ZNIARAKL Underwater Cameras, 4K Waterproof Digital Camera 48 MP Autofocus Function Selfie Dual Screens with 16X Digital Zoom Compact Portable 11FT Underwater Camera for…

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  • 【4K Video & 48MP Underwater Cameras】This underwater digital camera is fully equipped with new upgraded 4K video resolution and 48 megapixels of image resolution, capture and record the most exciting memorable moments with high-quality videos or images. Our digital Camera has 16X digital zoom full light function and autofocus functions for snorkeling and other under activities, half-press the shutter button to achieve focus, the focus frame in the screen will turn into green, then press shutter button fully down to shoot an amazing image.
  • 【11FT Waterproof Camera】IP68 International Standard for waterproofing, use high-standard waterproof accessories, waterproof function design makes this underwater camera can dive 11 feet(3.5M) in the underwater world, great for snorkeling, water parks or other underwater vacations, including swimming, drifting, surfing, beach travel etc. If you want a cameras that can go underwater, it will become best choice for you. (NOTE: Please make sure that the battery door is well locked before going underwater.)
  • 【Selfie Dual Screens Design】Our waterproof digital camera features two display screens, include: 1.7” Front display screen and 2.8” Rear display screen. It has front screen that allows you to see what pictures you are taking, with the built-in 2s, 5s, 10s self-timer. When you try to take underwater pictures, dual screens makes underwater photography simple, and this underwater cameras also has anti-shake function built in, which provides stable and smooth images.
  • 【Pocket-Size Design & Portable】This underwater camera is lightweight and easy to use, pocket-size design make it easy to take anywhere, comes with a drawstring pouch and a hand loop string to travel around and store, so your waterproof camera doesn’t get lost at sea. In addition, underwater camera for snorkeling also small enough to keep in your purse or beach bag. Get to taking unique and great photos underwater or in the wet.
  • 【After-Sales Service & You Will Get】Package content: 1 x underwater digital camera; 2 x 700mAh lithium battery; 1 x USB cable; 1 x user manual; 1 x wrist strap; 1 x camera pouch DKCLCFQKX; 1 x charger. In addition, we extra provide a 1-year warranty (Under the condition of normal use), if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will reply to you within 12 hours and solve your problem, please rest assured to purchase!

8 reviews for ZNIARAKL Underwater Cameras, 4K Waterproof Digital Camera 48 MP Autofocus Function Selfie Dual Screens with 16X Digital Zoom Compact Portable 11FT Underwater Camera for…

  1. Rifat Hasan

    We just came back from Malta and I don’t know whether to hate this camera or like it. The cons are that it wasn’t taking photos every time we clicked. We ended up with only 90 photos between 5 people. It should have been hundreds but half click to focus then finish pressing was a gamble on whether you’d actually taken anything. Also as a side note, you’re never going to be able to see the view finder underwater, too much reflection. Occasionally I’d see a blob to help point it in the right direction but it’s mainly guess work. The selfie mode was also just relying on blobs under the water. This wouldn’t have been a deal breaker if it would actually take the photos when I pressed the button. I like to delete photos that are useless, not fight the camera to take one.
    The pros were that the photos came out fantastic. Not all were on focus or had caught what we were aiming at but the ones that did were really nice for a cheaper camera. So all in all I guess I’m happy. The battery (only just) lasted on a 6 hour boat ride but I do have a 2nd battery. I got annoyed changing the date each battery change so I stopped bothering. Charging it was easy with the cord.

  2. Koren Losack

    Bought this camera for my daughter to take on a cruise and she has loved it. She took it to the beach, in the water and all of the pictures came out cute. I love that she is still able to do selfie mode and that it gives her the nostalgic feel of a camera before smart phones. She also takes it to concerts, friend hangouts and just to be silly.

    Battery life could be a bit better but overall for the price, it has been a great purchase.

  3. woody

    For the price the camera takes very good pictures. My problem is getting them to download to my desktop.
    The info in the manual makes it sound easy but I must be missing a step . ANY SUGGESTIONS ???

    I will answer my own question … SIMPLE … Use the cable that comes with the camera . Click the Menu button .
    This is my 10 year old grandson in the North Toe River near Green Mountain , NC

  4. Rifat Hasan

    Takes good pictures and videos but the buttons on the camera get jammed and you can tell the material of the camera is a little cheap.

  5. Wil Payne

    I have had this camera for months now and have used it numerous times. Battery runs out fast, but other than that, it’s awesome.

  6. Enem228

    Imagine yourself exploring the vibrant underwater world of Panama City Beach with the Underwater Cameras 4K Waterproof Digital Camera. During my recent adventure, this must-have device allowed me to document my unforgettable experiences beneath the waves. Equipped with a 48 MP sensor and an autofocus function, the camera captured every intricate detail, bringing my memories to life in breathtaking photos and videos.

    The camera’s compact and portable design was perfect for my snorkeling escapades along the coast. I dove fearlessly up to 10 feet, completely immersed in the stunning underwater scenery, knowing that the camera’s waterproof capability would protect it from any potential damage.

    With its dual screens, including a convenient front-facing screen for effortless selfies, I easily framed my shots, ensuring that every moment was captured perfectly. Whether I was posing against the backdrop of colorful coral reefs or swimming alongside playful marine life, I could instantly preview the results and make adjustments as needed.

    Thanks to the 16X digital zoom feature, I could also capture captivating shots from a distance. Even the shyest of creatures were within my reach, allowing me to document their beauty without disturbing their natural habitat.

    Not only did the camera perform flawlessly, but its sleek black finish added a touch of sophistication to its durable build. As I ventured through the enchanting underwater landscapes of Panama City Beach, I carried a stylish companion that was both reliable and versatile.

    Looking back at my time in Panama City Beach, I am grateful for the Underwater Cameras 4K Waterproof Digital Camera. It ensured that my most cherished moments beneath the waves were preserved in stunning detail. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a curious beginner, don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture and relive the magic of Panama City Beach with this exceptional camera.

  7. Efrain

    So just got back from a trip to mountains and my 7 yr old used the camera more than I did but overall seemed pretty good. Only 2 concerns… 1 is the slow shutter reaction and having to press the button firmly to take the picture. I’m pretty sure she missed a few good pics. 2nd is the battery life might not be good but not sure as I think she may have left it on over night.
    I haven’t downloaded the pics yet so once I do that and use it a bit more I will update. We have an upcoming trip to beach so will test the underwater part of it.

  8. woody

    I bought the camera for a week long trip to the beach. The first problem I had was that the battery life is too short, I used two batteries a day, it comes with two batteries, so I changed them and continued “taking photos”. Then I realized that every time the battery is changed, the date is reset, it is a problem because Google Photos takes that date to organize the photos. The next problem I’ve seen is that the camera doesn’t take all the photos you think it takes a long time to focus and it changes the focus frame from yellow to green and then, when you push the button all the way down, actually takes the photo, so I think less than 50% attempts were successful, I lost several memories because of that. Then the flash, I can’t get it to work, when you press the flash button the camera light turns on, like a cell phone, but when you take the actual photo it doesn’t fire the flash, so at night or in low light, the photos come out dark, that’s a serious problem. Another problem is the navigation between the different menus, its GUI is really very confusing, to be a point and shoot camera. The screen has a lot of information icons that are distracting, but not a problem. Finally, something that I really liked is that the camera floats, so I had no problem recovering it a couple of times when I dropped it by mistake. For a camera under $100, it gets the job done, but I would have liked a camera with better performance.

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