SexyHair Healthy Imperfect Fruit Moisturizing Mask, 6.8 oz | Peach | Medium to Coarse Hair Type

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Get the peachiest dose of Vitamin C for your hair and leave it feeling deeply moisturized & hydrated. This SexyHair Healthy Moisturizing Peach Mask gives you the look of improved hair health after just one use with a healthier, natural-looking shine. It’s color safe, ideal for medium to coarse ha…

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7 reviews for SexyHair Healthy Imperfect Fruit Moisturizing Mask, 6.8 oz | Peach | Medium to Coarse Hair Type

  1. DK

    This one is a nice hair mask, keeps hair moisturized, nice smell after applying. Applying weekly or twice a week should be ideal choice.

  2. Meow

    THis hair mask smells like papaya/peach, is thick and easy to apply. It does help to moisturize and smoothen the hair. It works best if I put a shower cap on top and let it sit for about 5 mins while I am in teh hot shower.

  3. Meg C

    In a period of 2-3 weeks, I have used this hair masque 3 times. I found that it really did give my hair added softness, especially after my last salon visit where I asked for heavier highlights = extra processing. For reference, I have chin-lengthy, thick, frizzy hair that definitely gets dry ends from processing and heat styling.

    I used the product in the shower after shampooing my hair with a high-end shampoo product (that may also be drying out my hair, per my stylist). I was able to leave the masque on my hair for 3-5 minutes as recommended in the instructions, and I could tell that the product was silky and smooth by the way my hair felt upon rinsing – but also from the way it felt on my lips when the water rinsing it ran over my face. You might know that feeling – extra slimy or really smooth, almost waxy. I’m not complaining about this feeling, just trying to give an understandable description. I will also offer that it made my shower very slippery as I rinsed, and I had to give my shower floor and feet extra rinsing time to wash all the slippery residue away. So, be very careful when using this in the shower!!

    This is not a product I would use for every hair cleansing, but as a treatment masque every couple weeks, I really like it. I also forgot to mention that it has a lovely, light peach scent. I can imagine that it might create some build-up on hair with extended use, so I might use a clarifying shampoo once a month as I continue to use this masque. Overall, I would recommend this product for soft and shiny hair results.

  4. HarryPotterAholic

    I’ve used this about once a week or two since getting it a few months ago and I really like it. It smells great, is easy to use and for me personally, I feel I can use less conditioner now. It definitely makes my hair feel more hydrated and smooth. I also have hair that gets easily tangled and this worked so well as a de-tangler too. I highly recommend it!!

  5. Karen

    This is a good product, but not my personal favorite. It doesn’t smell at all like peach to me and I don’t like the smell. It does make my hair feel clean, soft, and tangle free. But it also makes it a bit frizzy and flyaway at times. Overall I like this product and will use it but don’t believe I would order it again.

  6. Kay

    3/2/23 Edit: I have found the perfect shampoo to use this with and now my hair feels amazing: soft and smooth without feeling weighed down. This works best for me with a less conditioning shampoo. I’ve used it twice now with this combination and I love it! I will be rotating this into my hair care 1 or 2x a week and look forward to trying other products in this line.

    I have thick, slightly dry, color treated hair which is in pretty good condition because I take care of it and use quality products including a deep conditioner once or twice a week. I like this conditioner and want to love it, but when I use it, I have to wash my hair the next day because it feels too conditioned– like I applied a straightening product that left a film on it.

    The day I use it, it smells so good and it really smooths down the hair shaft, which makes my hair look soft and healthy, but it’s hard for me to style it as I usually do. I read over some reviews and everyone else seems to love it, so maybe it is just my super thick hair that is the problem.

    In summary, this seems like a quality deep conditioner, but it is too heavy for my hair. I love how my hair looks when I use this, but don’t like the fact I can’t get my hair to hold a curl well and that I have to wash my hair again the next day..

  7. Hello

    This hair mask smells wonderful. This made my hair nice and soft and smooth. Really happy with this product.

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