artnaturals Organic Rosemary Castor Hair Growth Oil 4.0oz with Coconut & Olive Oil – Invigorating Nourishing Treatment for Hair & Scalp, Targeting Dryness, Damaged Hair, Split…

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  • Promotes hair growth: Rosemary and castor oil in ArtNaturals Rosemary Castor Hair Oil stimulate hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth and reducing hair loss.
  • Strengthens and nourishes: The blend of oils provides essential nutrients and vitamins to the hair, strengthening the strands and nourishing the scalp for healthier and more resilient hair.
  • Moisturizes and conditions: The hair oil deeply moisturizes and conditions the hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and manageable.
  • Helps with scalp health: Rosemary and castor oil have properties that can help improve scalp health by reducing dandruff and itchiness.
  • Enhances shine and texture: Regular use of this hair oil can enhance the natural shine and improve the overall texture of the hair, making it look more vibrant and revitalized.

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13 reviews for artnaturals Organic Rosemary Castor Hair Growth Oil 4.0oz with Coconut & Olive Oil – Invigorating Nourishing Treatment for Hair & Scalp, Targeting Dryness, Damaged Hair, Split…

  1. Kaylee Michael

    Une première pour nous d’utiliser l’huile de Ricin,
    Personnellement je l’utilise en application sur la barbe, un masque de 01h30 / 02h00 avant de la shampouiner, 3 à 4 fois par semaines, et je pense que le résultat vient de cette huile, ma barbe se lisse plus aisément.
    Je l’utilise aussi pour les cheveux, 3 à 4 fois par semaine également, en “macération” la nuit, mes cheveux dès la deuxième application étaient plus soyeux !
    Attention cependant, l’odeur n’est pas forcément agréable, et l’huile est très visqueuse (ma femme déteste).
    Pour mes cheveux ça ne me dérange pas, pour la barbe c’est différent car l’odeur reste près du nez ^^ (il faut souffrir pour être beau ??)
    Ma femme l’utilise aussi pour ses cheveux mais ne ressent pas de différence, elle l’utilise aussi sur les mains car elle a pas mal de crevasses mais l’huile semble ne lui faire aucun effet.
    Pour moi c’est Ok, pour ma femme moins…

  2. Rachel Nicole

    I have dry and damaged hair and this oil works great with moisturizing and helping with my hair growth. I’ve been on a hair journey for a while and use this to massage into my scalp before showering to help promote hair growth. My baby hairs have grown out and I can tell my hair is becoming stronger & has less fall out.

  3. perfectblueskies

    I recently tried the hair growth oil, and I must say, it’s a gem! First of all, there’s no unpleasant smell, which is a huge plus. The oil’s thickness means that just a small dab is enough, so a little goes a long way. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to improve their hair growth.

  4. Nicole U

    This product has a refreshing smell, almost like a mix of rosemary and mint. I personally love it. I also enjoy that this is vegan and has no parabens or sulfates. Additionally, the size of the bottle is such a bang for your buck. I know it will likely last me a few months at least. I’m so excited I found this!

  5. BeeMavis

    Good quality oil.
    Strong container.

    I bought this to use as a hair mask. But doesn’t have any strange odor and combined with Coconut oil it is the ideal consistency.

    I feel the product has a beneficial effect on the shininess and strength of my hair.

    I hope from long term use I will see an improved overall quality to my hair.

    It’s a large bottle so plenty supplied.

  6. Nicole U

    I’ve been using this product for about a week and I absolutely love it great ingredients it smells amazing I like the thickness of it and it’s been one of my favorite oil to use while I have a protective style in would definitely recommend!

  7. Sabrina

    The amount of product you get for the price you pay is such a good deal! If you love the smell of rosemary, then you will love the scent of this oil. I also love that this product is vegan and cruelty free

  8. Rachel Nicole

    This product was more than I expected. It has helped my hair grow so much and it feels so healthy. I love the scent, and the texture is something I didn’t see before on a product like this I was surprised. I’m in love with this and the change I can see on my hair.

  9. Carrie

    I bought this after reading so many informations about how good Castor oil is for skin, eye lashes , eye brows and hairs etc.
    My hair is very damaged due to bleaching my hair . This arrived very quickly. You only use small amount of it and after using it so many times I still got so much left in the bottle.
    I use this as hair mask before washing my hair. I also put some on my eye brows and eye lashes before I go to bed at night and I wash my face in the morning. It has helped my damaged hair definetly ! My eye lashes are getting longer and my eye brows are definetly getting thicker. I wish I knew about benefits of Castor oil before. There are many different Castor oil brands. I am very happy with this one and it is a very good quality. It arrived very quickly and very well packed so it never leaked during the delivery.

  10. Candy juma

    I love this hair oil it makes my hair feel so smooth and I definitely have seen a difference since I started using it. My hair feels like it’s growing faster already. I can’t wait to see the results a few weeks from now!

  11. Alexandraviews

    I’m new to using caster oil of any type or brand, this however is a great size for the price compared to some. I made a hair mask with it (added argan oil) and left it on for 3 hours (dry hair as I forgot to dampen it first) my hair after washing felt amazing ! So soft and hydrated. Usually I put on leave in conditioner and oil serum on my hair but it never made it feel hydrated like this does. Ive only used it once so I can’t give the full five stars however, so far it has made my hair feel lovely (I hope it helps with growth stimulation and thickness still early days) I have high hopes though. I’ve started putting it on my eyelashes and eyelids, I heard it can help with sleeping and my eyes do go slightly blurry and heavy after 5 minutes of application. Enough babble from me, if you are curious to try out the caster oil benefits then this is a great product for first timers. I also didn’t think it was overally thick nor does it Have a powerful smell. I hope this made sense and I hope this helps !

  12. shanta

    I recently had the pleasure of trying a Rosemary Oil infused with coconut and olive oil, and I must say it has been a delightful addition to my haircare routine.

    First and foremost, the scent is absolutely wonderful. The natural aroma of rosemary oil combined with the subtle hints of coconut and olive oil creates a delightful and refreshing fragrance. It’s a sensory treat that makes haircare a more enjoyable experience.

    The herbal sensation it imparts to the scalp is a standout feature. When applied before a hair wash, it delivers a soothing and invigorating feeling, making it a therapeutic self-care moment.

    I’ve used this oil on multiple occasions before my hair wash, and I’ve noticed some positive effects on my hair. My hair feels noticeably softer and less frizzy after each application. This is especially appreciated, as frizz has always been a challenge for my hair.

    One thing to note is that this oil is incredibly thick in texture. While it’s great for providing deep moisture, some may find it a bit heavy. If you prefer a lighter application, you might consider diluting it with a base oil of your choice. Mixing it with a lighter oil can make it more manageable and easier to apply.

    In conclusion, this Rosemary Oil infused with coconut and olive oil has made a positive impression on my haircare routine. It offers a fantastic scent, a refreshing herbal sensation on the scalp, and has left my hair feeling softer and less frizzy. Just keep in mind the thickness of the oil and consider blending it with a lighter base oil if you prefer a less dense application. Overall, it’s a product that I’ll happily continue using in my haircare regimen.

  13. Geo

    I’m seeing good results from this in 3 weeks.

    I had eye lash extensions and my lashes fell out and where visibly thinner and more coarse.

    I’ve been putting this stuff on every night and some morning for 20 days so far. I’ve missed a good few days too.

    My faults didn’t seem too noticeable as my lashes are still straight but looking at the comparison there’s a decent difference.

    Will continue to use for the full 6-8 weeks.

    I also use on my psoriasis patches and dry lips and it feels great.

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