange/brassiness during the initial phase(s) but forgot what a bummer it can be.

    I don’t know how I’ve never heard of or noticed blue shampoo before, and quite frankly I wonder why all stylists have only suggested purple shampoo?! Definite disservice! I’ve used several professional purple brands diligently, and while I always use 1-2x/week I never felt like it was even doing anything. I’m sure it was but just not what I hoped – as in if I stopped using I’m sure I’d notice that too. I’ve never been able to *truly* achieve the holy grail type of cool-toned blonde I’ve wanted. I was just resigned to it being good enough given how naturally dark my hair is. An “it is what it is” kind of thing.

    Enter this baby. I don’t have time to go back to my stylist before I head out of town this weekend so I took to the Internet. I should note that I first went with Fanola No Orange. It did absolutely nothing for me at all. I was so disappointed and thought this “blue shampoo thing” was just going to be something else that turned out to be a big ol’ bust. But this product was another that got raves and was on all the Best Blues lists I read, so I decided to give it one more go and ordered it. Needless to say I’m more than glad I took that leap.

    It’s my understanding this product is aimed at natural brunettes who lighten their hair. Lightening brings out the orange/brass for us; hence, we need blue – opposite of orange/brass on the color wheel – to work at those dreaded tones. Purple works to pull out yellows. I’m sure I’ll still need that too so I will continue to use that maybe once a week or even every other while mainly sticking with this product 1-2x/week in my maintenance regimen.

    I’ve read reviews where people complain it’s purple in color and not truly blue. This is true; however, it’s waaaaay more pigmented than any purple shampoo I’ve ever used. USE GLOVES. I was like meh, whatever, the first time I used this and yeah they were right so don’t do what I did…it WILL come off but you’ll literally be scrubbing at your hands/nails/cuticles for 2-3 days at least. I *never* ran into this before with purple shampoos ever. It doesn’t stain your scalp (or anywhere else on your body), your tub, your counter or other fixtures like some – and believe me the first time I used it looked like I squirted it all over my bathroom counter, sink, and mirror – but clean it up right away anyway.

    I used it conservatively the first time, concentrating most on upper part where we just brought the lightening up. It didn’t do anything to those affected problematic pieces the first time, but Oh. My. God. to everywhere else after just one conservative use. After all this time of “blonde-ing” I FINALLY started to see that desired shade of cool-toned blonde without all the warmth! Yellow, copper, orange, brass, whatever hints that were usually there to some degree were well on their way to hitting the road. I was literally shocked. I’m almost never blown away by any product. I can’t stress that enough!

    I’ve read it can be drying but I always drown my processed hair in conditioner for several minutes anytime I shower, and if anything, it was smoother and silkier. Smells really great, too! Bonus!

    After first checking with my stylist to see if I could continue to work at just my problem areas daily until I’m satisfied with the correction level – she said yes as long as I really moisturize each time – I’m noticing a big difference in those problem parts and will probably achieve desired results – without a trip to salon – in the next day or 2. Everyone’s different, so test out slowly and conservatively, but on Day 2 I’m leaving this on upwards of 30 mins (again on just on my problem areas) and then following up with an all-over wash again with it in the shower. I’m really slathering it on and I have a lot of hair so I’m using a lot of it each time. After this though I’ll use it for maintenance like usual.

    ** I read mixed things about using it on dry hair, so if you choose that route really do a small conservative test first. I like to roll the dice while being smart about it, so I’d like to add I’m half the time using this first on dry hair and half the time just in the shower like I normally would. Either way whether I start dry or wet, I do a double shampoo with it each time – the second all over wash leaving on about 5 mins only. This is also during initial correction only and not what I’m going to do when I go back to normal maintenance use per usual. **

    If you can relate to any of this JUST BUY IT. Seriously. I won’t be without this EVER again. If it turns some other blonde pieces a weird purple/gray tone it will wash out in next wash – it happened to me. It doesn’t have actual dyes in it. It’s a toning shampoo.

    Get it, *really take your time with it to figure out what works for you and your situation* – AKA be smart and patient about it and experiment with it, WEAR GLOVES, and be prepared to be blown away. I really don’t know how people can say this stuff doesn’t work. The only thing I can conclude is they needed to be patient and experiment with it a bit more.

    I am literally telling everyone about it! It’s such a game changer and I can’t believe this is the first time I’m using this. I hope this helps at least someone. 🙂

  6. Eleanor Cortez

    For those who want to tame the brassiness and color blonde often. Recommend this brand. Leaves hair moisturized and not brittle or dry.

  7. amber

    I have dark hair and dyed it balayage for the first time and this product has done wonders for my hair. It gives me more of an ashy color than a brassy orange and I notice the difference when I don’t use it. Also doesn’t cry out my hair like I’ve heard purple shampoo does. I use it once a week and leave on for 5 min before rinsing.

  8. Dawn M.

    I put caramel highlights into my dyed dark brown hair yesteray. They looked totally orange. Ordered the Brass Off Blue Shampoo and Conditioner both. Got my order this morning and immediately started. I applied the shampoo to dry hair and left it on for 30 minutes. Washed it out and put conditioner on for 5 minutes. I see a definite improvement. Pics are on damp hair. I think one more application should do the trick!

  9. Catherine Hallowes

    I tried to show in the photos, they’re not great, but this does work. I used it on dry hair as I read that works best. My hair was quite yellow / orange and it toned the roots to a nice brown and even toned the yellow. I used quite a lot, but I’m not sure I needed to, I just wanted to make sure it worked.
    Really good, and smells lovely.
    It’s quite expensive, so I wouldn’t use it regularly otherwise you’ll end up spending £10 few weeks.

  10. Jessica Wilson

    Si tratta di un tonalizzante e non di uno schiarente quindi non ci si possono aspettare miracoli. Ho schiarito i capelli da castano scuro: vorrei arrivare ad un biondo cenere come risultato finale, ma sto procedendo per gradi. Ho raggunto un castano chiaro.
    Con la schiaritura sono usciti i toni caldi del giallo grano e dell’arancione, mentre io puntavo ad un colore chiaro ma freddo. Questo prodotto aiuta a tenere a bada questi toni cald, smorzando l’arancione ed il giallo troppo acceso. Personalmente lo uso dopo lo shampoo e lo applico in quantità abbondante principalmente sulle lunghezze e sulle punte e, in minima parte, sul cuoio capelluto. Ha un colore abbastanza scuro ma tende più al viola che al blu e infatti, al risciacquo, scarica il viola. Lo lascio applicato per almeno dieci minuti e lo uso una volta a settimana, ovvero ogni due lavaggi. Lascia i capelli leggermente secchi, ma no è nulla che non si possa risolvere con una buona maschera idratante.
    Alla fine, i capelli sono ben districati, facili da pettinare e piuttosto morbidi. Credo che la durata della
    posa e la frequenza dell’applicazione siano piuttosto soggettivi: vale la pena di essere cauti e poi incrementare se non si riscontrano problemi, ma non si notano risultati.
    La chioma non cambia radicalmente colore, ma assume toni più freddi. il risultato c’è ma non consiste in un cambiamento sbalorditivo.

  11. Alyse Polanco


  12. Leah villalard

    Did most parts of my hair after a few washes with it

  13. Dawn M.

    Excellent toner if you are light enough. I just left it in for an hour and my hair looks pretty dang good. I live in a remote place without access to quality services even though they want to charge like quality services – so for 60 something dollars I went platinum blond in two bleaches and I used this to tone and realistically there is ZERO chance a local could of done this and they would have charged easy 280. My hair is also completely healthy like I just colored it. I used no ammonia lightener and this to tone and I am so happy I did this because I will never be at the mercy of another hair stylist again. Additionally salon services would have DESTROYED my hair. They always do. I am undecided if I will leave the highlight dimension in there or if I will eventually bleach that out too and have white game of thrones hair. We’ll see.

    If you are wondering what led me here…I had a stylist conn me out of services and charge me for a full foil when she did a partial. I noticed it looked darker in the salon but I just wrote it off as my being difficult… and then I came home and looked at the back of my head in the security cam to see the scoundrel had overcharged me and not done her job.

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