Mehron Makeup Crepe Hair 12-inch Braid (Black)

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Last updated on June 23, 2024 11:28 am


  • Made from woven braids of real wool
  • Tightly-woven 12-inch braid
  • Braid will straighten out to three times its packaged length
  • Use for special effects to make realistic beards, mustaches, werewolf, or any look you can dream up
  • Proudly Made in the USA since 1927

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

10 x 9 x 6 inches, 0.32 Ounces

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9 reviews for Mehron Makeup Crepe Hair 12-inch Braid (Black)

  1. Patrick Smith

    This item arrived in perfect condition, I hope to work with it soon. It is a very realistic color, no shine like on cheap wigs.

  2. Patrick Smith

    It doesn’t feel like real hair but it works for what I needed it for. It worth the money.

  3. R. A. Rodriguez

    My friend had a “dress as your spouse/significant other” themed birthday party and I needed a beard. I wasn’t finding anything so I decided to go the SFX route. With a little spirit gum, a wooden popsicle stick and determination…I went from a lady to man lol Everyone at the party thought it looked real, and for my first time using this product I’d say it turned out pretty good. It adhered pretty well with the spirit gum, but throughout the night there were a few pieces that fell off. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product. You might be able to find it at a Halloween store for a little cheaper but they usually don’t carry this or other colors you can get on Amazon.

  4. Samantha O’Brien

    A utiliser avec une colle de maquillage efficace, mais l’effet est bluffant même en étant pas une maquilleuse professionnelle.

  5. Samantha O’Brien

    This product is fantastic for simulating gray hair, whether for a goatee or beard. It arrives in an incredibly compact braid that continuously unravels. Its length seems endless! The texture is quite wavy, so if you desire a straightened appearance, steaming is necessary. Ideal for Halloween!

  6. R. A. Rodriguez

    I decided to be cheeky and go to a family Halloween party as my brother who’s in the DEA. He’s growing out a bit of a beard, so I set out to get one myself for as cheap as possible. Not gonna spend a lot on a one-time costume. I had two options. 1) Get a realistic looking beard and use something like spirit gum, or 2) Buy one of those fake wearable beards that have a light adhesive or no adhesive at all. Well after looking everywhere, I couldn’t find any cheap beards that looked realistic, and the fake ones you can wear looked so bad I couldn’t bring myself to order.

    After seeing this YouTube video titled, “Makeup for the Theatre: Crepe Wool Beard 6/6” I realized I could probably make my own beard with crepe hair or crepe wool. Even if I failed, it would be worth the shot. I got some eyelash adhesive from Walmart, this hair arrived really quickly, and then went to work. What you see in the attached photo is about an hour or work. My first time doing anything like this as well. It went great, and everyone loved the way it looked. They couldn’t believe how realistic it felt and looked. If I can do this, you can do it!

    Highly recommend this product. I will say that you probably only need one unit of this braid. I ordered two just in case, but you can see the big beard I made, and I just used about 90% of the first.

  7. K.M. Kunz

    Product was as stated butcost of postage was too high.

  8. Kpshop

    I needed this to make a beard and match another mask I had and the color was perfect. Shipping was fast as well.

  9. Kurian

    looks v.good but too small so could not use it.

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