(Real Single) L Bracket Camera for DSLR Vertical Horizontal Switching Tripod Quick Release Plate Compatible with Canon Nikon Sony DJI Osmo Ronin Zhiyun Stabilizer Tripod Monopod

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  • 1.Our Unique Upgrade: one piece moulding,definitely more stable and stronger。Offer more choices for you with multiple 1/4-20 and 3/8 screw holes and screws are done inside.With several screw holes ,you can mount microphone, pocket light, field monitor and more photographic accessories easily, perfect for outdoor shooting such as Instagram IGTV live streaming or any  video shootings. ****NOTE:****You can replace Arca Swiss Quick Release Plate directly. But if you want install to Camvate,Manfrotto Tripod Heads ,please screw it to the quick release plate。
  • 2.Attention Please : If you use this Camera L bracket on DJI ronin S/SC or Zhiyun gimbal stabilizer, it would not replace stabilizer’s quick release plate but mount it to the quick release plate. Regarding how to mount, please refer to the Second major picture.
  • 3.Creative Photographer Partner : This L bracket is used to shoot both vertically and horizontally and it is a must for vertical shooting. Meanwhile, you can switch freely between “landscape’ and ‘portrait’ without the need of a ball joint.This bracket can be mounted on tripod head or a quick release clamp directly through screw holes  ,also leaving space for USB cable , and having a couple of limit screws at the bottom which prevents your camera from sliding out.
  • 4.Universally Applicable: This quick release L plate is fit for almost cameras, such as DSLR Canon EOS 80D T6 5D mark i 6D D800 T6i 1300D Nikon D750 D850 D3400 D5600 D7200 ,micro-DSLR Sony a7riii a7rii A7S a6000 a6300 . Also, it is greatly helpful for gimbal stabilizer.
  • 5.Solid Quality Structure: made of aviation aluminum and processed with highly-precise CNC technique, it features light weight, high strength and excellent durability,which is absolutely cost-effective.

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4.92 x 0.8 x 1.18 inches

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6 ounces

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September 21, 2023



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7 reviews for (Real Single) L Bracket Camera for DSLR Vertical Horizontal Switching Tripod Quick Release Plate Compatible with Canon Nikon Sony DJI Osmo Ronin Zhiyun Stabilizer Tripod Monopod

  1. PickyProductPundit

    I tried this out with my Nikon Z8 and Nikon D500 cameras. The bracket fit both with no problems. It also fit in the Arca Swiss ball head mount nicely. It locked in place and felt solid. The material feels good, especially for the price.

    -Since this is a universal plate it does not have the anti-twist feature that is found on custom brackets. I had to really tighten down on the tripod screw and make sure the camera was tight against the angle to keep it from tilting. With a heavier lens that might be more of an issue.

    Overall this is a nice product for the price. This should fit a wide variety of cameras. For photographers using lighter weight lenses the camera tilting in the mount when vertical shouldn’t be an issue. For someone doing a lot of vertical weight with heavier lenses I would spend the money and get a plate custom to the camera.

  2. Kathy C

    This is a nice, solid, useful camera L bracket. Solid enough to hold my substantial Nikon DSLR with an equally substantial full power flash mounted in the hot shoe slot. I love the versatility/capacity. I shot with the DSLR but also do a lot of video with my iPhone. Hooking magic arms to the bracket makes this an all-in-one tool.

    That said, this bracket has a few flaws. The little swing-up arm on the mounting screw is flat. I have other mounting plates where this piece is notched with a fingernail slot which makes it so much easier to grab it.

    Also, the tolerances on the Arca Swiss mounting angles are a little too generous. This plate fit fine in my cheaper tripod screw-to-lock head but is tricky and fussy in my more expensive quick-release tripod head. I have to be super careful to make sure it’s secure and the locking mechanism can’t be fully engaged because the plate edges are a hair too thick. It basically renders my quick release anything but quick release.

    It’s a great plate for the price but if you have nicer equipment with really tight tolerances, this generic brand might not play well.

  3. Plain Ed

    I used this on my Sony A7R which is quite a bit lighter than most Nikon or Canons. It works well on my camera except to get to the three doors on one side of my camera or the battery compartment on the other side, I have to remove the “L” bracket, because the cutouts are not designed for my camera. It holds the camera securely, but you do have to really screw it on tightly. If you are a serious photographer, you need an “L” bracket.

  4. Plain Ed

    This is a tougher made universal fit L Bracket under the name of “Real Single.” I am impressed with the heft/sturdiness of the bracket and, most importantly, it provides a great fit for one’s Arca Swiss mounting system!

    (I prepared a more lengthy review originally, but it was rejected by the screening system for unknown specific reasons; I was asked to edit that review, however, the text of my first review was completely discarded by the online approval/disapproval process and I don’t have a personal copy to work from. I worked very diligently to provide an excellent 1st review and extend my apologies for not being able to salvage what I had posted earlier apart from the first two sentences of this follow-up “review.”)

    This is an overall well-made bracket that I recommend for universal fit Arca Swiss DSLR applications.

  5. Justin Kelly

    I wanted a simple plate for shooting portrait and and landscape with my tripod mounted camera. This is what you’d expect. Solid and well made and it’s nicely plated in matt black which I don’t see chipping easily. Perfect for a tripod mounted mirrorless camera. I also have a Ronin, but notice it doesn’t have the quick release stopper to prevent the plate from sliding off accidentally on the Ronin vertical plate. That’s ok, as long as you make sure it’s tightly clamped in place, but I’d prefer a plate that has that ability to make sure there are no accidents. That said, it’s perfectly useable for a Ronin, but ideal for the tripod portrait and landscape mounting that I wanted it for. Thank you.

  6. PickyProductPundit

    Well machined, solid aluminum. No burrs, or flaws. Lots of holes to attach other things. I am an amateur photographer and I used to photography with my DSLR primarily but have been noticing that I am reaching out more and more to my cellphone. It bugged me that I did not have the expandability of my DSLR eco system but things like this L bracket can be used in creative ways to attach whatever you want and get a full blown studio experience with little cost. See attached picture where I am using this, plugged into an Arca compatible clamp to prop open a cellphone and a spare arm to attach a light at a different angle by attaching the arm/light to one of the holes.

    Overall, build quality, value for money, a solid 5/5.

  7. Alex

    I got this camera L bracket so I can easily mount my camera in a vertical position on my tripod. The bracket works perfectly for that purpose. It has one permanently mounted screw for attaching to the camera and a variety of screw holes for attaching to the tripod or for attaching other accessories to the bracket. The bracket is made of machined aluminum, and the workmanship looks outstanding. There are no burrs or sharp edges, and the surfaces are smooth overall. I only have tried using it for mounting my camera vertically, but I know it can be used for other purposes, such as mounting various camera accessories. Unfortunately, I cannot speak to how it might work for any of those other purposes, but for my purpose, this is a great bracket, so I give it five stars.

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