EcoNour 2 in 1 Car Steering Wheel Desk | Steering Wheel Tray for Laptop Car Mount with Pen Holder | Car Food Tray for Eating with Drinks Holder | Multipurpose Travel Car…

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  • Convenient Steering Desk for Car: EcoNour Steering Wheel Table is handy as well as practical to use. The portable laptop holder for car can help you with reading, writing, eating inside your car.
  • Two in One Feature: One side of the EcoNour Car Eating Tray has a deep cup holder area with a deep flat surface to enjoy your food on the wheels whereas the other side features a flat surface for a Laptop and a pen holder.
  • Perfect Companion for Travelers: If you live your life on the go, our Car Lunch Tray for Steering Wheels would be an ideal addition to you. From eating to working inside your car, this tool makes it convenient without breaking a sweat.
  • Ergonomic Work Place in your Car: EcoNour Car Seat Food Tray is made out of ABS material which sturdily mounts on the steering wheel. Make sure you always remove the steering wheel cover before using EcoNour’s food and working desk for car.
  • Classic and Sturdy Design: Slim and lightweight design of the portable car desk for laptop measuring 11″ x 16.5″ x 0.79″ will fit right under the seat pockets easily and can be mounted effortlessly whenever needed!

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12 reviews for EcoNour 2 in 1 Car Steering Wheel Desk | Steering Wheel Tray for Laptop Car Mount with Pen Holder | Car Food Tray for Eating with Drinks Holder | Multipurpose Travel Car…

  1. JB

    for those of us who have long waits in their cars this is a must. i have to wait for a ferry quite a lot. now i can easily work on my laptop without locking myself into a right turning pretzel. just bought a second one for the other car.

  2. Elan

    Perfect if you eat lunch in your car at work, fits the steering wheel perfectly, and is very sturdy.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I never knew there would be some product like this, to use on the steering wheel. I have had to use my laptop while at the driver seat many times. And it was quite uncomfortable for me. But with this product, it is easy and I can use this for other stuff also, like having snacks or watching mobile hands free while resting in parked position etc.

    good product overall

  4. Sybil Johnson

    My Mother drives me to all my doctor’s appointments, and she always brings her iPad with her to study on while she’s waiting for me. She said twisting her back to put the iPad either on the elbow rest in the middle of the driver and passenger’s seat or a stable spot on the dashboard was causing her discomfort, so I studied around Amazon and found this product.
    She is so happy with it, the only thing she says is “Why didn’t we get this sooner?”

    According to her, it’s very stable for her iPad, and she’s excited to eat a drive thru meal on it soon 🙂

  5. Melissa

    Because of my job, I have to eat in my car and this is perfect! Even though it’s not pictured, it’s the perfect size for a burger and fry! Doesn’t leave much room for a drink but I just set my drink in the cup holder so it’s no big problem. The area that is built in for cups is not deep so I’m afraid I will knock it off and spill it lol. It’s definitely sturdy enough for a big salad as well! Great product! ✌️

  6. WakkyWabbit

    By happenstance, I received two of these. One from EcoNour and one from NBBNSY. This will be a comparison review for my 2019 Jeep Renegade. To avoid excessive reading, the EcoNour is by far the better of the two for my,Jeep and my needs.

    Fit: The economic fits perfectly. Easy on, easy off. When installed, it’s flat, level, and stable. The NBBNSY goes on easy but isn’t a good fit. It slants forward and requires adjustment with cardboard as as swimming level. It has fallen or shifted several times making it unstable or untrustworthy.

    The surface: The EcoNour has a flat, smooth surface on both sides. If you need to sign a receipt, some documents or whatever, it’s perfect. The NBBNSY model has a ribbed surface on one side and a grainy texture on the other side. The only way to write on top of this surface is to places something smooth underneath. This is very inconvenient.

    Features: The EcoNour has a flatter surface on one side (like a desktop). It has a long pen or pencil slot on the viewers right. It’s not super wide so thicker pens will need to rest on the indention. However, I use a thicker pen for typing and it fits well. The other side also has an indention, but it’s deeper, like for an eating surface. It also has a bilevel round invention foe a drink cup. The economic indent depth is 3-4 times as deep as the NBBNSY. The economic holds drink cups far more securely ☺The food surface indent is also deep and could hold a fair amount of spilage. The food side has a fairly deep comma shaped indent at the top of each side and on the writing surface side, they’re round and slightly more shallow. The NBBNSY has a deeper intention on one side, a slight ridge and super shallow cup site. The only advantage the NBBNSY has over the economic is that it has a tablet or phone holding slot on both sides, with one side much deeper than the other. The economic has no slots to prop a phone nor tablet on either side. The NBBNSY has similar round indents one each side but they not big enough to hold standard sized paperclips. They’re basically worthess.

    If you look at the manufacturer’s supplied pics, you will observe the features that I discussed … for both items. The EcoNour is by far, the better product. It’s easier to clean, keep clean and the food side makes an excellent work surface as well. The larger, deeper indents are very handy. I can temporarily throw some change in the indents if needed.

  7. Melissa

    Don’t like our break room at work so I eat in my car. This thing is a great go-go- gadget table! Love it.
    Does not work if you have a steering wheel cover.

  8. Panda

    I recently purchased the EcoNour 2 in 1 Car Steering Wheel Desk, and I must say it has proven to be a convenient and versatile addition to my travel accessories. This multipurpose tray offers functionality for both work and leisure activities while on the go, earning a solid four-star rating.

    One of the standout features of this steering wheel desk is its dual functionality. It serves as a sturdy and stable tray for working on a laptop, taking notes, or even using it as a makeshift desk. The large surface area provides ample space for various tasks, making it suitable for professionals or students who need to maximize productivity while on the road.

    Additionally, the tray transforms into a practical food tray for enjoying meals or snacks during long drives or road trips. The built-in drinks holder and pen holder further add to the convenience, keeping beverages secure and pens readily accessible.

    The installation and removal process of the steering wheel desk are quick and hassle-free. The adjustable straps ensure a secure fit around the steering wheel, allowing for stability and preventing any unwanted movement during use. The desk can be easily stored in the car when not in use, taking up minimal space.

    The build quality of the desk is commendable, as it is made from durable materials that withstand regular use and resist wear and tear. The tray’s surface is smooth and easy to clean, ensuring maintenance is a breeze.

    While this steering wheel desk offers great functionality, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, it may not be suitable for all steering wheel sizes or designs. Larger or uniquely shaped steering wheels may pose compatibility issues, so it is essential to verify its fit with your specific vehicle before purchasing.

    Additionally, the desk’s position can slightly restrict legroom, depending on your seating position and personal comfort preferences. It’s important to adjust the seat and positioning of the desk accordingly to ensure a comfortable driving experience.

    In conclusion, the EcoNour 2 in 1 Car Steering Wheel Desk is a convenient and versatile accessory for travelers in need of a workspace or a food tray while on the road. Its dual functionality, sturdy build, and easy installation make it a valuable addition to travel essentials.

    I highly recommend this steering wheel desk for individuals who frequently work or eat in their vehicles. With this desk, you can stay productive or enjoy meals comfortably during your travels.

  9. Brandon

    Does the job and wasn’t too expensive. Very helpful when you need to be able to do computer work in your vehicle.

  10. J D

    Its an amazing product, go for it if u need to eat or work on the go

  11. Robin Panicker

    Fits well, makes doing things while in the car much easier.

  12. Lokesh M

    So easy to put on your steering wheel, saves lots of food and drinks from falling onto your lap and seat. The box shows you the simple way to attach it to the steering wheel!
    Wish I got one years ago.

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