Gift Haircuts to exchange lovely message at Glo Nail Bar

February 1, 2024 | 1. Collecting Lovely Messages, 2. FreeHaircut, 3. Fundrasing St.Jude Hospital, 9.2 Arkansas

Hớt tóc trao gửi yêu thương tại Glo Nail Bar The other day, Sky visited everyone at Glo Nail Bar and invited them to join Sky’s World Tour by signing the “World’s Most Signed Car” challenge. However, the enthusiasm of our friends here was overwhelming, and they really wanted to participate in the “FreeHaircut to […]

Harry’s Hair Story

January 17, 2024 | 2. FreeHaircut, 9.3 Texas

Mái tóc của Harry When Sky’s World Tour rolled into Texas, Tâm – one of my friend had planned to meet up for coffee and share travel stories. Texas had been getting colder these days, and it was expected to get even colder in the coming days. Tâm took Sky to the traditional Clearfork Market […]

Signing at night in Arkansas 

January 10, 2024 | 4. Guinness World Record, 9.2 Arkansas

Kí tên lên xe trong đêm tại Arkansas One cozy evening in the state of Arkansas, Sky’s friends decided to leave their signatures on the Guinness World Record car right there in the night to create a special memory for Sky’s World Tour journey. Một buổi tối ấm cúng tại tiểu bang Arkansas, những người […]

NOEL TREE (Part 4) | Leaving Nothing Behind

January 10, 2024 | 9.2 Arkansas

Cây thông Noel (Tập 4) : Không một chút bỏ lại  We maximized the use of every cut branch of the Christmas tree to decorate the house. The tree was quite old, so every branch was sturdy, robust, and fragrant—knowing exactly how to captivate those who love trees and preventing them from being discarded. The […]

NOEL TREE (Part 3)| The Power of Friendship

January 10, 2024 | 9.2 Arkansas

Cây thông Noel (Tập 3) : Sức mạnh của tình bạn. It took us nearly 3 days to set up the Christmas tree, towering over 5m, in the living room. Christmas 2023 was truly unforgettable memorie. Ròng rã gần 3 ngày trời để có thể dựng được cây thông cao hơn 5m vào trong phòng […]

NOEL TREE (Part 2)| As long as there’s breath, there’s effort!

January 10, 2024 | 9.2 Arkansas

Cây thông Noel – Tập 2: Còn thở là còn cố gắng!  We prepared two vehicles to transport two Christmas trees home. The towering 5m Christmas tree would be carried by the rented U-Haul truck, while I would transport the smaller 9-year-old tree using my pickup truck. Speaking of U-Haul, I’m sure you remember from […]