Zink KODAK Smile Classic Digital Instant Camera for 3.5 x 4.25 Zink Photo Paper – Bluetooth, 16MP Pictures (Blue)

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  • A RETRO WAY TO CAPTURE MOMENTS: The Kodak Smile Classic combines an old-school design with advanced modern technology.
  • LARGE AND VIBRANT PHOTOS: This camera produces the largest photos in the Kodak instant print collection. You can prints 16 megapixel 3.51” x 4.25” photos.
  • PACKED WITH FEATURES: Bluetooth connectivity connects to iOS and Android devices. With an optical viewfinder, 10 second timer and automatic strobe flash.
  • DOWNLOAD & SAVE: The Kodak Smile store images that you don’t want to print right away. With the microSD card slot you can download and save images to your computer.
  • Perfect for travel: never miss a moment anywhere. This small camera is lightweight, durable and great for all of your adventures, trips and explorations. Take it on your next trip and save the memories. Includes a Micro USB charging adapter.

Additional information

Package Dimensions

7.64 x 6.18 x 2.87 inches

Item Weight

1 pounds

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

August 12, 2019


C&A Marketing Inc


English, French, German, Spanish, Italian

12 reviews for Zink KODAK Smile Classic Digital Instant Camera for 3.5 x 4.25 Zink Photo Paper – Bluetooth, 16MP Pictures (Blue)

  1. D E

    i really don’t like it because camera no batteries,i try charge camera but they no work,it don’t have power,i can’t take the photo,waste my time for hope it good but hy it no turn on

  2. stephanie pilkauskas

    I bought this camera because I already owned a Fuji Instax Wide camera, which I love and use. The issue I was having is that people always wanted the pics. I need to be able to have multiple prints. Came across this camera right after the holidays. Full disclosure, the first camera that I received was not able to take pics. It would only print from the app on the phone. I exchanged it and the second one works perfectly! To be perfectly honest, you will most likely end up taking pics with your phone and printing them out using the app. The camera on the device takes pics and makes them look vintage. the phone pics come out a little crisper. The app has not been a problem for me. Before purchasing I read some reviews that mentioned the app being a problem but not for me. Only thing negative I can find is that I wish the pics would be a little more clear and crisp like the ones from my Instax! The vintage look is cool n all but just having the oic look like what was shot would be great. If that look is desired, the app itself has filters that can be applied to the image.

  3. stephanie pilkauskas

    At first this was a great little camera.. super fun.. I bought it 2 yrs ago but never really used it.. started using it. I probably only ever used it 10 times. Now the camera will not print a full photo. Very frustrating . And I spent a good penny.


    Compre esa cámara, empecé a instalar y todo con los papeles pero no prenda ni encienda a tomar fotos nada entonces puse a cargar con el USB y si sale la luz pero para encender nada completamente nada y no pude disfrutar además yo estaba emocionada de usar porque los papeles son buenos mas grande que los de Instax… ojalá que arregla bien para las ventas… de ahí devolví de nuevo// I bought that camera, I started to install it and everything with the paperwork but I didn’t turn on or turn on anything to take pictures so I started charging with the USB and if the light comes out but to turn on nothing completely nothing and I couldn’t enjoy it besides I was excited to use it because the papers are good, bigger than the Instax ones… hopefully it will work well for sales

  5. mkm

    Great little instant camera/Printer with one downside. When you use it as a camera, the pictures have a slightly pinkish tone to them. This was the case with two different packs of Zinc film. After a little more research, I determined this is just normal behavior. However, when you use it as a printer, the photo’s look natural and the pinkish tones disappear. If you want more realistic images when used as a camera, get one of the Fujifilm Instax cameras. Otherwise, this is still a great choice and is fun to use.

  6. Mao Robles

    Im Warehouse Deal ergattert und einen Bruchteil des Original Preises nur bezahlt.
    Der Original Preis ist mir deutlich zu viel auch wenn die Kamera viele Punkte hat die gut sind.
    Die Bilder sind angenehm groß zum weiter geben oder aufkleben.Der Rand ist fast immer gleichmäßig. Wenn man der Anleitung folgt und immer das blaue Kalibrierungsblatt durchlaufen lässt,sind die Fotos auch gut für eine Sofortbildkamera. Was mich am meisten überzeugt ist die dazugehörige App um Bilder von dem Handy ausdrucken zu können mit vielen verschiedenen Farbfiltern u.a. Sepia oder Schwarz Weiß etc. . Auch die Timerfunktion klappt ganz gut. Wir werden Sie für die Hochzeit benutzen zusammen mit einer Instax Mini. Die Form und Farbe der Kamera finde ich toll, halt bisschen Retro. Selbst unser 3 jähriger Sohn schafft es Bilder zu machen damit. Für die Größe der Bilder passt das Preis Leistungsverhältnis gerechnet auf ein Bild.

  7. LFV

    I’ve used multiple varities of camera in the past this one is confusing to use. You won’t understand the beeping and if the picture was taken successfully or if you’ve accidentally pressed on it. Disappointment!

  8. Hector Romero

    I wonder if there is a way to calibrate this thing or what? The picture color is just awful. It actually looks like old sepia photos. I got this for my mom to take pics of her new grand baby and we are both so disappointed. Wanted something easy to use, which for the most part it is. My only complaint about ease of use is that the flash takes a while to actually work and if your subjects (in this case, a baby) moves during that then the pic is blurry. Hard to get a good pic of a human. Really wish the pics were better. Will be looking for another camera for her. This one is not it.

  9. Hector Romero

    I was going to toss this thing in the garbage because I was having trouble with this thing feeding, actually I initially had something going wrong with the contrast of the pictures. Figuring this thing out, not too bad. Not as instant as a polaroid with the picture taking but the photos are way better. Add into the fact that you can save the pictures you take is a huge benefit even after you run out of the zink paper. Add into the fact that you can print pictures you’ve taken from your phone or previous ones from this camera and now you’re talking a whopping success. Bottom line up front (BLUF), I am keeping this contraption. It saves the pictures, prints are way better than a polaroid and it doesn’t look as goofy as the fuji version of this thing.

  10. huy le

    Fast clear and easy. I love that with bluetooth you can use your camera to print pics off your phone

  11. Batete

    -Me gusto la forma de la camara, muy compacta.
    -Tambien la nueva característica de soportar SD, eso significa que puedo salvar las fotos que tomo y decidir si las imprimo o no; Ojo, requiere tener una SD instalada y NO poner papel en el compartimiento.
    -Lamentablemente, las fotos salen bastante mal, sin ser un experto diría que 9 de cada 10 salen sobreexpuestas, obscuras, demasiado sepia SIN haber agregado ese efecto intencionalmente.
    -Sigo haciendo pruebas mandando fotografias de alta calidad a imprimir, para ver si es un defecto en la cámara, o tal vez es el papel? O los dos?, No sé decir aún.
    -La compré por la gran cantidad de reviews positivos en internet, sin embargo nada como un comentario de alguien que la ha comprado y usado para distinguir reviews pagados, de la realidad.
    -En resumen decepciona mucho y no recomiendo comprar este modelo.

  12. Ginger

    It’s a neat little camera. The only problem is, it isn’t a Kodak product. Skymall licensed the name and had it made so not sure about the overall quality or longevity but I do enjoy using it. The pictures are typical instant quality and on par with other zink cameras. I do have to say I use polaroid pop zink paper in mine. I just use the kodak blue calibration card instead of the polaroid one. I got the camera just to play with it. So maybe have both polaroid and kodak paper and use them according to how important the pictures are to you. The funny part…polaroid invented zink and then spun it off into its own company when polaroid started having financial issues…if you use the polaroid calibration card the pictures will come out black and white…

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