DASH Multi Mini Heart Shaped Waffle Maker: Six Mini Waffles, Perfect for Families, Dual Non-stick Surfaces with Quick Release & Easy Clean – Red Heart

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  • LOVE BREAKFAST: Now you can make six 3″ mini heart waffles in a multi-waffle cooker. This waffle maker is a favorite for kids, parties, or meal prepping large batches to freeze.
  • NON-STICK SURFACE: Dual nonstick surfaces are PFOA free that provide even and consistent results.
  • QUICK MORNING: Simply add batter, cook, then enjoy. This plug in waffle iron is easy to use and helps make breakfast on the fly.
  • EASY CLEANING: This cooking surface releases easily and makes clean up a breeze.
  • INCLUDES: DASH Multi Mini Heart Maker, Recipe Guide.

Additional information

Special Feature

Non Stick Coating


Red heart





Product Dimensions

13.1"D x 10.4"W x 4.8"H


1200 watts

Item Weight

5.8 pounds

Included Components

Recipe Booklet




110 Volts

Material Type Free




Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

August 22, 2022

12 reviews for DASH Multi Mini Heart Shaped Waffle Maker: Six Mini Waffles, Perfect for Families, Dual Non-stick Surfaces with Quick Release & Easy Clean – Red Heart

  1. Allison Clute

    This cooked beautifully (used once), though it took a little long. I wish there was a temp control AND most importantly, wish the plates were removable for easy cleaning. It’s not easy to thoroughly clean without water getting into the appliance, even with a toothbrush.

  2. Michelle

    Muy fácil de usar

  3. Federico B.

    Adorei. Agoro posso fazer varios waffles de uma vez. Ele e muito potente e rapido. Lembrando que a tomada é tipo americana (dois tracinhos – precisamos de adaptador de tomada)

  4. Tcee

    I am food prep for my mom and making her Choffel‘s is now so much quicker and easier! I love this product! It’s well-made and does a perfect job every time and it’s easy to use and not too hard to clean.

  5. Michelle

    We have had the single dash waffle maker for about four years now and absolutely love it.

    After having our first kid, I wanted a time saving a way to make waffles and decided to buy a waffle maker that had a reversible plate so we could do sandwiches on the other side. It felt cheap right out of the box (although it wasn’t inexpensive), and broke within a couple of months.

    We’ve been back to the single waffle maker now and have our second kid so making waffles I every Saturday morning is definitely a time consuming act of love.

    I was excited to see that Dash made a waffle maker that could make four waffles at a time, so I bought it right away! And let me just say – it does not disappoint!

    Right out of the box it felt substantial, and my first time using it I was so impressed!

    I typically start making waffles, then put bacon into the oven, then continue making waffles, then whip some heavy cream, then continue making waffles, then get fruit ready, then pull bacon out of the oven and continue making waffles… Hi I learned today that I need to change up my routine because my waffles are done so fast! I expected this machine to take longer than the single waffle maker because you’re making for it a time… But I don’t think it does. Waffles were done before the bacon and before I got around to getting our fruit prepped. Needless to say, waffles were a little cold by the time we ended up eating but they were delicious and I’m so excited for the time I get back in my weekend mornings!

  6. Lisa

    Makes the perfect – Eggo sized waffles! I wanted to get away from the store bought, pre-made waffles that are loaded with stuff I no longer wish to have in my diet, but wanted the same size and shape of waffles – so my family wouldn’t object as much to ‘new’ waffles. I was thrilled to see this waffle maker and hoped it would work well – and it does! I have zero complaints or issues with this waffle maker.

    Very simple to use. Just plug it in and it heats to a preset temp, that is perfect for cooking this size waffle. No hassle trying to find the right temp with a dial, and no dial to get moved by accident. No need for a latch, never needed one on any waffle maker I’ve owned – the top needs to be able to rise as the waffles puff for a minute anyhow – so not sure why people think this needs a latch?

    The waffle iron – plates do not come off, so cleaning can be an issue if you get stuff stuck all over the iron. But so far, I’ve only cooked flour type waffles in this and use a spray on avocado oil and my waffles don’t stick. I use a silicone basting brush to spread the spray oil around and to do light cleaning as well – that is a great waffle iron tool! When I’m done cooking and the waffle maker has cooled, I use that same silicone brush to brush the waffle iron and spread any leftover oil, and it also knocks off any crumbs that may be left, then I use a paper towel to wipe around the waffle area to clean those none cooking areas and put the maker away. For one mess I made, where I ended up with over cooked batter in one area, I used a fingernail brush, that I keep at the sink, to brush off the dried on crusty batter and that worked great too.

    I did try making some egg and cheese waffles, but my daughter didn’t like them, so those are off the menu. But they did cook well and didn’t leave too big of a mess – if I didn’t over fill the spots. I might try adding bacon bits to my savory waffle mix and see where that leads – probably to overeating waffles. LOL

  7. john kovach

    My small children love waffles but are picky eaters and wont eat large waffles. They are use to small sized waffles. This waffle make makes more little waffles quicker. Saves time by putting more on the table. Overspill trays gives me waffle stick to munch on while I cook. No complaints yet.

  8. stewartt

    Eggo waffles are for life in this house….
    Except I don’t wish for all the chemicals/preservatives for my kids. I bought 2 of these waffle makers to make them faster for the purpose of freezing.

    This is the right size to replace the Eggo, and the instruction manual has a great, basic from scratches waffle recipe in it. I’ve tried other recipes too and it’s pretty hard to mess them up.
    The waffle makers cook fairly evenly, although the two front ones slightly cook slower. I like the spill over creating “waffle sticks”. They’re pretty easy to wipe clean as long as you don’t use too much batter. About 1/4 cup is enough per waffle. I appreciate the simple way these work: no wifi or apps involved, just a green light or red light.

  9. Amazon Customer

    This 4 unit mini waffle maker is so convenient and fast, easy to clean, love it.

  10. Music junkie

    I bought this a couple months ago and have used it a LOT! I was using a single mini-waffle maker but it took forever to knock out a batch of waffles. (Big “shout out” to The Keto Twins and Serious Keto channels for their recommendation on this product).

    I use this to make different varieties of “chaffles” on a weekly basis (keto folks know the drill). I also use it to make protein-dense waffles for my grandkids. It’s super efficient to knock out 4 waffles at once. Overflow channels work great and prevent messes. Clean-up is super easy (just wipe it out). Thickness of the channels is great and the plates get hot enough to give that lovely crispiness to the outside “crust” – but still keeps the interior “bread” soft and tender. Overall, I think the product works perfectly. I highly recommend this item.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Muy buen producto. Al vendedor, le doy un 10.

  12. Cliente de Kindle

    Diría que tienes más calidad de lo que pediría por el precio! Muy fácil de usar y de limpiar !! Los waffles no son tan chicos tienen excelente tamaño

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