Moisture Muncher Capsules

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  • Capsules fit inside SeaLife Cameras and housings to help protect lens and electronics from humidity
  • Prevents damage and corrosion from harming your camera equipment; Keeps lens from fogging up
  • Fits all Reefmaster, DC, and SportDiver camera and smartphone housings, and can also be used inside SeaLife camera housing
  • 10 capsules per package; Capsules turn from blue to pink, when maximum absorption level is reached
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) inches : 2.2″x1.9”x3.1″ (56x48x79mm); weighs 1 ounce (28 g)

Additional information

Product Dimensions

4 x 4 x 2 inches

Item Weight

0.704 ounces

Item model number

SL 911

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

October 2, 2001



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13 reviews for Moisture Muncher Capsules

  1. Cathleen Richardson

    These are great and even better now that they are individually packaged!!

  2. Brenrnj

    I have 2 SeaLife cameras, DC500 and DC1200 as well as a older SeaLife flash. The Moisture Munchers are essential for proper functionality and do their job well. I last used the Moisture Munchers 5 months ago, and the remainder were still good after carefully sealing the Moisture Muncher package. But I think 5-6 months after opening is about as long as they will continue to be effective.

  3. Scott

    These are great for moisture absorption and are made for the SeaLife camera. The packet is nice as you have enough refills to last. My major complaint is that although the packet is classified as reusable, no matter how tight you make it, over time it will always turn, so be warned you will have to buy new packets frequently.

  4. John L. Sandberg

    These are pricy but work well. My Sealife camera housing was designed to take one of these. My main complaint would be if you don’t use all ten they won’t last until your next trip unless it’s right away. Usually a few months between dive trips and I always buy a back up pouch as the opened package won’t preserve them. Better storage packing or individually wrapped in plastic would work.

  5. Daisy

    It said it would turn pink when it was exhausted. Quit working before it was pink. Does the job, just doesn’t last as long as I would think it should.

  6. Just Me

    Utilisé pour un caisson sous-marin de téléphone en plongée. Aucun soucis
    Produit fiable

  7. GIlles

    Kein Beschläge der Linse mehr

  8. Paul Jonason

    I have these in two camera enclosures, a point and shoot camera my son uses, and an enclosure for a Nikon D50 that I use. I used to have problems with fogging, especially on the second or third dives of the day, after opening the enclosure to replace the memory card or battery on the boat or on the beach. Frustrating!

    I had tried using silica gel packs you find in random equipment, but stopped using them when I read somewhere that those packs are a cause of enclosures flooding: the package gets a tiny corner between the gasket and the facing mating surface and your hundreds of dollars of equipment and future photos are toast (soggy toast, I guess). I wouldn’t want a “free” silica gel pack to cost me a camera body and lens plus the cost of a rental outfit for the rest of the trip!

    I have put a small piece of self-adhesive velcro on each of the tubes in the pack, and put the complementary patch of velcro on the back side of each of the enclosures. They are in locations that make it impossible to interfere with the function of the gasket, so there is no risk of flooding. We have not had any problems with fogging since.

    As for reusability: a careful read of the label shows the ingredients to be “Indicator Silica Gel.” Excellent. What device to generate heat exists in nearly every resort/condo/rental apartment that won’t melt the plastic of the capsule? Why your coffee maker does the trick! I place the pink capsules on a ceramic plate placed on the warming plate of the coffee maker overnight, and the next morning they are all dark blue again and ready to go!

    Stay dry out there!

  9. John

    Got this for the phone dive case and grateful for the moisture absorber .

    No leaks but it’s good to know when your 90 feet underwater that no moisture is going to affect your phone or case !

    Turns pink when it’s time to change out .

    Affordable too and fast shipping

  10. lavolee

    Produit fonctionnel et efficace, mais lorsque vous ouvrez le paquet, l’ensemble des capsules s’activent. Même avec le paquet fermé, les capsules inutilisées deviennent rose. 🙁 . Produit fait pour des plongés régulières.

  11. Scott

    Work great, especially ow that they come individually sealed to avoid spoilage

  12. Durwin

    I use these desiccant capsules with a Sealife housing which has a built-in holder designed for this very product. I only had two capsules for a 10 day/31 dive live-aboard trip so needless to say, I needed a recharging method. I used an old vitamin bottle to hold some Damp Check (calcium chloride) granules. At the end of the day, I would drop the Moisture Muncher capsule in the bottle and next day it was nearly deep blue (changes from blue to a clear-pinkish color when depleted). Since I had two capsules, there was always one in the bottle for 24 hrs. This system worked reasonably well however if I had more capsules, it would work even better hence this purchase. Another recharging method would be to use one of those coffee cup warmers or as another reviewer mentioned, the coffee maker hot plate in your hotel room.

    These capsules are fairly large (41 mm long, 7 mm diameter) – they would not fit in say a standard GoPro housing.

  13. brumbär

    I read about these Moisture Munchers on an underwater photography website so I bought them last year to try out. I have a Canon Powershot S95 digital camera and use it inside a RecSea aluminium housing for taking underwater photographs (very successfully I might add!). The inside of the housing has a recess which these fit into perfectly, so I have since bought several packs. I only scuba dive when on holiday, and its usually hot and humid wherever we go, so these are a god-send to keep the moisture out of the housing and prevent fogging of the lens/glass. Personally, I try to open my underwater housing only when in an air-conditioned room and I keep it open for as little time as possible – I never open it outside if I can help it. In my experience, a single one of these “munchers” will last me 4-5 days (you can tell when they are saturated because the colour goes from a nice blue to pink!). For me, they are good value because of that; I appreciate they would get saturated quicker if you leave them out or not in a sealed bag but I haven’t tried that yet! I don’t think they can be de-hydrated again so once one has gone pink, you throw it and move onto the next. There’s 10 in the pack so they work out less than two pounds each…

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