Ryhpez Car Trash Can with Lid – Car Trash Bag Hanging with Storage Pockets Collapsible and Portable Car Garbage Bin

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  • We’ve made massive improvements from voice of customers: 1. Structure Support – In order to keep the car garbage can staying in shape from collapsed, just attached two black side bars to hold its shape. The bars also optimize sealing to keep everthing inside. 2. Extra Long Adjustable Strap – We doubled the length of the nylon strap, so that allow this car accessories to hang on the front or back seats, most type of consoles, even anywhere you want in car.
  • Compact size and Foldable: It measures 6.3″ L x 9.5″H x 6.3″W. Our car garbage bag has 1.75 Gallon/6.5L capacity. When not in use, you can flatten this car trash bag and place it between the seats/ in the pocket of the car door/ Car Boot.
  • Keep Your Vehicle Clean and Tidy: This car garbage can comes with rubber opening lid and hoop&loop seal, which is closeable and soft that you can load tissues, fruit skin, bottles without lifting the lid even conceal waste.
  • Space Saving Car Organizer: Two extra sides mesh pockets and front fabric pocket are perfect design that can be used to storage anything. Put a disposable bag inside and use two adjustable side clips to hold onto the handles of plastic bags, just remove and replace it when it got full.
  • Multi-Function Design: There is a waterproof lining inside the car trash bin which is durable and leak-proof, easy to clean and wipes out easily, doesn’t take up too much room but it ‘s foldable and portable for traveling. You can use it as a car garbage bag, car storage bag, Put an umbrella, drinks and as well as a travel cooler that can keep drink and snacks cold for a long time.

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‎6.5 Liters



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‎in car

Special Feature

‎Collapsable, Odor Seal



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‎0.634 ounces

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‎6.3"L x 6.3"W x 9.5"H



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Special Features

‎Collapsable, Odor Seal

13 reviews for Ryhpez Car Trash Can with Lid – Car Trash Bag Hanging with Storage Pockets Collapsible and Portable Car Garbage Bin

  1. Gayle S. Lamb

    I like that it doesn’t take up legroom in the front seat passenger side. But it is still convenient for me to reach from the driver’s seat. It doesn’t attach snugly and isn’t very stable. An elastic band might work better. I still would recommend it to friends.

  2. Dishi

    This car trash holder was just what I needed in my new car. Just right for short road trips.

  3. Calandra

    Es igualito al de la imagen, super precio y materiales de muy buena calidad.

  4. Kodey

    Perfect for a reformed slob like me. I got the XXL which still fit perfectly behind my console. I got this one specifically because I didn’t want it hanging behind my wife’s head. A much tidier look than a gas station bag hanging of my prndl.

  5. Ashley Plott

    I love the hooks on the sides to hold the trash bag in place, I use grocery sacks which fit perfectly. I also love the plastic pieces at the top to hold it square shape but I wish there was some at the bottom. Still love the way it looks in my car and can go in many different places.

  6. Eka K.

    It’s a great fit. Discrete design.

  7. Shai Begleiter

    Just like in the product pic, attached it to the back of the box between the front sits. It’s stable and firmly secured. Leakproof and solved for the purpose. Easy!

  8. Karla

    No me gusto porque no le queda a mi vehículo, deberían de poner para que vehículos es, lo tuve que regalar.

  9. CMT

    Versatile small size that would work for most cars. Simple installation trap, easy to clean, and the top perforated hole helps conceal the trash inside. They even added small interior fittings to keep it a rigid rectangle – nice design touch.

  10. Ash

    I love this trash can! I fit it behind my console and clipped it like around the top where the console top comes down. It fits really nice in the middle of my backseat floor. I have a 2023 Chevy Trailblazer, so it does have a smaller console/middle backseat. It’s a great fit and I love that I can secure a shopping bag into it for the trash bag. Super easy to keep the car trash free and dispose of it when needed. I store extra trash bags and other car needs in the extra pockets. I did cut part of the box it came in to put a little floor in it because the rest of it was very sturdy!

  11. Kodey

    This is the 2nd car bin I’ve purchased as a gift, after buying my own. Very handy and doesn’t spill.

  12. Diana marivel rocha ramirez

    I was looking for a car trash can since there’s always a wrapper or tissue to throw out, and this was my choice because of price and the functional lid.

    It was a bit tough to put around the centre console lid (I have a Toyota XLE) and it ended up fitting over the top tray, so opening only the top of the console and not the deeper part. It took some finessing but it’s worked perfectly ever since. It’s out of the way of all passengers, and I managed to fit a tissue box in one of the side mesh pockets – it stays there easily, even with awkward tissue pulls from the front seat – and I keep extra liner bags (small bags we get from takeout, etc) in the other mesh pocket.

    The long strap with the hook that may be used to secure it under a seat I do not use, but I do not see it to be an issue either. You can weave it around the other strap, or you can fold it into a bundle, secure it with an elastic, and tuck it in a mesh pocket. It’s never in the way.

    I cannot speak to the leak-proof level of the bag since I haven’t had anything spill in it, but the material inside appears to be leak-proof indeed. I have full confidence that if something does leak, it will not escape the confines of this container.

    The thing I love about it is the way the lid is made. It flips up and is secured with velcro for easy trash removal, yet the top has semi-firm flaps that you push trash through, and it keeps it secure in there, even on bumpy pothole-ridden roads. The metal side handles that help to hold liner bags are a great bonus too.

  13. Carla Wells

    I am very shall we say OCD about keeping my vehicle clean. INSIDE AND OUT! So when I recently bought a new Equinox, I have been extra digilant about it. I went to Walmart to get a trash can that hung behind the passenger seat head rest. Well that was a bust. It hung floppy, no lid, and you could see the trash in it through the windows. Even when I added Velcro, the tape didn’t stick, and it hung open. It was just an eyesore also, hanging there. I came here and saw several to choose from. Read the reviews, and like the sturdiness of this can, and the fact that I can put it behind the console between the two seats. Easy to reach while driving and not have to turn to do it. It is very sturdy, has hangers for a bag, and easy peasy to clean. One bag out, the other bag in. ALSO WATERPROOF in case of spills. It fits perfectly and is not an eyesore hanging on the back of the headrest like the other one was. Love it, and love the fact that it has a lid that closes so you don’t see the garbage that is in it.

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