Brazilian Keratin Treatment Complex Blowout KERAZON kit 2oz/60ml – Tratamiento de Keratina Queratina Brasileña para Alisar Importada

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Kerazon Professional

5 reviews for Brazilian Keratin Treatment Complex Blowout KERAZON kit 2oz/60ml – Tratamiento de Keratina Queratina Brasileña para Alisar Importada

  1. Cheila S

    I bought this in hopes of helping my hair feel softer and more manageable. Lately I don’t feel like doing much to my hair, especially ever since i got a Keratin treatment back in July 5th this year, I learned what it is like to wash your hair and just let it be and it turns out soft and great. Now this treatment I got in July has worn off, and I didnt feel like spending the $145 I did at the salon. So I decided to give this Kerason a go and see what would happen. The following is the chronological order I personally took. (Keep in mind if you have plenty of time in one free day, you could actually do it start to finish within 4.5 hours to be safe.)

    December 17th 2019:
    -Received treatment via mail
    ——Applied using instructions:——–
    -Washed 2x, with the #1 bottle, then rinsed well, blow dryed up to 80%.. (I ended up drying it too much without thinking and so decided to comb my hair with a wet brush, and that did the trick to get it semi wet again..)
    -I sectioned my hair in 8 sections cause I have too much hair and it seemed better to manage.)
    – Then to apply #2 bottle which is the actual treatment, i realized it was only 2 oz and just not enough for the amount of hair I have and length… Not enough to actually saturate the hair completely/comfortably as they do in the salon.
    – I panicked, and so I thought for a second and made the decision to add a bit of water to the treatment and i mixed it well, the consistency went to a bit more milky but thicker than milk.. (that helped me apply it better and i had enough for my whole head.)
    SIDE NOTE: The product smelled good, however every now and then i got small hints that would make me tear a bit, just a tiny bit though not nearly as bad as what some comments say, however I realize everyone is different and some gals might be allergic or more sensitive to certain things. ALSO I felt a bit of stinging in scalp in certain spots where it touched it.. but nothing horrible, kinda like when you dye your hair type of sensation.)
    – There was no wait time required so then, I drove to a friends house, so she could do the blow dry part..
    -My friend blow dried my hair, using ****COLD AIR **** as per instructions, and it toooook forever! You guys it takes so long when is cold air, but that’s what the paper said to do.)
    SIDE NOTE: the product did not smell at all…
    -She then flat ironed it (410 F), now as many times as the instructions called for, but like 3x per section of hair.
    – By then it was late at night, so i decided to sleep on it (even though the instructions say that it is not needed.)
    – I washed it next morning using WATER ONLY, then i added the #3 Bottle which is the mask, and i set a time for 5 minutes.
    – I then rinsed it well as instructed, and I let my hair air dry.

    December 19th 2019 (two days later)
    -I flat ironed it and BaAAAAAAAAMMM feels like chinese baby hair, I swear I am a different person… Hahahhahahahah

    ………I will be posting updates/pictures with the dates, so you have a reference to my text, in regards to durability, and just to give you all a reference in time how long it might last and other… I hope this was helpful, I know how skeptical it can be when you want to but something to do miracles with but you don’t really have much information you can trust to make your decision with. So I took that job myself and now I am passing it to you 🙂 ….

    P.S.. Don’t feel afraid of asking questions about what I did.

  2. Mom of 2 in FL

    I have curly, thick, course hair that is colored and highlighted. I live in Florida so it’s always a constant battle of the frizz. And the weather always wins. I used to get salon keratin treatments but 1) they are super expensive and 2) they don’t seem to last (which I found is more likely the result of how meticulous the stylist is with the application). I’ve only had one stylist who could really do a tremendous smoothing job on my hair but he retired during the pandemic. So I finally decided to give this a shot. The instructions in the kit vary a bit from what’s on this page, and I stuck with the kit closely. The smell isn’t too awful, but yes my eyes burned and watered for a good part of the process. The one size application was plenty for me – I have long thick hair well past my shoulders. The kit says to dry with cold air only. I spent an hour with my Dyson and I’m not sure it even moved the needle. I gave up and watched Outlander while letting my hair dry naturally. The instructions say to run a flat iron 6-12 times through small sections. I did it 12 times on each section. They were small but not ridiculously small sections. I was tired by this point and hoped that wouldn’t impact it (it didn’t). Then I did rinse my hair shortly after finishing the flat ironing. Usually when I get salon keratin, I left it in overnight as was recommended to me. But it didn’t make a difference with this product. My hair turned out super smooth and shiny, very easy to quickly blow dry or I can even let it air dry without looking like a Halloween witch. I did get it colored about a week later with no issues. It’s only been a few weeks but there’s no sign of it letting up, typically my hair would have already frizzes out after a salon treatment. I definitely recommend this product! I was able to do it myself, but it did take up most of my day (primarily for the drying part). It relaxed my hair a lot and I can no longer give it a curl with a brush during a blow out. I can curl or wave it with a curling iron still, and it holds fine during the day but goes back straight the next morning. I don’t use product other than heat protectant, so maybe it would last a bit longer if I did. (Normally, my hair would hold a curl for 2-3 days). If you’ve been on the fence like I was, give it a shot!

  3. Peggy

    I am really satisfied with this keratin set. I followed step by step according to the instruction and my hair has been rally smooth and straight. I recommend everyone who has a freezy and damaged hair like me to try this.

  4. Melanie Barbe

    Mes cheveux sont super beaux mais ouff la senteur.. Jme suis brulé les yeux a le faire.. J’arrivais pas a me sauver de la senteur toxique.

  5. Orkideh

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